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Lassoni: Tamron does what Nikon doesn't.

Nikon has a 70-300, an 80-400, and a 200-500. So three zooms that significantly overlap with the range of this.

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JMCO: Many do not realize that the α700 had a weather sealed body. Sony warned that it was not to be considered such but, you could see the rubber seals when taken apart. Many photographers used it in the dust and rain with no problem. As long as the lenses were also sealed!

I exposed mine to some truly bad conditions and it never missed a beat.

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Most of the best photos I've ever taken were on an A700. I really loved using that camera. The ergonomics were fantastic, the build quality was very good, it was very responsive, and the image quality up to about ISO 800 was easily good enough for great 20x30 prints. I also beat the hell out of mine. It went with me all around the world and dealt well with dust, dirt, sub zero temperatures, and all kinds of weather. Never gave me the slightest bit of trouble.

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Sonyshine: The D850 is Nikon’s big old petrol guzzling limo compared to Sony’s sleek Tesla. It is the last fling of the bulky old tech dslr industry.

Nikon should be moving forward with exciting new camera technology. Not more iterations of an old dinosaur.

Yes it will be a great camera but it goes to prove that Nikon’s days are numbered if they cannot develop new, innovative and fresh cameras.

What an absurd bit of trolling. What matters with cameras is result quality and this camera is worldclass when it comes to that. Sony has some good mirrorlees bodies but they don't have a body and lens system combination that can match this and won't for a long time.

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Betico: Nikon still can't design a decent battery door. Not even on a $3000 camera. I think it is about time the Chinese rescue this ailing company and put on it some new energy and "savoir faire" in it, just as they did with Volvo. Otherwise Nikon will not survive the in the coming two or three years years.
BTW a $3000 camera will never save Nikon.
Another possibility for Nikon is to be taken over by Sony. Sony will continue making the D1, branded as Sony D1, and discontinue the rest of the Nikon range including this new D850.

You know this is a hell of a camera when people hating on it have to resort to attacking the battery door.

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Mirrorlessy19: D850 : 1015 g
A7riii : less than 625 g

The problem for Sony is still that Nikon has a much more expansive lens lineup. Particularly with longer lenses. Sony won't get many pros to switch without better native lenses. So far as people who've invested into a system, the current Nikon and Canon bodies are so good that its hard to justify spending thousands on new lenses just to switch to Sony. And yes I know that adaptors allow you to use all sorts of lenses with the Sony Mirrorless bodies.

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I wish I'd seen this before placing a big order with them today. I'd have ordered elsewhere.

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Good. Anyone given the level of power that police officers have needs to be held accountable and in too many jurisdictions they aren't and citizens are abused as a result. I'm all for increasing training, pay, and accountability for police officers. In my experience most officers are responsible public servants but I know a lot of people who were mediocre bullies who spent a lot of time in trouble who ended up becoming cops or deputies because a field that gives someone so much power over other people with what is often limited accountability is incredibly attractive to people with that type of personality. The more ways we have to weed out the bad apples the better.

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jrobbie3: What?? Why, Spend your money wisely; buy a used D700 or D3 if you can afford it. Why spend your good money on point and shoot cameras that normally end up in the beyond repair bin in short order. If you are a Canon shooter try a 5D Mk III. Everything else is "upgraded bells and whistles".

Absurd. A D700 is a decade old at this point.

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Fotoni: Weird focal length range. I would prefer 43-135mm zoom which include both normal and portrait range . Wide views can be done with panorama and it looks more natural, if not too much motion between shots. You also get tons of resolution.

I don't think the focal range is weird but I would love a 50-150 again. I'd prefer it to my 70-200.

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Joed700: It's nice to see that Nikon has put so much effort into their APS-C sensors and bodies. I wish they would have done the same thing with their FF systems. The only reason I'm not getting the D500 or alike is that there are not too many good dedicated lenses for APS-C from Nikon. Sigma have some good ones, but they are not , as always, consistent with AF performance...

To be fair a big part of the reason that Nikon doesn't offer more APS-C primes is that many of the full frame primes translate well to APSC. What would be the point of an APS-C 50mm when Nikon already has some good full frame ones and something like the 1.8G isn't expensive? Why come out with an APSC 85mm when the 85mm 1.8G is a winner? The area that Nikon could do better with is wide APS-C primes.

