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Aleksandr Milewski: A wonderful camera permanently attached to a totally uninteresting lens. 4x zoom is fine, if it were 25-100 equivalent at f2-f2.8. Yes, that would be a large lens, but it would be worth it.

I applaud Canon for a large-sensor compact, and I hope they'll be doing more interesting things with that sensor in the future. But this camera... pass.

I'll be over in the corner drooling over the X-Pro1.

When a manufacturer produces a camera, they have to balance a number of items AT A TARGETED GIVEN PRICE POINT. In this case, Canon shot for sub 800 dollars which meant it had to trade off dream features vs achievable features AT THE GIVEN PRICE POINT Sure, you can put it all the dream specs in if proce is no object ala the M9 and the X-pro 1. Unfortunately, camera specs sell better than lens specs for most of the camera population. How many "enthusiasts" have you seen which have really crappy glass strapped onto really great cameras. Canon balanced the specs based on what will sell and the notion of planned obsolescence.
Do you actually think Sony could have not launched the NEX 7 when it did the 5. Or Fuji the X-Pro when it did the X-100. Surely the G2X is in the wings at a higher price point. But for 795 dollars, the sensor and chips on board the G1x looks intriguing.

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