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Kharan: I don't see 80 MP of detail in most areas, but done properly the camera could easily rival a D850 or A7RII for resolution and color depth. That's very nice, and could work well to shoot urban scenes or landscapes in long exposures.

There is a 1 second limit for each frame. So, no long exposures. All shots are in electronic shutter mode, which comes with that 1s limit.

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dbateman: Carey Rose, thank you. This is interesting.
One question, what is the longest shutter speed that can be used in high res mode?
In the Panasonic interviews they said 1 second leading to a maximum capture time of 10 seconds, due to the 2 second proccing time.
However, your last shot says 1.3 seconds!
Was this a mistake or can you use high res for really long shutter speeds.
Thank you.

Nope. That is not 1.3s but rather 1/1.3 = 0.77s, which is less than 1s.

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Nukunukoo: All things considered. Should this camera exceed 14 stops of dynamic range on 10-bit video, the $2K SRP is a great bargain.

Zero chance. m43 cameras present top at 12.8 stops.

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So Canon gets three awards relating to cameras and lenses. Panasonic gets 2 awards and Olympus also gets 2 awards. Yet, Olympus is not even mentioned. Bias like hell.

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Impulses: No wonder they're calling it the GX85 stateside (as if to subtly insinuate it isn't merely a stripped down GX8)... They've added a whole bunch of unexpected improvements, either Panasonic works faster than I would imagine or the GX8 was somewhat rushed out to market (should've had this new shutter, at least). Development of this model HAD to overlap to some extent with that of the GX8 IMO, it didn't spring out of thin air in 6 month's time.

The new shutter mechanism and improved IBIS so soon after the GX8 are a total surprise, and also things Panasonic would typically relegate to a higher end flagship body ($1,000+)... Even smaller things like USB charging and the additional bracketing modes are more than I'd expect from an $800 Panasonic kit (w/the 12-32 no less). Had this been announced a little sooner I might've stuck with Panasonic (tho my GM1 still sees heavy use, so I didn't totally jump ship).

I don't really regret getting an E-M5 II towards the end of last year (still got weather sealing and a larger EVF, amongst other things, on a cheaper body - $700 at the time, CAD/USD helped), but I think I'd be totally kicking myself had I opted for the GX8 then. Even now the GX85 tempts me, finally there's another rangefinder style M4/3 body with a tilt screen... I think I regret losing that on the OM-D more than anything.

I am happy with my GX8. 1/250s flash sync speed and 1/8000s mechanical shutter. The shutter shock issue is there but it has been blown out of proportions in the dPreview review. (As if other m43 models did not have it.)

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what about villages? Do villages qualify?

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Isn't this a wind turbine? A wind mill is supposed to make flour, IMHO.

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prossi: So OMD EM5II sensor can 'twerk'... what happens when you need IBIS to just do IBIS?

There will probably be many limitations. The technique will be primarily for landscapes, macros, portraits. My guess is that IBIS will have to be turned off in such case, to allow sensor shift. No sports action.

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jhinkey: Well, I hope there are more advantages to this than just getting increased resolution. There are only a handful of native m43 lenses that can handle 40MP of true resolution. Hopefully there are some dynamic range advantages that come along with this.

You do not understand the process. The camera will take 8 images while slightly changing the position of the receiving 16 MP sensor. It will then combine all those images into a single one, using the extra data obtained by shifting the sensor slightly to the sides and up/down. You will get nicer lines and extra image data will appear because the Bayer sensor limitations will no longer apply, you will be having red and blue photodiodes moved to where previously you only had green ones. So extra image information will be available to reconstruct the true image. No more guessing.

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On photo Take Out, Dropped Off in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge (1 comment in total)

We have a winner, I believe... :D

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Robiro: Please share with us how you made this shot.

Thank you so much! Those are paper wasps and they live under my roof. I have frequent contact with them. Check my macro album, there are many wasp shots in it.
I even held one of them on my finger!
And this is the best head shot I got (but yours is much better):
I only use ordinary flash. Will have to invest in better lighting equipment!
Again, thanks a lot for sharing your know-how!

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On photo Close-up Beauty of the WASP in the Nature's Beauty in Detail challenge (6 comments in total)

Please share with us how you made this shot.

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This one is probably going to win... :-)

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I would like to complain about the administrator of this challenge. I posted a cat eye picture which fully complied with the challenge rules: "Send the photoes of Beautiful eyes. Only Eyes, Not full face.The face should not be able to identify.Macros of single Eye is Ok. B&w or Colour."

This macro cat eye picture was groundlessly disqualified! On the other hand, pictures showing identifiable FULL FACES were LEFT in the challenge, although they go clearly AGAINST the challenge rules.

I hereby launch a complaint against how this challenge is being run! The specifications do NOT say posting animal eyes is prohibited!

Link to my disqualified picture:

Or, if you disqualify anybody, please next time provide the reason for disqualification. "Your entry 'Cat's f22 equivalent' has been disqualified from the challenge called 'Beautiful Eyes' for the following reason: -- no reason provided by host --"

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On photo In the Siq - Petra in the Jordan: Non-Portraits challenge (1 comment in total)

Would have been a five star shot had you not cropped that wheel! But still, quite beautiful!

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