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On article Canon RF 14-35mm F4L IS USM sample gallery (157 comments in total)

Fantastic lens for RE/Architecture. 90% of what you’d shoot indoors covered by this FL.

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On article DPReview TV: Nikon Z 14-24mm F2.8 S review (162 comments in total)
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Fred Mueller: have shot 350 properties with my 14-24 F. a fantastic lens

the new Z sys lenses are something else

hope the camera buying public (what remains) wakes up to how strong the Z lineup is becoming ...

Gary. I bought my 14-24 used for $1500 in 2010. I’m not immune to price. It was clear to me that was the lens I needed to get for my work By camera buying public I mean the whole spectrum. If I buy into the full frame Z system I’ll likely opt for the 14-30. After all I rarely shoot properties at f/2.8. My remarks are more along the line of “satisfaction” with the overall quality of the Z lens lineup and how it has developed. Frankly it’s looking like Nikon is the value leader in terms of price/performance. Also least you think I’m a lens snob - I bought a Z50 specifically to have a lighter weight rig to mount up on a pole (incredibly useful for my work). For it I got the 10-20 Dx and an FTZ. Decidedly “consumer” you might say - except not. Fabulous lens and 20 mpx sensor. It’s my go-to exteriors rig now.


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On article Head to Head: Adobe Lightroom Classic vs Capture One 21 (423 comments in total)

You almost never export everything you import. In my work I’ll just guess (seat of the pants) that about 3 - 5% of the files I import are delivered. So practically speaking for me CO would confer very little advantage.

But also - you are ignoring the elephant in the China shop - Adobe Bridge - which is a speed demon. Do yourselves a favor and take one of your 100 file collections and see how fast Bridge opens and applies a basic preset - I’d be surprised if it takes even a minute. Next - select all those 100 now preset files and open them in Camera Raw ... that will happen even faster ....


Wouldn’t mind a comparison between Adobe Bridge and CO exporting lvl10 jpgs from 16 bit tifs. I also wouldn’t mind a comparison between Bridge and CO opening nefs. In fact in the Adobe ecosystem it’s really Bridge you have to account for if you are measuring basic speed for file management tasks ...

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On article DPReview TV: Nikon Z 14-24mm F2.8 S review (162 comments in total)

have shot 350 properties with my 14-24 F. a fantastic lens

the new Z sys lenses are something else

hope the camera buying public (what remains) wakes up to how strong the Z lineup is becoming ...

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guys got talent ... ears and eyes ... good on him - not holding back

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On article Sample gallery: Nikon Z fc (89 comments in total)

Really you could tell me these were shot with a number of different cameras and id never be able to dispute ... so in a way whats the point ??? Dont want to complain too much but why not pick a single or at most a few subjects and try to turn out domething special. I think we would learn more - even multiple shots of a cat might sufice ?

The posted hacks on Adobe color vs native ooc Nikon color seems equally pointless. Ive tested that many many times over the years as a working photog shooting mostly properties where color accuracy really matters and its just not an issue. There is nothing really there. But also you can come so close with Adobe conversion to ooc Nikon its not worth discussing in light of the glaring usability deficit of Nikon software.

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Well Id just get the whole Nikon Catalog. Every last item. z and f. And a mint D700

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None of these are sharp enough

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Wait for it ... “offers a paid tutorial” ...

It would be one thing if any of the lighting was attractive, but on the whole, it’s not ... Bring on Karsh. I’d pay to study his hot light setups from oh so many years ago. That would be money well spent.

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On article Nikon NIKKOR Z 28mm F2.8 (SE) sample gallery (194 comments in total)
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HJVN: Really nice set of images. Something new to look at.
Where are they taken?

better than DP Review average ... nice

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A 14 mm prime would and should not be a first choice for RE photos ... a wide zoom is much more useful: 14-24mm or 16-35mm being the common ballpark choices, or DX equivalent Also, in general, property photography does not require fast apertures. 5.6 - 8 is much more typical, and since you generally work on a tripod, in fact, hi iso noise control is not even all that important because you can work and very slow shutter speeds and stay quite close to base iso or generally under iso 400. In fact state of the art is just not really necessary.

Skills in post are actually paramount, including blending and flambient techniques, as well as skills in lighting methods, triggers, and various triggering setups.

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Fantastic - and so many with those lousy old dslrs. Lots of them Nikon, you know that failing company.

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On article Sony a1 review (2595 comments in total)

Is there a single photo in the “examples” that required 30 frames per second and no blackout ? Or even 5. Or even anything more than an iPhone ?

And remember the iPhone has its “live” mode where it provides a “window” at 30 FPS of a few seconds before and after the moment you trip the shutter ... allowing you to scan thru to the decisive instant you saw but may have missed (reaction lag).

Kudus to Sony for this niche product.

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On article Nikon Z7 II review (1508 comments in total)

When you pick up a Nikon you've picked up a camera (Canon too).

When you pick up a Sony you feel you've picked up a "device" ... sorry.

Link | Posted on Mar 18, 2021 at 01:12 UTC as 49th comment | 40 replies

cue the anti ACR trolls ... close relatives of the anti Nikon trolls

Link | Posted on Feb 23, 2021 at 03:22 UTC as 3rd comment | 1 reply
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BrexitDefCom3: I had to stop using Adobe at all once they continued to refuse to provide a fine enough pixel sharpening radius, as all higher resolution files sharpened with their minimum 0.25 pixel radius are MUCH noisier then they are with, say, 0.13 in DXO.
So a photograph looks more like a blocky graphic to me. Indeed I know several people who DO use Lightroom still, but avoid ANY sharpening at all for this reason.

you clearly don't understand the masking function then ...

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On article DPReview TV: Sony a1 review (680 comments in total)
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4sofnature: The hypothetical cost of A1 based on the specs of three specialty cameras
= 1.5x A9ii (based on burst rate and rolling shutter improvement) + 1x A7S3 (based on video spec) + 0.82x A7R4 (based on megapixel count)
= 1.5x $4500 + 1x $3500 + 0.82x $3500
= $13120
Therefore $6500 is NOT overpriced for a camera of such versatility.

Karsh pressed the shutter release one time.

Link | Posted on Feb 13, 2021 at 04:59 UTC

28mm 2.8 AIS close focus, 55mm 3.5 micro AI, 105mm 2.5 AIS

Got all of them for about $100 ea. Nearly mint. Each one is special in its own particular way. And it’s just nice to have something built to such high standards. Nikon really needs to build an FTZ adapter that has the feeler tab to allow these to meter in z world. Partly because they will last nearly forever if cared for.

Link | Posted on Feb 7, 2021 at 23:47 UTC as 86th comment

The elephant(s) in the room are computational tech, and connectivity. No traditional camera company comes close to an iPhone in either category. If I were Nikon Canon or Sony I’d be sprinting in those categories. Nikons SnapBridge is pitiful. You should be able to open an app on your connected device and push a button on your camera and proceed to share, store, transfer, or edit files from the camera in seconds with no more effort than using the in phones camera ... better yet ... no need for the phone ... why can’t my camera just be WiFi enabled to my router or cell network and posting directly online? This is just so simple and stupid...
And look what happened to photo staffing at newspapers (look what happened to newspapers) ... who wants to compete with 100 cell phones at a wedding.

The DSLR solved the “did I get the shot” problem, but the phone cam solved the distribution problem which was not even understood at the outset to be the fundamental problem ...

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dpr4bb: For me, the best feature of Capture NX-D is that it provides the exact same “Nikon” colors as the in-camera JPEG engine. Adobe’s “camera-matching” profiles are all over the place.

no they are not ...

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