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Former Kodak employee. Published photographer and author. If more people knew what a raconteur was, I'd use that description.


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On article Film Fridays: Requiem for all my broken 35mm cameras (98 comments in total)

Still have a working R1, but Ricohs seemed to have the least long-term reliability of 35mm film point-and-shoots. LCD screens fade and die. Meanwhile, my Olympus Stylus Epics and Olympus Infinity Jr. seem to keep on going. Maybe the lesson is: fewer electronics required.

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Olympus Stylus, Stylus Epic, XA, XA2, XA3, XA4, Yashica T4, Fuji Super Mini, and Nikon AF600/Lite Touch. I grew somewhat obsessive about these cameras. So I own them all. The Nikon was over-hyped, and really didn't deliver the images it promised.

The clamshell design is a little deceptive. It protects the lens, of course, but had a tendency to slip open in a pocket. And if it comes off its track or becomes jammed, you're in trouble. And OIympus did itself no favors when they tried to migrate the design to their Camedia camera, which were among the least-satisfying early digital cameras.

Now I need to load one up and shoot some film. Thanks.


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On article Fujifilm XF1 hands-on preview (136 comments in total)
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Frank Minster: I need some help. I have owned a canon s95 for 13 months and the lens won't retract and the camera won't power up. Of course it's one month out of the warranty. I was looking to replace it instead of fixing it. First thought was to go Canon S100 or S110. But i'm a little concerned from reading Canon reviews that this lens thing might be a problem across that line of cameras. Hench, I found this fuji. I really like some of the features on this camera (most being the double exposure shot). I'm more concerned about image quality and build though. I've read about orbs appearing in night shots. I'm not sure what direction to go. Any help is appreciated.

Check ifixit.com to see if anyone's dealt with similar issues on the S90 or S95.

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On article Pentax unveils Optio RZ18 compact superzoom (33 comments in total)
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GiovanniB: Interestingly styled, maybe except for the speaker/mic grilles. The recessed, textured grip surfaces might turn bulky protrusions obsolete.

This camera clones a Samsung model of a couple of years ago, with a longer zoom. Nothing ground-breaking here.

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On article Casio reveals Exilim EX-ZS15 touch-screen compact (9 comments in total)

I like Casio's cameras. But the crazy rush to touch-screen operation is baffling. Few of these touch-screen controls are viewable in bright daylight, which is where compact digital cameras can give their optimalresults! Perhaps fewer buttons eliminates costs, but as someone with grown-up fingers, I've found most touch-screen cameras (from Canon, Kodak, and Panasonic) over-promise and are a disappointment in many daylight photo opportunities.

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