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Donald B: what a pain in the a.....s i had decided on the x20 and now have to wait and look at the lf1. it looks like a great "little" beast. i have a xz1 with vf2 but it does not fit in a pocket. thanks panasonic been waiting a long time.

^ It depends on what you mean by "a pocket." If you mean it won't fit in *all* pockets I agree, however, if one chooses clothes with reasonable size pockets it can be done quite easily. Having said that I will be looking at the LF1 with great interest. Pity about f5.9 at the long end though [sigh] as that half-cripples the camera for my use - lots of low light indoors. I'd be happy to trade some bulk for f2.8 or f4 at the long end.

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Now we just need some teleconverters and the system is virtually complete. :-) (Except perhaps for super telephotos.)

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On article Pentax announces four additional Q mount lenses (40 comments in total)

Very cool idea IMHO. Most of my pix are used on the web or viewed on-screen so ultimate IQ isn't important to me most of the time. Apart from the price and lack of any inbuilt viewfinder I cannot see any reason to quibble. Manual controls rather than dials is appealing. Hopefully the price will drop, and Pentax will release a prime wide angle equivalent to 24mm or less, and a longer zoom.

Provided someone offers lens mount adapters lots will be able to be done with legacy glass. With a crop factor of ~5.5, 50mm is equal to 275mm, and 135mm is ~740mm(!) with both easily transportable.

Assuming no major problems arise and that the price comes down this will definitely appeal to some people. Those who don't like it don't have to buy it...

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