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  • For a beginner birder, the Bushnell Legend HD (the 50mm version) has an advantage of wide field of view. Most spotting scopes don't go wider than 2.5-3 degrees, the Bushnell goes to 4.5.
  • If you're looking at birds, it probably means you want a zoom eyepiece. Unfortunately, a nice (let alone "best") zoom eyepiece -all by itself- will be in $600+ range. A budget zoom will cut down ...
  • I'm not saying it's a disadvantage, just that add-ons, when attached, limit what you can do with it. When I'm kayaking, I need a camera that can fit into the pocket of my safety jacket - so ...
  • Yes, TG-4 takes add-on lenses. Olympus makes a telephoto and a fisheye, a circular light guide for macro, etc. Made it trivial for me to cobble together a digiscoping adapter, though the results I ...
  • About the Nikons: The AW130 has a faster lens than Panasonic, but slower than Olympus. It could be a good compromise for somebody who shoots a mix of stills and video. The Nikon 1 AW (with ...
  • Replied in No one
    Well, the very top of the link you posted, in large brown font, says "Cops Pulled Over Philando Castile Because He Had Just Robbed A Store With A Gun". That's what I was referring to.
  • Not a whole lot of difference at the same settings, but Olympus has a much faster lens. So in anything less than broad daylight, the Panasonic has to either use higher ISO or longer exposure. That ...
  • I take it, you're not considering Nikon AW or cameras in waterproof cases? Then yes, it's the best for still pictures. Panasonic should have an edge in video though.
  • Replied in No permit?
    Wrong guy. The robber is clean-shaven, the victim had a beard. An inch-long beard takes more than four days to grow.
  • Couldn't agree more. Elderly and people with various impairments will benefit hugely. If my choices are getting a self-driving car and moving into an "assisted living" place, I'm not going to ...
  • I can just see the network messages flying between the self-driving cars. - Hey, careful, that vintage guy is out again! - What? A human driving? I thought they made them illegal! - Nah, not yet. - ...
  • I understand the sentiment, but your car is already full of code that has to work right to keep you alive. So much of it, that bugs are not a possibility, but a certainty. Breaks controller, ...
  • Created discussion thread The future of self-driving cars
    Here's a few fun questions to ponder on the topic of self-driving cars. Say, this is the bright future, and most of the traffic on the roads is self-driving. Just think of the possibilities! Say, ...
  • Apparently (if the news reports are to be believed), they failed to install a sensor that checks to make sure that the driver isn't watching movies on a portable player. An unforgivable oversight.
  • From what I've read, Tesla is quite adamant that the driver keeps hands on the steering wheel while on autopilot. If hands are not detected, the car begins to gradually slow down.
  • I think you're vastly underestimating the market. A tonne of people works out to about twelve of them (eleven, if it's US males). I'd say, it could easily be twice that number!

    Sorry, couldn't...

  • Ah, I see what you mean now. Yes, a thorough test will use a test target, or it might miss something. And the target would need to be photographed at various zoom settings and at various distances...

  • Yes, some zoom lenses have complex distortion:
    But if a straight line remains straight, you're good, there's no distortion.

  • "If it is very important for you and if you will buy the product only if it doesn't have distortion,then my advice is to search for a real distortion test of the product.Or you will never be sure...

  • For a travel solution, I don't think the IQ differences will be visible at all, let alone make much difference. Unless you travel with a tripod. If you need more reach, that's a different story.
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