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Modern SLRs tend to be evolutionary and a lot of people on here hate on them because they are rarely groundbreaking but the fact is that a good modern DSLR is a phenomenally capable camera. Even the entry level ones are capable of producing fantastic images in most situations and can match or exceed much more expensive cameras from just a few years ago.

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elee1967: The 50 mm is not mentioned, because it doesn't have a gold ring?

"The 58mm is _supposedly_ the more upmarket version of 50mm f/1.4; yet it had mixed reviews at best, and was simply crushed by the Sigma 50A."

Perhaps in terms of sharpness but sharpness at 100 crops is overrated for a lot of applications. Rendering matters far more to me in terms of how pleasing an image is and the 58G is fantastic in terms of how it renders out of focus areas .

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HeyItsJoel: 28mm and 50mm are the two most useless prime lenses for me.

If someone gave me even the f1.8 versions for free, I'd turn around and sell it.

To each his own. Personally I find a 28mm prime to be extremely useful indoors in tight quarters.

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Leonp: I think fast lenses are overrated. First, since digital went over 1000 ISO with great quality, there's no need for lenses be fast anymore. Remember the days when you just had to shoot with 100 ISO?
Then shallow depth of field. Yes, big lenses are the only way to achive this properly. But: shallow DOF is in fact only one of the many many things you can do to make a great photo. If you really need it, great and so be it. But I think it overrated for most people to spend half their budget on lenses being fast and carry around double the weight all the time. And do you use it or dit you try once and conclude that accurate (portrait) focussing was hardly possible not because of your equipment but because of the shallow DOF itself?

I would like to see more F4 series lenses of great quality.

I'm with you. I think the sweet spot for a lens like this is 2.8 and not 4. I'd love a 135 2.8. Used to have a Minolta one and it was 365 grams. Wonderful size for a prime lens.

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Honestly what I'd love is a 135 2.8. I used to have a Minolta 135 2.8. 365 grams and 55mm filters. I love small, unobtrusive, and light primes and thats a big reason why I've never had much interest in Sigma's massive, though very good, bricks. Were I a pixel peeper I'm sure I'd worship them but for me the extra speed just isn't worth the weight and conspicuousness.

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ottonis: Apple lowering prices of the new iPad means that iPad sales must be in serious trouble.
Moreover, why are they using a CPU from yesteryear?

I disagree with the suggestion earlier in this thread that tablet demand is down because they are useless. The issue is that the market is saturated and there really isn't that compelling a reason for a lot of tablet users to upgrade to newer versions. I use my iPad to stream video and to do web browsing and so do many people. Mine is several years old now but easily can handle those tasks so I have very little incentive to upgrade despite the fact that I find the tablet to be tremendously useful.

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MrBrightSide: You guys are missing a huge opportunity by not mounting this lens on a Merrill....who knows how the elves in the Sigma lab have synergized the interaction between their amazing foveon sensor and the wonderousness of this lens? Who knows? Nobody, that's who because no other review site has the courage to dare try such a combo. Go for it!

It would be interesting to see if they could spur sales of their bodies and grow the mount by selling this for the Sigma mount at cost. A lot of people would potentially be interested in getting a lens lineup that was nothing but art lenses at a discounted price.

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Petroglyph: Nikon D750 = 1800$ => in round up. Pentax K1 = 1900$ => not in round up.

Nikon D750 would not use for pro landscape work.

Pentax K1 probably one of the best pro landscape cameras around.


That is just silly. People have used far lesser bodies than a d750 for professional landscape work. Plus Nikon has a much better collection of lenses for the landscape photographer.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Nikon D40 (176 comments in total)

These are still capable of producing great images. The best person in my local photography group still uses one. She is a college student who can't afford any better. Other people might come in with sharper images, with better dynamic range, and less noise but nobody comes in with images as compelling as she does. Her understanding of composition and ability to think outside the box allows her to make images more compelling than those with $10,000 worth of equipment in their bag. My point is that in the right hands a D40 with a kit lens can be used in creating amazing images that easily better someone without as much talent with a D810 and a top flight lens. I count myself among those with much nicer gear but nowhere near the imagination.

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