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JonB1975: Okay Sigma - now's the time for E-mount versions of your telephoto lenses - 150-600mm (both versions), 100-400mm, 120-300mm f2.8 and 500mm f4 - where Sony really lacks...

That’s the big thing keeping me from switching.

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mrpuggy: Such a shame the bokeh isn’t better it’s really quite rough, not buttery like my 24-70mm f2.8 Nikon. May have to wait a little longer. Ain’t no way I’m forking out for the G master

If bokeh is what you want then get a good prime. 70mm at 2.8 doesn't give you great separation unless you are very close to the subject.

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lichtfresser: well i am skeptical as long as they continue to design milc's for toddlers' hands and noses...and annoying EU customers with significant higher prices.

apart from that: ff is only a niche. aps-c is business. a6x00 are very capable cameras but ergonomically a nightmare. no dedicated quality aps-c glass since years except sigma E lenses which outperform any FE's or E's mounted on a6x00. but i'd still prefer native glass. sigma is plagued with severe issues.

what if sonys aims fail? closing camera department like samsung? remember what happened to high-end audio or triniton tv...

I mostly shoot a full frame Nikon and have had SLRa as far back as an Olympus OM1. My a6000 handles well. I appreciate its form factor and find it very easy to use.

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stubryce: Just another company trying to get a photographer at a discount rate.
$330 a day is hardly a fair rate

Remember that all travel expenses are being covered too. That is worth several thousand extra as well.

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Magnar W: This tread is quite absurd. Here we have a camera with autofocus that is up to high end cameras a few camera generations ago, and better than most cameras in the same price range. Still many are not satisfied ... not included all those who are just trolling.

"Sony cameras have problems with quality and reliability and ergonomics and handling. This camera doesn't change that."

Not true. While my main camera is a Nikon, I've used many Sony cameras over the years in demanding conditions and never had one fail.

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Flowchart: Nikon user here and I'm not about to switch..

But with that said; congratulations to Sony and to Sony shooters for this seemingly solid camera, maybe one day I have the opportunity to try one out.

Me neither. The cost of switching systems would be tremendous especially given how much more limited the native lens range for Sony is when it comes to lenses that are reasonably priced. I would want much better third party native lens support and more reasonably priced but still high quality lenses (for instance something like the 18-35G) lenses than you see in the Sony lineup. The lack of a reasonably priced super telephoto native to the mount is also an issue.

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Andrei C: Why so much hate ? I think the photos look great. What do you expect from a big zoom range, to shoot like a prime ? :)

A lot of "photographers" are more about pixel peeping than actual photography and really seem to care more about sharpness in 100% crops than actual images. Clearly the lens is capable of producing great images in a variety of circumstances.

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I'd rather it be f/1.8 or f/2 to reduce the size. I prefer small lenses on my E-mount camera. Large lenses diminish the size advantage of the camera. That said I love my 30 1.4.

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Amazing work.

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That is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. There is no way that people go for this in enough numbers for it to be a profitable enterprise.

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User8323047552: I would love to see more pancake lenses for mirror less cameras. This just doesn't balance well an a small body.

The Sony isn't good though. I'd like to see a 16 2.8 that is high quality.

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On article First samples: Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 (222 comments in total)

Some people have more money than sense.

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I'd rather see a 16/2 or 2.8 from them. I like small and light primes to pair with a light compact body.

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tangbunna: where is OIS/VR/OSS/VC... etc ?

VR is not that vital for a 16mm 1.4 lens on a modern camera.

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If this is a match for the quality of the 30mm Sigma 1.4C then it'll be a dynamite lens.

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Lassoni: Tamron does what Nikon doesn't.

Nikon has a 70-300, an 80-400, and a 200-500. So three zooms that significantly overlap with the range of this.

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JMCO: Many do not realize that the α700 had a weather sealed body. Sony warned that it was not to be considered such but, you could see the rubber seals when taken apart. Many photographers used it in the dust and rain with no problem. As long as the lenses were also sealed!

I exposed mine to some truly bad conditions and it never missed a beat.

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Most of the best photos I've ever taken were on an A700. I really loved using that camera. The ergonomics were fantastic, the build quality was very good, it was very responsive, and the image quality up to about ISO 800 was easily good enough for great 20x30 prints. I also beat the hell out of mine. It went with me all around the world and dealt well with dust, dirt, sub zero temperatures, and all kinds of weather. Never gave me the slightest bit of trouble.

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Sonyshine: The D850 is Nikon’s big old petrol guzzling limo compared to Sony’s sleek Tesla. It is the last fling of the bulky old tech dslr industry.

Nikon should be moving forward with exciting new camera technology. Not more iterations of an old dinosaur.

Yes it will be a great camera but it goes to prove that Nikon’s days are numbered if they cannot develop new, innovative and fresh cameras.

What an absurd bit of trolling. What matters with cameras is result quality and this camera is worldclass when it comes to that. Sony has some good mirrorlees bodies but they don't have a body and lens system combination that can match this and won't for a long time.

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Betico: Nikon still can't design a decent battery door. Not even on a $3000 camera. I think it is about time the Chinese rescue this ailing company and put on it some new energy and "savoir faire" in it, just as they did with Volvo. Otherwise Nikon will not survive the in the coming two or three years years.
BTW a $3000 camera will never save Nikon.
Another possibility for Nikon is to be taken over by Sony. Sony will continue making the D1, branded as Sony D1, and discontinue the rest of the Nikon range including this new D850.

You know this is a hell of a camera when people hating on it have to resort to attacking the battery door.

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