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On article Affinity Photo coming to Windows (109 comments in total)

"Does your vision extend to the full range of Affinity apps eventually competing against the Adobe Creative Suite as a whole?"

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is very comprehensive with Photoshop being the heart of the range, but I believe Affinity Photo will chip away at its success and establish our competitiveness with the suite. I don’t think people will actually talk about Affinity as a true competitor until we have released Publisher and
show how all these applications work together in way that I believe is a game changer.

Tony Brightman - CEO, Serif Labs

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On article Affinity Photo coming to Windows (109 comments in total)

Tutorials galore. Very excited for this.

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On article Affinity Photo coming to Windows (109 comments in total)
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Simion1: Is this a UWP application or Win32?

64 bit OS

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On article Affinity Photo coming to Windows (109 comments in total)
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LEGACYMOMENTSPHOTOGRAPHY: I have been tempted by this brand but can't get enough info on older products I've seen. Does it do layers etc...

Go watch the video link I posted below.

*answer = yes*

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On article Affinity Photo coming to Windows (109 comments in total)
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Suntan: So what does it do? Does it just offer pure "editing" like photoshop, or does it offer full RAW developing (ACR/Lightroom) as well?

I just went to their web site and watched the features video. It mentioned RAW support among a myriad of other things. Looks like this is LR & PS rolled into one. I signed up for the BETA. Fingers crossed I can finally move from LR4 and PS6.

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StevenE: Nice ... but why in the world does Sony not put touchscreen on the A7 and 6300 cameras? It's an obvious must-have feature that would give touch focus pulling in video

Can this not be done via phone and app? Would much rather control video focus this way vs. actually touching the camera.

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jonny1976: canon is the most boring photo company in the world really..

So is Honda for cars, and look where that got them.

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On article Adobe releases Lightroom mobile for Android (3 comments in total)
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Impulses: Seems kinda backwards they released it for phones before tablets (you cab side load it but it's buggy and crashes, go figure).

The way I read it was that the editing works fine on a tablet but that the tablet camera is not connected. I don't shoot with my tablet but would prefer to make the edits there vs. on my phone. Or did I read it wrong?

Link | Posted on Feb 22, 2016 at 16:50 UTC
On article Photo Mate R3 brings improved Raw editing on Android (12 comments in total)

Looks good.

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I can't see a mention of space limits anywhere. How many GB's does this include? Unlimited image hosting?

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watson076: Over the last few years manufacturers have really lost touch with what photographers love, but I believe Fuji really hit the reset button. 40-50 mp this and that, 4k video, blah blah blah - who the f**k cares ? What I want is a true photographic experience (and I speak for many friends of mine who feel the same way). Fuji concentrates on what true photographers want, not what focus groups tell them to manufacture. Thank god someone is listening.

@watson076, sandy b did not miss your point or put a spin on it. And your lengthy, defensive reply was childish.

You want a camera you can "connect" with? Good photographers can make good images with $25 instant cameras. Of course ergonomics are important too, but that is not what this discussion was about.

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halfwaythere: The penultimate shot, the one with the dog, is quite horrendous image quality wise: very noisy to the point of asking myself is this was shot at ISO 3200 or higher and the CA in the tree is quite "spectacular".

I see the appeal of a camera like this but I don't understand the hype.

@ Pandimonium. You haven't been here that long, have you? ;-)

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Horshack: I was going to comment on how the USA has influenced Barney's speech when I saw 'reckon' in the second sentence. But after a quick google search I learned the word is common in British English, which is surprising considering it's only common here in the south. Interesting how certain words have uncommon bedfellows.

I was alarmed at the use of the word "gotten". My grade 12 English teacher (a wonderful 65+ year old English gentleman with a waxed handlebar mustache and thick black rimmed glasses) always reminded us that gotten is rotten. :-)

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kenneth_manila: These gloves look similar to the Freehands Thinsulate Gloves I bought from B&H when I was in NYC 4 years ago.

I won't keep SD cards in my gloves, and I won't use a microfiber strip integrated into gloves to clean my lenses, so I don't see the advantage of these gloves over the Freehands version.

BTW, the Freehands version was around US$35.

Freehands has the SD pocket now and also improved their design (per customer feedback) to include a liner for the "exposed" thumb and forefinger. $39 USD.

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falconeyes: These gloves have a severe design flaw ...

... they don't second-act as flash diffuser when drawn over. Was it this hard to find a transparent material?

Right glove for daylight, left one for tungsten (comes in yellowish color).

Ha, and would be just in time for spring flower macros too. ;-)

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Ken Takes Photos: I feel bad for the developers of this product reading these comments. :-(

I don't think they care though. ;-)

7,549 backers
$655,250 pledged of $50,000 goal
7 days to go

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On article Lumu Power meters light, flash and color temperature (21 comments in total)
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whyamihere: For those who complain about the lack of Android support, I can only respond by reminding people how utterly fractured the OS really is:

Samsung produces dozens of Android devices running different versions of Android that are forked by varying TouchWiz modifications. Lumu, being a small company, does not have the resources to test what would be hundreds of combinations of software and hardware to ensure compatibility.

And that's just one manufacturer.

It probably make sense for Lumu to put their efforts into a platform that only has a handful of devices, where most users tend to use the latest version of the OS, and which can be more-easily tested for QA. Testing the latest stock version of Android on a few ubiquitous devices is simply not representative of the majority, and they'd likely not want to have bad press because their device failed to work with your Samsung Galaxy Rectangle Note S6+ Whatever.

Very simple solution then. Only focus on making the device compatible with the very best Android camera devices. LG4, Samsung S6, Sony Experia, etc. There are really only about 6 or so at the present time. These are the people who would buy this, not the person with the $50 Moto E or whatever.

Link | Posted on Dec 1, 2015 at 22:42 UTC
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