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Ivanaker: we have zooms, we have autofocus, we have autoexposure, we have digital.
50 years ago noone had this, and when all of those apeared people laughed at the concept. leica laughed to the slr concept and failed big time.
this is the future, deal with it.
sure hope that nikon and canon goes into this and implement in their future FF cameras, or they will fail.
lytro, welcome, the world of photography is yours.

What? I don't know at anyone that laughed at autofocus, autorxposure or digital. Maybe absolute fools did, but I didn't and most didn't.
There's no rational reason to think this is the future. The focus-less advantage is more than compensated by the intrinsic loss of resolution and light sensitivity. Period. Deal with it.

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On article Lytro Light Field Camera first look with Ren Ng (224 comments in total)
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hahiran: First, I can't believe all the haters here. I've not written anything on here for years because of this kind of pointless patter, but I can't help saying something about this camera.

This is absolutely a disruptive technology, and the speed at which Ren has brought a working product to market is nothing short of astonishing. And it's not just a working product, it's an incredibly elegant one. If complaining about new technology makes you feel better about the world, then by all means keep up the good work, but I'm buying one of these beauties and enjoying the future.

Hahiran, can't you think for a moment that the complainers have a point? Are you telling me that this, even with extremely limited light sensitivity and a 1MP resolution is STILL disruptive? Disruptive of what?
It is cool technology, but it won't disrupt anything, at the very least for five years until they can have a photographic capability equivalent to that of a cheap point and shoot of five years ago.
Infinite focus is useless if all your pictures are grainy, pixelated and blurred due to movement. I don't hate them, I in fact admire them for their technical capability. But it is irrational to ignore all the practical limitations of their approach and consider them disruptive when, in practice, they will be an anecdote.

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Oh, come on! If Apple had released an iPhone with a 160x100 screen and a 50MHz CPU we would have been right to dismiss them even if they had all the niceties the iPhone had.
A 1MP camera with a tiny equivalent sensor won't cut it for anything other than specialized applications. When they can get to a practical equivalent of 5MP with a 1/2 inch-equivalent sensor they might have something with general appeal, but right now this is a gimmick with little practical use.

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