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The UK should have stayed out of WW I Off Topic Apr 11, 2014
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Peace talks collapse... Off Topic Apr 7, 2014
Bullfiight in Spain w the EM5 75-300 Micro Four Thirds Talk Apr 7, 2014
Japan Whaling. Great news Off Topic Apr 4, 2014
chato, (or all you Benghazi deniers), when? WHEN? Off Topic Apr 2, 2014
BP Doubles Initial Size Estimate of Lake Michigan Oil Spill Off Topic Mar 30, 2014
Why do vegans claim seafood not meat? Off Topic Mar 30, 2014
Things you didn't know your iPhone could do. Off Topic Mar 30, 2014
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Freedom of religion Off Topic Feb 26, 2014
Socialism delivers a better quality of life Off Topic Feb 25, 2014
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cop shoots barking dog. Off Topic Feb 13, 2014
In case anyone in still interested in the actual science . . . Off Topic Feb 13, 2014
DuPont's GM corn to be approved by European Union Off Topic Feb 12, 2014
Prius worse than Hummers? Off Topic Feb 5, 2014
Why are all DPR posters crotchety old people? Off Topic Feb 5, 2014
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Myths Of Global Warming (if Ozark can spread propaganda, why not me too?) Off Topic Jan 27, 2014
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Climate denial. The scientific case. Off Topic Jan 23, 2014
Dutch sportsmanship Off Topic Jan 22, 2014
Things that should be banned Off Topic Jan 20, 2014
Ohio killer executed without the help of the Netherlands. Off Topic Jan 19, 2014
Human Impact on the Planet Off Topic Jan 16, 2014
Veganism Kills! The National Report Speaks to Childhood Victims of Vegan Abuse Off Topic Jan 16, 2014
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Rodney King was injured. Kelly Thomas died. Off Topic Jan 15, 2014