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Kustom48: This was one camera I was very interested in seeing, but having read the comments on dpreview and the press release and other opinions about it, I feel very let down and underwhelemed !

C'mon Canon, you can do much better than this, this camera could have been a real breakthrough model, but sadly it appears to be compromised on many fronts.

Just have to wait and see if a better spec model follows along in the fullness of time.

Nikon 1 are more a 'breakthrough' model 12 months ago! 1 year latter, Canon less by a body(Nikon J1 & V1). Less by 2 lances(Nikon 1 got 4 lances). What a big disappointment! Canon, PLEASE bring more lances.

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NikonScavenger: Every mirrorless camera seems to be a mess of compromises. You give up a big sensor, or a viewfinder, or external controls, a lens library, or a flash hotshoe. What is the point of having a camera system if there are 3-4 lenses for it? Canon is now going to spend time and money developing their mirrorless lenses, but most kit buyers will NEVER take off the 18-55 once they first install it. Once you put a flash on it and a walkaround lens, the mirrorless camera becomes big once again.

Do the majority of the people who buy these things have a huge lens library, do DSLR owners really want a scaled down SLR? I've gone on vacations, planes, trains and have just taken creative measures to cram my D300 into my luggage.

I had a m4/3 camera. It wasn't very portable. The pictures weren't as good as my Nikon, the AF wasn't as advanced, you could put a flash on it, but the flash was twice the size and weight of the camera. You could put it in a pocket, as long as you took the lens and hood off.

NikonScavenger, I couldn't have said it better. Thank you

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Mariusz of PL: Having read all the comments[to say MOST OF THEM:)] I want to add mine; It's ONLY the matter of price if it catches on.Now,it is too much to pay for,but if it comes down to $550 that would be acceptable.FULL STOP:)

Another : I 100% agree with you.

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Tatosaurus: I expected G series with interchangeable lenses. It will probably happen some day.

I 100% agree with you. It'll be perfect for 'walk-around-camera'.

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Preternatural Stuff: "Size/weight" - Compare apples to apples pls, else its just stupid.
- EOS-M with STM pancake lens is as pocketable as anything on the market.
- with an APS-C lens, its no different from any NEX
- vis a vis a M4/3, it's an apple to orange comparison - an APS-C sensor with APS-C lenses or 35mm lenses offers superior IQ.

"IQ" - Don't kid me with stupid arguments that there is no difference between M4/3 & APS-C. Think the bokeh from a prime lens M4/3 is sweet? Think bokeh from an EF 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm on APS-C. Lenses u can get for a song & which are light and compact.

Back to the value proposition then. M4/3 being open standard & universal somehow manages to rip off consumers. Smaller size, lower material costs and lower IQ somehow equals high price? Why?

I hate the fact that Canon/Nikon are not offering consumers true value (i.e. no in-body image stabilization).

I hope for better value for consumers but for that to happen the quality of the arguments here have got to improve.

'in-body image stabilization' Not as good as in lenses. If in both i.e. body & lenses, will cost more.

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Sonylover1: Ouuch!
Canon really disappoint me...

EF adapter is as bad as Sonys adapter to NEX.
New lenses to buy - no way.
The industries are just building up another consumer segment instead of merging DSLR to the mirrorless future.
Sony A77 is still the king and NEX7 , or Oly MP5 , the best small form cameras.

Amazing that Canon let Sony to pass them (Exmor...)and dragging Nikon past to ( sensor)!

Canon is still the best lensmaker and more priceworthy than the others. Shame they didnt exploit it in their new mirrorless compact.

I agree with you except bout Nikon Sensor. Future J & V model will be more compact because of small sensor.

I am disappointment with both Canon & Nikon 1st attamp. However, for sure future model gonna swing & hit the sweet spot i.e focus

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Sarge_: Interesting camera. As a Nikon shooter I wish Nikon had done this instead of the tiny-sensor V1. As it stands, I may end up replacing my NEX-5 with a NEX-7 instead of buying this, mainly for the built-in flash and the equal or better NEX-7 sensor.

For my purposes Canon almost nailed it, but stopped short of 'ideal-walk-around-camera' by leaving out the flash. If they'd included a flash, I might have even switched from Nikon to Canon for the lens compatibility...

Nikon J1 almost "nailed it" as a 'ideal-walk-around-camera'. Therefore, just wait another 6 months, you'll get J2!
Canon EOS M & J1 got all important Phase Detect.

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OMG, what a disappointment. I hold my purchase for a year and this is what I've been waiting for? I can't wait another year. No build-in flash.

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