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TheJohnz: I bought the first Ipad for use in downloading my photos in the field. Although this was a great way to have a backup and to view the photos I soon discovered that the ability to do critical analysis or any kind of editing was limited by the overall 3meg resolution in all of the apps. The 2nd generation was better but not really there.

However, the world has just changed. The newest Ipad will revolutionize the ability to view and edit in the field. I have so been looking forward to such a device and now it is here.

Those of you who belittle Apple will be laughed at as this device gets into the hands of the professionals.

Just buy their stock. I did awhile back when others said no. Who is laughing all the way to the bank now?

Professional hipsters, maybe. I still think we've got a while before this becomes a professional tool as opposed to toy, which is all I've seen it used as on professional shoots.

Will need display calibration options, faster download speeds & more space before Ipay

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