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I have used CalDigit storage for mission critical data for many years now without losing a single file. They have never released a product without through in-depth testing. Their customer service is second to none though you will probably never need it. You can actually get a CalDigit person on the phone if you have a question❗️This small form factor is great as it means less to lug around. Thanks CD❗️

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theprehistorian: I saw a fellow photog with the previous version the other day, you forget just how small these cameras are! Yes something has to give to make the camera so tiny, but I was lugging around my D850, Sigma Arts, and tripod, and I did find myself wondering if it was such a good idea!

I find myself in the same situation. I now only carry a big FF Nikon D810 when I have a specific image in mind. Too old now to lug 40 pounds of equipment all day. especially that great 14-24. Thinking of the little Sony's or a Leica Q

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Great work. Well done indeed! technique is great. What did the critics want? A dead body lying on the ice for pathos?

I have been seriously considering the A7r but I may end up with the Nikon D810 for the DR and the quick focus. I shoot both landscape and street photos... I have not found the A7r to be quick enough on the AF for street shoot. Probably will wait the next 7 months to see how they improve the A7r...
Again... great work and thanks for sharing!

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Why did they bother?

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I Give 'em two years....

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It could be done with todays technology. It would be great to flip a FF sensor into my Leica M4s.

Ah to have a well-built all metal hockey puck of a digital camera would be wonderful

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reid thaler: Amazingly, no mention of Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. A pioneering printer whose iris printer is in the Smithsonian Institute:


I agree. I know Graham and Mac Holbert. They practically invented digital printing. Too bad he is no longer controlling Nash Editions. He and Mac did get their original IRIS prointer aquired by the Smithsonian. Both he and Mac are both very humble and knowledgeable guys. Graham is a good shooter as well. How they would omit him is unfathomable.

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I knew the head of Hasselblad service USA, Karl Claussen for many years as I was working in the field of astronomy. Karl was present at every launch from Gemini through the Moon missions and he personally inspected all the equipment with the astronauts prior to each mission. We used to talk about all of the Hasselblads that had to be left on the moon's surface due to the LEM's limited thrust and fuel. A number of times while working on projects for NASA I had the specially modified Hasseblad bodies marked FLIGHT in my lab. They are ELMs which had sealed DIN power connectors and large paddle shutter releases for use with space suits... and will as etched glass grids that put index marks on the images for determining scale. I later found out from Karl that some of those bodies went to the moons' surface... where they still sit.. along with my very own fingerprints. They will probably sit there long after man has creased to exist on this planet.
No question those missions took place.

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I do not like instagram or instagram-like applications. I must say that it IS a bit elietist to infer that it is debasing photography. I have seen out of focus and poorly framed imaged being passed off as great works of art for years now. Who am I to say that they are wrong. Though Instagram is not for me , anything that gets people making images is a good thing. They may, at some point decide to put some thought into the imges thay create.

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I worked at the Center For Creative Photography in Tucson back in tearly 1990's and I was lucky enough to have access to the entire Weston arcive which is housed at the CCP.Every so often we would have a Weston show and would bring as much as the gallery had room for out into the light. His work was astounding. It was a great place to work as every so often folks would stop in that actully knew Weston. Once... when we had mounted a Major Weston show a fellow walked in and siad that he owned an original of every print we had on the wall... including his early platinum prints,,, and many others as well. I asked him how he had aquired such a collection... He said that he had grown up next door to the Westion house... and in those days Weston would oftimes hold weekend print sales in his front yard. He and his father liked the work... and wanted to help supoport Weston... so they... like many others, pais an average of $10 to $25 each for the prints. What a deal!

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To me the big deal breaker on the new Canon is much longer focus times and shtter delays in comarison to a DSLR or a manual focus rangfinder. I have owned many G series cameras and I love them but they are just not quick enough in responsed. Live view is not really a concern.

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Sorry Canon. Too little too late. The market for enthusiasts has moved on to APC format interchangable lens bodies with OLED mirrorless TTL viewfinders.
Fuji, SONY and probably even Nikon will own the market. This goes for professional level DSLRs as well.
The DSLR is dead, Long Live the mirrorless TTL.

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