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maxnimo: Don't be sad - these new Pyrex cups are junk compared to those from the 1980's. The old ones were way better designed and manufactured, and they are now priceless because you simply can't get them anymore.

Pyrex used to be a trade name for borosilicate glass. Pyrex, the brand, now uses tempered regular soda-lime glass in the US.

**apparently they mention this in the video. didnt catch that at first

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Peadingle: An amazing film, but I am not sure how he drove 20,000 miles in 18 days, (which is driving for over 22 hours a day at an average of 50 mph) and still found the time to take the pictures.

Or if driving 65MPH, as you typically can across the plain states, it is 17 hours and change per day. If there are two drivers, that is not a hard task. Also, if taking interstates 80-90MPH is not unrealistic (legal or not, smart or not).

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riveredger: Will the flash system work with A mount?

Why wouldn't it? they use the same flashes.

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gbdz: Since you can buy yourself into a real ecosystem of lenses and whatever you might ever imagine you'd ever need in photography with the FF and APS DSLRs of Canon and Nikon and Sony, what exactly is the "raison d'etre" of this Fuji line of products?
As I've never touched one of these cameras, I do not understand.
Can you let me in on the secret, please?

I have seen a distinctly different look from Fuji than from any other camera. Not sure what it is exactly, but it seems to be vivid colors without being oversaturated on any color, nice contrast, but still shadow detail.

Fuji is quite tempting, but I did not like the feel of the cameras I tried (X-Tx may be different), plus I moved from a Sony DSLR line, so the NEX/Emount made more sense for me.

The original question can be turned around, and one can get so much from Fuji, why bother with Canon (or Nikon or Sony or whomever). The reason they exist is because people want them, for nostalgia, a look, street cred, or they fancy a paperweight.

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henhen: Isnt this threading on invasion of privacy or some law like that? Meaning what right does apple for for controlling who does what with my phone? One step closer to 'big brother'

While I roll my eyes at this....invention....I don't know how it could be an invasion of privacy. Apple has a right to make this contraption and make it work with your phone. It is your right not to buy Apple products (and I don't).

I am torn about forcing compliance to legacy devices (assuming that happens) as it was not a feature one agrees to. However, I am a proponent of venues enforcing their no photography policies (even if they are dumb).

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Yeah, I get not having future support, but to basically cease a function that exists is crap. I have eyefi cards. They are finicky, but I can live with that. I have cameras with wifi, so I dont really need the EyeFi cards, so I will not be buying more. Also, the cards I did buy fell apart. I have never had another card fall apart, and two of the three Eyefi cards I have had did, and I am sure the third would if I used it.

The "deep discounts" of 20% to mitigate previous owners is laughable.

I have an old Fuji underwater camera that I now use the Toshiba Flash Air card. MUCH MUCH less espensive, and is a whole lot less of a PITA than EyeFi.

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (475 comments in total)
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Miki Nemeth: WiFi on all Nikon cameras is crap; the WMU is a primitive joke. If the WiFi on D500 even more, it really doesn't matter. I regard Sony WiFi on Alpha cameras a bit better, but it is still unusable, useless, gimmick. Total disappointment. Maybe Panasonic's WiFi is OK, I don't know. It's a shame that in 2016 camera industry is so much behind smartphones.

What exactly are you wanting the Sony wifi to do that it doesn't?

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (475 comments in total)
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LackingCommonSensor: I'd say send it back and buy something else, stop wasting bandwidth with pointless complaints. Don't like it? Don't buy it. That's a problem in today's world, so many a**hats trying to get some attention.

I should add, leave it to DPR to offer the story on their site. Shows they are out of ideas or just trying to be like The National Enquirer of the photography media.

Apparently, D500 owners.

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (475 comments in total)
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alpha dog: A problem with peripheral things like wifi, is that we as users have no real way to feedback to companies like Nikon. Sure we have the nuclear option of returning camera and getting refund and buying an Olympus say.... but that's not realistic if you have 20 Nikon lenses and you love everything else about the camera. So I think he is doing a service for the rest of us.

On a wider note - when will camera companies learn (from Apple and co) that the end to end user experience and seamless integration are critical in the modern world? I think the first camera company that learns this will hugely increase market share. Why can't I use my Sony tablet as a wifi-tethered viewfinder for my Sony camera? or to preview and tag 'keepers' in camera, and have them automatically uploaded, archived and imported into Lightroom when I get back into range of my home wi-fi? Camera companies need to join the connected age!

Also, you can use a Sony tablet or phone (or any android or apple tablet or phone) for wireless viewfinder, at least on the wifi enabled Emounts (not sure about Amount any more).

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Neil Pho: This update doesn't fix my two problems:

1) Phase detect does not work properly with *native* third party lenses. For example the excellent Sigmas.

2) The camera does not display the frame number as it should. Instead it shows the date twice.

wouldnt #1 be the responsibility of Sigma? Sigma claims compatibility with sony. Sony never made such claims.

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PKDanny: Does Canon and Nikon allow Sigma firmware in Canon/Nikon camera dslr? Others not allow.

Sony updates their lenses, and via the camera body, so updating a lens via a body is not that absurd (other than the idea of an OEM allowing passage of non-OEM firmware to a non-OEM lens).

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David Hull: Wow, is the radio not built into the flash? That seems a bit backward at this point.

This would also be compatible with the presumed future flashes that will be released as well as the shown receivers. If you do 3rd party, then you will need receivers all the way around.

Also, there are 5 groups. I have not seen that many groups on any third party remote, or first party remote, for that matter. Note: I don't keep my thumb on the pulse of other brands as much as I used to, so I could be very wrong about this.

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steelhead3: Finally...I wonder if the new cameras will have radio built in instead of having to use a dongle?

I would also imagine range is better with an external unit. Also, space is a factor in the mirrorless arena.

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David Hull: Wow, is the radio not built into the flash? That seems a bit backward at this point.

I think it is great they have a reciever module, as that means you dont have to replace all of your flash units to get it to work.

I would imagine the next flash release will have an integrated reciever.

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I was really hoping they would make something that sat higher off the hotshoe.

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scottcraig: Is this really necessary???

No. you are free to not have it at all.

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bernardly: What about processing RAW files from a camera on LR for mobile?

Photomate r3 can process RAW files, but not necessarily to Adobe's quality. I find the images to be noisier, but that could be from a lower default noise reduction setting.

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mrgooch2008: What a horrible arrangement of symbols on the rear panel. totally confusing.

I bet this version comes with a user manual.

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