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Iamnotarobot: Maybe... part of the 'problem' has to do with so many photographers with very little talent all going for 24 megapixel cameras & insisting on shooting everything in massive RAW files when their files will be all worthless in the end due to their mediocrity. It is possible that you can shoot everything in 12mp JPEG & have no LR speed problem, and fill up a gallery... if you only had some real talent....

How utterly arrogant!

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Yes to @Domell. I shot the Barton Caves from a raft in Belize in near total darkness and the shots were just amazing. No camera that I have owned since can compare.
This was my first "serious" camera and let me down that long road of GAS. I wish I still had the F707.

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gordzam: May have impressive test results, but I'm not particularly impressed by the real life images posted here.

I too am underwhelmed by the images, given all the buzz.

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Thanks ACDSee for taking a product that made its bones on the Mac and turning it into Windows-only! I wouldn't buy your products even if I wasn't using Aperture.

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epo001: A simple mechanism is to only permit purchasers to leave a review. The trouble is that Amazon and DPR see themselves as partly in the social media market and they know that one way of attracting eyeballs is to allow people to leave their opinions behind.

Another more advanced technique is to permit non-purchasers to leave reviews but not to show them to anyone else. That is, only the logged in non-buyer sees their own reviews (which are of course disregarded in the overall rating).

Me among them. Problem is that B&H reviews are consistently higher than Amazon's and I've heard people say they wrote a negative review there that wasn't posted.

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topstuff: Taken for what it is, this is great work.


I think the omission of Aperture is a big shame and renders the test only partially interesting.

Apple's entry is the missing member here. It's absence DOES make a difference.

Apple has a massive user base and Aperture is their proprietary offering. It is not the same as the other offerings also missed from the test.

I'm with you on that. With so many photographers on a Mac platform, I don't see why dpr chose to leave Aperture out, if LR is in.

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camerosity: I'll keep my D700, thanks.

Just curious. I have 2 D700 bodies. What is it about the D600 that made you move to it over the D700?

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