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On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1878 comments in total)
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Absolutic: Here is my take on it. Since there are many cameras out there that do fast rates with electronic shutter. $899 Fuji XT20 does 14fps with electronic viewfinder and autofocus. Olympus EM1M2 does what 60fps? The big problems with Electronic Shutter is of course
1) Rolling Shutter
2) Inability to shoot under Incandescent Light without lines going through your shot
3) Use with Strobes

Sony only kind of addressed issue 1 with Rolling Shutter but saying the following:

Here is a statement in Sony release about Rolling Shutter Effect

"High curtain speed of the electronic shutter suppresses rolling shutter effect and shows excellent performance in capturing moving subjects during sports and other fast-moving activities. Slight distortion may occur in some shooting conditions."
Also Mechanical Shutter is present but only at 5 frames per Second

These problems still exist with mechanical focal plane shutters. All of these problems could be eliminated with electronic shutter, if it were global. However, we have not seen these in recent years, and I wish we would soon.

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On article GoPro to cut 270 jobs as part of restructuring effort (79 comments in total)
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phil from seattle: Karma's a bich!

Karma is generous?

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I like the camera apps from sony, and I dont mind to pay for them. However, these more complex ones I think would be better served in a phone/tablet/cloud editing app for post production. Something like snapseed, but for sony RAW files. I would pay for that app too.

This could then be an app for any sony camera that can transfer images in any capacity (Eye-Fi), expanding function to OLD dslr and SLT cameras.

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Shlomo Goldwasser: Nice and informative review.

All that glue makes the lens look pretty low grade, from a manufacturing quality point of view. Is glue completely essential, or is it the engineer's workaround to avoid adding more screws?

I would prefer more screws and no glue, especially at this price point.

"Glue" is used in the manufacture of semi truck (lorry) truck cabs. Nothing inherently wrong, weak or low-quality about it.

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FLruckas: Thanks for the addition Camfi.....

But this should be something that cameras do without having to plug anything into the camera, and with all due respect, we shouldn't need Camfi devices.

Just my 2c.

And Sony's can. I shoot product frequently using the remote camera function with tablet at the subject, tweaking positioning and lighting.

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On article Study: people don't actually like looking at selfies (200 comments in total)
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Fred Joseph: CAll me a klutz, but just how is that girl in the photo seeing what she's taking a picture off?

Masters know by feel. They are one with the camera.

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On article Study: people don't actually like looking at selfies (200 comments in total)
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M Chambers: I honestly thought the selfie craze was a joke for several years. Girls taking bikini photos of themselves in mirrors, not just with phone, but with point and shoot camera and SLRs.

The joke was that these hot girls were too stupid to know about the shutter delay feature. Ha ha ha, dumb bimbos.

There’s even an episode of ‘Married With Children’ ‘Peggy Turns 300’ where Kelly Bundy keeps taking photos by sticking camera right in front of her own face because she’s so stupid.

When I saw camera (not just phone) manufacturers building in selfie features I knew the world was doomed.

Use the freaking shutter delay!

But that requires some form of support, and that just adds to more one needs to carry.

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On article Study: people don't actually like looking at selfies (200 comments in total)
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peterpainter: I've no problems with selfies - don't do them, don't often look at them - but why the research?

Maybe the last sentence is a clue - "As so often in science, further study is required." Perhaps they are going to degree-level courses in selfies.

Research requires money. Researchers basically make thier own jobs, whether we really need it or not.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Minolta's prosumer DiMAGE 7 (202 comments in total)
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Edward Tsui: I own a DiMAGE 5, the smaller brother of DiMAGE 7. I think the only difference is the size of the sensor. It is 3.3M on the DiMAGE 5 instead of 5.2M. I used it for several years until I switched to a DSLR.
The camera is slow. There is a large time gap between pushing the shutter release and the photo is actually taken. So it is not for moving object. Battery life is a big problem.
This camera uses CF card and can safe files in RAW format, although I have not used RAW on it. I do not know whether modern versions of Photoshop can read the RAW files from DiMAGE 5/7.
Now my smart phone performs much better than my DiMAGE 5. I am thinking of how to dispose of my DiMAGE 5. Perhaps the only useful part is the 49mm UV filter and lens cap in case I buy any lens with the right filter size in future.
I may open up the camera to appreciate the design before sending it to a land-fill site.
Can anyone suggest what should I do with this camera?

