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Personally I think nikon should explore strategic partnerships (samsung?) or maybe even a sale of the company (fuji?)...but in the meantime they seem to be making the best high end dslr's which are in great demand, along with superb glass, so it's not that the sky is completely falling for them.

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On article Hands-on with new Fujifilm X and GF lenses (122 comments in total)

Their lenses are fantastic, but they aren't cheap!

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I would never, ever check my camera gear on any airplane ever. Between likely damage and/or theft, it just isn't worth it. If that means I can't take everything I would wish to take, so be it.

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On article Hello Lightroom CC: Embracing the future (510 comments in total)

I don't mind the subscription model if it is reasonably priced, and at $10/month (for now) I believe this is. The cloud storage 1tb limit is pretty small these days however, as I found out when I tried to load my photos onto the cloud...I have 1.1 tb, so I either have to pay up, or get my stored photos down...I'm taking the latter approach, but that is not a long term solution. The 'new' lr seems a bit like an advanced beta to me, with pretty limited functionality so far, but they will catch up. What I really don't like is how adobe basically just dumped this on all its users without much in the way of explanation. They should have put out a detailed video on the what/why concurrent with launch...

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On article Nikon's official D850 lens recommendation list (310 comments in total)

I think my 500mm e fl vr would work just fine with it!

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Interesting. Intuitively I've never liked using the saturation slider much, I just see too many images that seem all pumped up in color to the point of looking artificial imo...but I do use the vibrance slider carefully, to my eye it can create a more attractive image that doesn't look artificial like over boosting saturation can.

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On article Tamron SP 24-70mm F2.8 G2 sample gallery (96 comments in total)

I have the g2 version (nikon), and my comparison is against the 'old' nikon 24-70. I've only used the tamron a couple of times so far, and have not done exhaustive testing, but my early impression is that the lens is about as sharp as the nikon, give or take. It feels like it focuses (d810) a little slower, but not a big deal, and the image stabilization is a big plus. I've been selling a bunch of camera lenses and have been taking a bunch of indoor shots of the gear under natural light at pretty slow shutter speeds and the is seems to work very well. Even if not quite as sharp (and I can't tell a difference), the is makes many shots more sharp relative to a lens that does not have that is in my mind the big plus over my old nikon.

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2114 comments in total)

To me the d850 is all about incremental gains relative to other cameras out there. I doubt there are any 'game changing' technological innovations coming at this point. The tech has gotten so good (same with phones) that we should not expect huge improvements as time goes by...those are already baked into the great cameras we've been lucky enough to have the past couple of years.

What is good about the d850 imo is that nikon has combined all of the latest tech (great dr, good high iso, fast fps, high resolution, best af performance) into one package at a fair price. Sure, they got to cherry pick the af system from the d5/d500 so there was no development cost....but who cares, there is no better af system in a dslr these days. I am pleased that dr and high iso performance are at least as good as the d810, if not a tad better. The rest of the specs make the d850 the best 'all arounder' dslr on the market. Hopefully the qc is ok as well.

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Sounds to me like the cop should lose his job.

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Maybe next time they should insist on only renting solar filters with gear for an eclipse...amazing how powerful the sun it.

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This is a good idea, but it also seems really expensive...or am I missing something?

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2114 comments in total)

The specs are just about perfect. The key for me will be whether the high iso performance is at least the equal of the d810 and if overall iq is as good as well. If so, highly likely I'll be selling at least one of my existing bodies to get an 850.

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Disappointing to me. I'd have liked to see a 24-70 that equals the performance of the big guys for less money than they charge. Sigma has done that with some of their other recent lenses, I was looking forward to buying this but I think I'm sticking with my trusty old nikon 24-70. Maybe the tamron g2 will be the ticket.

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Gee, sounds pretty much like what others have been doing for a while now. Welcome to parity I guess.

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On article Sphere of frustration: Nikon KeyMission 360 review (202 comments in total)

Nikon should merge with GoPro...

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On article Nikon D5600 review: making connectivity a snap? (368 comments in total)

I am still waiting to be able to move images from my d500 over to my phone..which I guess is difficult since almost all shooters on the higher end use raw format. Sigh.

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At that price, this has nothing to do with bringing photography to 'the masses' is yet another fairly useless toy for tech early adopters who have the money to beta test just about everything that comes out.

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This is nice, but my experience with Seagate reliability has been less than stellar. Most recent experience...bought a 2tb portable drive, worked fine for a week and then died, would just make clicking noises. Went back to WD.

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So does this mean that the nikon mount versions of the 150-600 already performed better, or does it mean that sigma doesn't know how to get them to work better?

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On article Nikon D500 versus D750: Which one is right for you? (389 comments in total)

These are both superb cameras for their intended audience. I am fortunate to have a great wife that wanted me to have both, and now I do. I'll use the d500 exclusively for wildlife shooting, for which it really doesn't have a peer other than the d5 and more than 2x the cost. I'll go full frame for other types of shooting, but also might use the d750 for wildlife shooting if the light is really bad. A lot more noise on d500 low light images, although they do seem to clean up well.

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