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Like most other types of photography, with rally shooting the key to personal safety is common sense/healthy human fear. Whilst accidents can and do happen, there are ways of making sure the percentages work in your favour. Standing in the open at the end of a heavy braking zone (in any conditions) is NOT playing the percentages. (Note: generally, the red tape signifies areas you are not permitted to stand)

These events are usually organised and staffed by volunteers and enthusiasts, in my experience they do everything they can to keep people safe, including halting or cancelling stages because of spectator behaviour. Sad to see somebody getting hurt, hopefully not wasted as a lesson to others.

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(unknown member): "I turned on anti-shock to prevent any shake caused by pressing the shutter release button."

You could also use the self-timer which is the best way to eliminate any hand-induced vibration.

Normally yes, though not sure this would have have the same effect in 'Live Time' mode. Press shutter to start exposure, watch exposure build on screen, press again to stop when happy. Self timer won't help with vibrations from that second press.

Of course, why an Olympus funded promo expedition wouldn't provide a remote release I'm not sure? Or perhaps the user could have utilised wifi connection to trip shutter?

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