Use it for IR photography. The 7 and 5 (but not the 7i or 7Hi) were rather sensitive to the IR spectrum.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Minolta's prosumer DiMAGE 7 (202 comments in total)
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AndroC: "The Minolta GT apochromatic lens had a manual zoom ring (please, someone do this again) and a fly-by-wire focus ring." Don't most zooms have a manual zoom ring? Or am I reading this wrongly?

most interchangeable zooms would, but not fixed lens camera zooms. I wont say "all" or "none", but that is the general trend

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On article Throwback Thursday: Minolta's prosumer DiMAGE 7 (202 comments in total)

I still have a 7Hi. Absolutely loved it, sespite poor focus at infinity, poor battery life, and horrible noise. But ergonaomically, loved it amd loved the live view. The sensor died and was replaced by Sony (quite quickly). I always wished there was an interchangeeable lens version of this camera....and now I have E-mount, and still use some of the same accessories. I passed it to my son, but it was too big, so he got a down sized camera. I cannot bring myself to geting rid of it.

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As if I didn't have ADD enough.

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On article Hands-on with Ricoh's compact Pentax KP (634 comments in total)

I like the looks. Looks better than some of the suppository shaped cameras prevelent today.

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belle100: Can we also have versions for Nikon F-mount please.

All of this discussions about screw drive and if it can or cannot be done. Sony has two for the A mount system. Why is it far fetched that one could not be made for F mount, along with a mechanical apeture control. I think even teh electronic focus Sony adapter still have an aperture arm.

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Such short jail time just made them heroes to their ilk.

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fiatLuxFoto: Sorry. These are way over priced for what they do. This being an industry where even the top 1% barely can make a living these guys want to charge over $500 and $700!
There is no rocket science in these adaptors and I will let free markets show that they are over priced.
Photography costs are ridiculous for an industry that pays virtually nothing and the technology is not that cutting edge anymore.

The fact they are selling their wares, in what seems to be, hand over fist (or at least in quantities to support their business), tells me their pricing is fine. The fact I am not willing to pay for one does not mean it is overpriced.

Link | Posted on Jan 24, 2017 at 14:48 UTC

I actually like the USB port out, but it would make more sense to face down, IMO.
I like the LED's, though I probably wouldnt need them, I would opt for the bag with, if given an option.

However, the overall design of not just this bag, but sooo many bags recently does not appeal to me. The material looks like a dress my great aunt wore in photos before I was born (think 60s and 70s), or Kim Jong Un's suit.

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ChroMagnon: I am going to play devilś advocate here, even though I would never have this thing. The Relonch website indicates who the audience is (hint: itś not us, DPR readers). The key traits are: think the SLR is complicated, don´t like to edit photos, have a ton of photos they never review, don´t like the look of a trad camera, don´t think cell phone photos look good. (The CEO calls a DSLR a ¨20-button plastic monster¨! LOL!) So the audience is people who want high IQ but don´t want to do what it takes to get nice images. They probably have market research (shared with their venture capitalists) to this effect. I definitely know a lot of people like that and Iḿ sure you do, too. Relonchś answer (promise) for this audience is to sell the photos, not the camera: to edit, retouch and deliver photos that look great without the user having to do anything. For that audience (not us), that service may be useful. BTW, the fee is $99 to reserve and $1/photo to use, not $99/mo.

As absurd as I think this is, the notion anyone would take it on a safari is similarly absurd.

Link | Posted on Dec 15, 2016 at 19:42 UTC
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rpm40: So their target market is people who care enough about their photos to pay $100 a month rather than using their phone, but want to have zero control over them? And its centered around bulky, good looking and expensive hardware? Yikes. Just make a darn app and be done with it.

Wait. Good looking hardware?

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On article New kid on the block: YI M1 review (710 comments in total)
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Wu Jiaqiu: in raw on the studio scene at higher iso's it's quite close to the new MK2, interesting

MK2 what? there are like a million MK2 models on the market.

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