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It appears the Camera manufacturing industry is pretty much now an ectro optical game and the two biggest players have virtually created a duopoly . Sadly not looking good for the old school player's like nikon , pentax, olympus etc

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Anastigmat: Looking back, I wonder how Nikon's decision to remove the focus motor from the low end DSLR camera bodies have hurt their sales over the years. Yes they sell more lenses because of that decision. The inability to autofocus with AF and AF-D lenses is one reason I don't recommend their low end APS-C models to people looking to buy their first DSLR camera. In contrast even the Digital Rebel can autofocus with the earliest EOS lenses that were ever made.

yes they should have done it twenty years earlier like canon did.

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contrary to what some people might like to think canon is not exactly an over night sensation.They started back in the 1970 by incorporating micro processors in their Cameras . When the world and camera companies dumped movie film cameras they started making video cameras . while all the camera manufactures were trying to get old technology cameras to auto focus they brought out a whole new system that actually worked and left the other manufactures in their wake. when the television industry wanted high end super high quality and expensive zooms canon supplied. them. So I think it would be fair to say that canon do know how to play the game, and the digital camera industry is basically canons to own.

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User1234567890: So, if Sony acquires Canikon, they can have about 84%.
About 90% by acquiring Fuji as well.

Considering Sony is the most powerful company in Japan that makes electronics by huge margin, they should do it.

The funny part of this list is that it shows the Mitsubishi 3rd which Nikon is a part of.

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bluevellet: Nikon, sorry you are struggling in these hard times.

For whats its worth, i've bought some of your products in the last two years. Not even grey market, but at retail. At local shops. Where it really matters.

Depending on if travelling abroad is even possible for a summer holiday. I plan to buy more of your gear in the near future (z 24mm f1.8s, z 14-30 f4s and z 24-200 are especially tempting).

Any camera company that doesn’t see Sony as a major competitor would be
in real trouble.Sony is already about even with Nikon and it didn,t take them a 100 years to get there.

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what we are seeing is the results of very smart moves by two companies years ago and its paid off for them big time . Sony who purchased Minolta giving them access to lens manufacturing technology to go with there electronic imaging expertise. And Canon who started putting micro processors into Cameras back in the 1970s with the A series SLRs Canon was then able to go on and develop the EOS system and a fully compatable EF lens system as well as Video Cameras. These decisions mean that these two companies in the not too distant future will probably own the digital camera market with the rest assigned to history.

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What people don’t seem to realize is that the total camera
Market is basily Canon versus the rest they are bigger than
Sony, Nikon and fuji combined.

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Jones Indiana: I disagree - Kokak came down due to mismanagement and unwillingness to change. They found digital to be a 'danger' to their existence and they did so with right. But because they didn't wan't to compete against themselves this has lead to their downfall.

Much to what we see today with Olympus.
And with the stubbornness of Fujifilm today to disregard FF and go full in on APS-C they might in the end still end up with nothing.

Yes! Don't tell me Fujifilm offers the GFX.
But it doesn't make even the slightest dent in the FF segment and due to its size, weight and poor lens choice the system is not going to make any change to the photography market anytime soon.

you obviously don,t know much about fujifilm cameras are only a small part of their business . They are very devesifed , pharmaceuticals , Cosmetics, very High end Optical equipemnt and many other products .

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I can,t see why people are so surprised by the rise of sony in the digital camera market.. Probably just about every television station in the world would have or would of had sony equipment eng cameras ,studio cameras etc. So for them to get into high end digital cameras is probably a natural step .

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aaaja: Sony has 'strange' track record when it coms to productlines. They dropped mobile phones, notebooks and other products, when competition became strong. If i had to decide for a few millions on equipment, this would be a point to make me reluctant. Mainly because the Camera Market is in troubles or will be in trouble soon. Iphones and co. are killing the point and shoot part and soon also HQ visual tools. Does Sony, Canon, Nikon etc.. be there in 3 years? 5 years..

Both Sony and Canon have a very long track record with electronic imaging they will probably be around long after all of the others have ceased production.

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I think the problem for smaller players is that their costs per item goes up , you have to spread the fixed costs over fewer cameras .They Also don,t have the research and development resources to compete with the big players . I think Olympus may have this problem they having trouble competing and I would say Pentax are probably in a worse position . What people don,t realise is that both Canon with there Elctro Optical System (EOS) and Sony with years of experience in the electronic imaging business are going to make it a very tough game for any other players. The digital camera business is just made
for these two conpanies

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It seems to me that the shrinking Camera industry is fairly
rapidly moving to a two horse race Canon and Sony, All the
Talk this week has been between Canon V Sony even poor
old nikon has barely had a mention. we may well be seeing
the future.

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It seems to me that a lot of the people complaining about the over heating probably cant a ford the cost of the CF cards, the computer power to process the content and to store it anyway. If any body is going to use the 8k they have probably got enough money to have more than one Camera.

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This article makes complete sense why have 3 different models when you can have just one model to do the lot.

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The organisations photographing the Olympics and other
Major events will already have thousands of dollars
Invested in lens systems etc probably Canon or Nikon
They arn,t going to change systems or brands because
Of what people say or think on this web site.

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Funny thing despite all the comments on this subject canon are probably still the most succesfull camera company in the world.

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ovlov: Bankruptcy is just around the corner. Will it be Canon or Sony that buys what's left of Nikon?

Actually there was some talk of Fuji buying into Nikon . lt really doesn’t,t matter who owns them as long as the owner keeps them in business .

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raztec: The ONLY thing about smart phones that's better than a traditional camera is the ability to connect to wifi and post your photos immediately on social media.

If camera manufacturers were smart and enabled all their cameras to have easy wifi access, I'm sure most photographers would much prefer using them over smart phones any day.

The difference between a camera and a smartphone is that people carry the smartphone with them all the time as they say the best camera is the one you have with you. Not to mention a smart phone is also a calculator, music machine and heaps of other things that a stand alone camera can’t do. Despite what people on this site might think there was always a lot more people using compact cameras than dslrs and slrs the picture quality to these people is not so great animportance .

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Triplet Perar: Kudos to Olympus. The richness of colour, the micro-contrast, and tonal fidelity is simply breathtaking. This lens resolves incredible subtlety. Last time I saw something like this, such natural and beautiful rendering, was Leica's SL Lux lens, and Olympus' own 25/1.2. Thinking that such a remarkable quality is available for m4/3 users, at the fraction of Leica's price, I am more than overwhelmed.

The reason 35 mm film cameras were invented was to make use of the same film size used in the motion picture industry and make it easier for Kodak and other film manufactures. There was no real arty excuse for adopting the format it was all about manufacturing and nothing else

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Can,t see why there are so many entries for this subject , compatabillity
problems between different brands is probably nearly as old as photography itself .

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