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On article Fujifilm X-H1 Review (1300 comments in total)

all top fuji cams are overpriced, the 80mm macro as well

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.......fake news

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On article DPReview Asks: What was your first camera? (765 comments in total)

Canon AT-1, 1978?

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On article YI enters the mirrorless race with the M1 (55 comments in total)

samsung in disguise

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On article Brooks Institute announces closure (132 comments in total)
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Melchiorum: As a European, I find the tuition fees in colleges and universities of USA to be simply insane. About $100,000 in total for a higher education? In Sweden, Denmark, Germany and many other European countries you get it for free. Like, totally free. And you don't even have to be a citizen of that country. I have studied for 7 years and got a double Master's without paying a cent with the exception of the entrance egzam fee (about 150 bucks in total) and some books (non-mandatory ones, because mandatory are provided as well).

you have "a double Masters" and can't spell exam?

.........back to school for you!

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On article Pentax K-1 Review (2678 comments in total)
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tailings: So, to paraphrase: "A really nice camera with some innovative, forward thinking features. We'd like to like it a lot more if only we understood it better and wished to take the time to do so but we can't break our learned habits. If only it had a Nikon badge....."

Limited customization? Perhaps if you bothered to dig a little more into the menu system you don't like, you'd have found the camera highly customizable. And truthfully, the menu is punchy dorky fine, you're just used to driving on the other side of the road.

Some of your criticisms are legit, but it really feels like you're trying your best to pad the list. Default JPG settings? Really? Easy enough to tweak to your liking. Who in the world would purchase a K-1 to shoot default JPGs?

"punchy dorky"........Ive gotta write that one down

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will I be able to use the tilt screen underwater? Ive been waiting for a cam like that.

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1494 comments in total)


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Adrian Van: While the Fuji brand has great image quality capture with the X-trans line, now the company needs to work on improving the video capture quality which is behind the quality of m43 and Nikon / Canon or Sony. I owned and sold my XM1 (Xtrans sensor) model, but if they improved video quality, I could be back with a higher model. Photo images are very sharp and detailed in X series, and great to see the AF speed is much better now for XT1 update. If video is not important, this system is a great one to use for enthusiasts and pros.

Video? meh, Id be happy without any video capability in my Fuji cameras if it would reduce initial cost of the body.

Love my X-E1 and X-A1. Never use the video, dont need it , dont want to pay for it.

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LensBeginner: "‘cruelty-free’ Eco Alter Nappa leather alternative material"
...plastick yu meen? :-D

an inconvenient truth

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On article Samsung NX30 Review (431 comments in total)
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Troutguy: Silver award? Has there every been a Bronze award given out?

I give it the "meh" award ;)

I have the NX20, use it mostly for macro with the 60.

The NX30 isnt compelling enough for me to upgrade. As I understand it the evf is smaller than on the 20 and you still cant link AEB to the self timer, so, for me, I gave it a "meh" award. I will now also give it the bronze "shoulder shrug" award aswell :)

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On article Samsung NX30 Review (431 comments in total)

Silver award? Has there every been a Bronze award given out?

I give it the "meh" award ;)

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On article Olympus PEN E-P5 Review (500 comments in total)

so, $1000 bucks for a camera prone to make blurry images.

and this wins a "silver award"? lol how about you scrap this "award" system , a camera prone to make blurry images deseves no award. period.

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JJ NeXT: Is the body "weather-resistant" ?

Im not so sure its splash and dust proof. If it was wouldnt the press release mention it and wouldnt Samsung make a big deal out of it?

I want to hear it from Samsung before I believe it

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what is that, some kinda new Pez dispensor?

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On photo Retrieving- english setter in the Dogs at Work challenge (7 comments in total)
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Finding Beauty: I believe this is my favorite of the group. Great shot!

nice photo , but its not an E Setter. Its a Brittany

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