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I've had Z6200ps for about 7 years... It's been rock solid and a miser of ink. That said I would love to upgrade to the Z9 for the increased gamut, GLOP and speed. I'll wait till the rebates start and I can get something for the Z6200ps.

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On article Pro Services: Are they worth it? (151 comments in total)

If you are a Sony A-mount shooter definitely not worth it. First call I had with Sony Pro Support the tech suggested I switch to E-mount as the solution. That's called foreshadowing folks...

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I support Meyer and The Ohio State University... Go Bucks

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OhWeh: Another, and a huge, nail in the coffin of non innovative DSLR-companies.

Canon and Nikon will face the same physics dilemma that Sony faced with A-Mount lenses adapted for E-mount bodies. There is no way they will be able to use those mounts on Canikon mirrorless bodies without the aid of adapters. If they could have figured it out, they would have already done it.

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Cutting the cost of a $69 adapter by $20 that Apple makes for pennies in China.... only Apple could do that with a straight face

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sikorskd: Wow, so much hate. I don't know if the price is justified or not, but there is a great interview of the lens designer by Thorsten Overgaard that tries to explain what is special about this lens. Check it out here: http://www.overgaard.dk/leica-50mm-APO-Summicron-M-ASPH-f-20.html

By the way, I own this lens which I use on a M Monochrom (246) and I think the results are unbelievable.

I looked at those images and there is nothing there that we haven't seen in images shot with lenses at 1/6th the price.. The gap in the 'magical' qualities has been closed by other companies and lenses over the years. Even the most esoteric of things that Leica had on other lenses can be done by much less expensive glass nowadays. If folks want to collect these that's great. More power to them. But the supposed esoteric quality gap is just a myth.

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On article AP cuts ties with Pulitzer-winning photographer (164 comments in total)

Complete over reaction on the part of the AP.

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