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alexzn: It is a really nice camera, however it suffers from the same disconnect that Leica cameras have in the digital era. It's inevitable that the build quality and design is fantastic and me to last but the sensor will be obsolete on the years. You used to buy a Leica and know that it will last as long and deliver to performance as you own the camera. This is still true for Leica lenses but not Leica bodies. So you are putting for the tractor exoeriments of using a premium body. Small Cabins and Fuji bodies are not that far behind and are a 1/4 off the price. Oh yeah and the legs are just as good

But will the newer sensors make a really noticeable improvement over this one? Some people MUST have the latest thing, of course, but I've been using an Olympus XZ1 for several years and am still very pleased with the images it produces.

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SimenO1: 30 fps are great for still scenes, slow moving scenes and timelaps. But its useless for action. For action applications consider this a Full HD camera.

By the way, who are buying these nowadays? The action camera market is rapidly declining after a peak of hype. This market got saturated at least a year ago.

And why are 2K only 60 fps, when 1,92K are an impressive 120 fps?

I think it might be useful for recording domestic violence incidents, especially for male victims who are often disbelieved, and also road rage incidents, and stuff like that.

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Juhaz: I'm sitting here holding A6000 with the Samyang 12mm lens mounted on it, it's a combination pretty similar in size to this Q and according to my kitchen scale weights EXACTLY 640g with lens cap & hood, strap and a small quick release plate.

It feels a bit hefty, but pretty good in hand largely because it has a sizable grip, I can't imagine holding a slippery bar of soap weighting that much could be anything but extremely uncomfortable death grip.

Could one of the Leica fanboys trolling this thread extolling the magnificent ergonomics of this device explain to me how exactly is that "ergonomic"? Or how are the left-hand buttons that can't be used while looking through the viewfinder "ergonomic"?

And how do these limitations and misgivings supposedly make this a device for those "who enjoy pure photography"?

I seriously want to understand, do tell. Please.

Great post!

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grapposoda: What's the point with that oversized front lens element? I've seen similar in other designs too, but can't figure it out. Suppresses flares somehow..?

Lets more light in?

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The free episode I watched was very interesting and delivered in a very attractive manner. The course is also very cheap. I'm not sure I'll purchase the full course yet, though, mainly because it's a bit late for me to put most of the things I would learn to good use. I'm sure, also, I would find I'd have a lot of competition.

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Reactive: ** A non-owner and never will be's perspective **
Leica =
- Very nice lenses.
- Technology always lagging current achievements.
- Bought by people with more money than sense/knowledge/ability.
- [And nowadays] Probably just a prettied-up version of a Panasonic hiding inside?

A pretty case and a red dot don't make you a better photographer, just a lot poorer. Leica as a brand was past its sell by date many years ago.

"pretty case and a red dot don't make you a better photographer..."

Neither do more advanced electronics.

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olla: what happened to Zeiss? they seem to have dropped the ball on digital cameras. I guess they did not think a full frame Contax G3 would find a market. My G2 was not only a beautiful camera, the lenses produced sharp & detailed photo's without needing photoshop correction. Most camera companies seem to be growing their mirowless digital camera's choices. I think Zeiss made a big mistake in abandoning the digital camera market.


You’re right in saying that Leica “innards” tend to be behind the leading eastern camera manufacturers’ ones, but is this important? In most circumstances, it will make no difference. It will certainly not lead to great photographs, which are made more by the photographer than the camera. Cameras with basic facilities will still produce great photographs and “outdated” cameras will still produce great photographs too.
It seems to me that buying, say, a Leica T and keeping it, is an approach that is equally valid to trading in to buy the latest products of the Eastern manufacturers. It may even be cheaper in the long run. The people who have to have the very latest model, which, in most circumstances, will not lead to better photographs, are akin to the people who have to be the first in the street with the latest registration car. The only difference this is likely to make, apart from boosting manufacturers’ profits, is to increase their self-esteem.

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Lovely sequence, which is also a little depressing, in my view. Do you know which camera was used?

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As a matter of curiosity, can any qualified poster here tell us how much leaving the rangefinder mechanism out of the M240 would allow Leica to reduce the price by?

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My goodness, Leica are certainly receiving some opprobrium in this thread for something they may or may not have done.

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I think all of these large capacity backpacks and multi-lens and multi-accessory kits are all right if you can get one of your servants to carry it for you.

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OrangeDog: Should she show some understanding to the radio station for their "theft" of her work like the court showed teacher/photographer Barbara Cameron when she "stole" $40 000 from a teachers union fund?


Ouch, indeed.

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I have to say that in my opinion the radio station behaved reasonably, and the photographer seemed to me to be unpleasant - and greedy.

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ViktorDaniels: I can't wait to get my hands on this new Leica M. It will finally let me use all of my 'M' lenses and 'R' lenses on the same full-frame camera body. People like me have been waiting years for this (the fabled 'Leica R solution'). And now we have i!. I, for one, can't wait. Thank you Leica. And for those who have never picked up, let alone used, a Leica, I completely understand why you don't 'get it'. I didn't either, until I picked one up myself, and I speak as someone who has used almost every major large-format, medium-format and 35mm SLR camera system there has been during my 50 year love affair with photography (note: not cameras). But the Leica is different. For me, anyway. The build quality of the equipment is fantastic but, more importantly, the image quality and ability to control it is like nothing else. And that's because these cameras don't do anything for you. It's all down to you. Pick one up, and you might feel it, too.

I agree, This looks to be a fantastic camera. For years I used SLRs but that flapping mirror ruined the photo experiecnce for me. This looks to be the answer.

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