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I actually like the USB port out, but it would make more sense to face down, IMO.
I like the LED's, though I probably wouldnt need them, I would opt for the bag with, if given an option.

However, the overall design of not just this bag, but sooo many bags recently does not appeal to me. The material looks like a dress my great aunt wore in photos before I was born (think 60s and 70s), or Kim Jong Un's suit.

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ChroMagnon: I am going to play devilś advocate here, even though I would never have this thing. The Relonch website indicates who the audience is (hint: itś not us, DPR readers). The key traits are: think the SLR is complicated, don´t like to edit photos, have a ton of photos they never review, don´t like the look of a trad camera, don´t think cell phone photos look good. (The CEO calls a DSLR a ¨20-button plastic monster¨! LOL!) So the audience is people who want high IQ but don´t want to do what it takes to get nice images. They probably have market research (shared with their venture capitalists) to this effect. I definitely know a lot of people like that and Iḿ sure you do, too. Relonchś answer (promise) for this audience is to sell the photos, not the camera: to edit, retouch and deliver photos that look great without the user having to do anything. For that audience (not us), that service may be useful. BTW, the fee is $99 to reserve and $1/photo to use, not $99/mo.

As absurd as I think this is, the notion anyone would take it on a safari is similarly absurd.

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rpm40: So their target market is people who care enough about their photos to pay $100 a month rather than using their phone, but want to have zero control over them? And its centered around bulky, good looking and expensive hardware? Yikes. Just make a darn app and be done with it.

Wait. Good looking hardware?

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Wu Jiaqiu: in raw on the studio scene at higher iso's it's quite close to the new MK2, interesting

MK2 what? there are like a million MK2 models on the market.

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Mister J: I come here for photography, not for a rehash of Apple-PC wars.

Message to supporters of either side - buy what you like, but please leave the carping for another day.

Considering what happens post capture, computers are a large part of photography. Much like enlargers and film reels used to be. DPreview seems to focus more on the editing aspects of computers, and not, say, game centric. So, it is totally on the mark for photographers in todays market.

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"There's a custom-built connector between each camera and the lens that can drive focus" there really anything they are focusing on that is not, effectively, infinity?

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Kona Mike: what's up with the left hand camera in frame 5?

Good to know! I have seen cell phones that do not reverse back (or maybe certain apps).

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Kona Mike: what's up with the left hand camera in frame 5?

I was referring to the image on the LCD of the Sony, of you and your camera. It appears you took the photo of a left handed camera, not with a left handed camera.

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Kona Mike: what's up with the left hand camera in frame 5?

It is showing an image as though it is a mirror. I presume because mirrors are so natural to us that we can recompose naturally with this feature.

The real question is does the file saive that way, or does it save as it would had the image been taken by a person.

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On article Hands-on and in-depth with the Sony a6500 (553 comments in total)
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zzzxtreme: 1/4000 max shutter speed? Is that accurate?
If yes, is that typical of any camera?
Cause I find the 1/16000 max speed of my camera beneficial in bright conditions

Most DSLR and ILCs are 1/4000 on consumer cameras, with some as fast as 1/8000.

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Dimit: Criminal action against a6300 owners!

Silliness. No one would have batted an eye if this camera was called the A7000.

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noflashplease: No thanks! The A6300 seemed unduly expensive at $1,000 when the very similar A6000 had been selling for $400 during the last holiday season. Now Sony has taken another step in the wrong direction with this $1,400 crop body? Is the A6500 really worth $1,000 more than the A6000? Hmmm?

Lately, Sony has been going off the tracks with insane price escalation, not to mention increasingly crowded and muddled product lines.

pretty sure this happens with every camera. The A6000 was not introduced at $400. in 2-3 years, this one will be about $400.

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PentaxNick: So the Field of View will be different for m43 and APS-C. I wonder how that will affect the effect on each?

Or full frame, for that matter

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abortabort: I don't understand this article, the official price in the US is $2599. It was announced a couple months ago.

How is it flat out wrong? The information is straight from the Sony announcement linked to in the article. The price in Japan is 330,00Y, and that translates to 3,300USD. However, the article also states the price in the US is $2600. If the release date is wrong, then what is the release date if not September 30, as it has not happened yet.

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PPierre: It may be time to ditch Sony after all... They leave A-Mount for dead for 2-to-3 years, focus on E-Mount letting everyone suspect A-Mount is dead, now come back with something A-Mount while their E-Mount line-up is far from perfect... They won't have the resources to focus on two mounts, so either you buy A-Mount, but you know they can let you down in some 2 years as they've done before, or you buy E-Mount, but you can be sure they'll focus on A-Mount now since their lens line-up is not high-standard enough for the A99II sensor. I guess I prefer to go elsewhere now.

While I can understand the apprehension of A mount investment, even with this release, should we really be concerned about the Emount? While I dont know numbers, I would not be surprised if Emount has out sold all digital A mount combined (KM or Sony). E mount is what made Sony known in the serious camera relm. I have seen so many pros come to Emount and gush about stuff in the camera that KM did whay back when, as if it was modern voodoo. E mount is rounding out quite well, and only niche lenses are missing, and most of those gaps can be filled by adapting lenses.

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Kavu: Funny how we deride ISIS for destroying valuable artifacts, but then we don't seem to do an adequate job protecting our own precious places.

While sub-optimal, valuable artifacts are not what I deride ISIS over.

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Clearly the end of A mount. They have extra pixels and stabilization parts, so they had to put more in this camera to liquidate inventory.

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Wouldnt a TT1 make more sense for the mirrorless crowd?

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Not that I would buy one either way, but... this before Sony?

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Hans van Eijsden: 1/63.000? Let me guess.. at minimum power. What I would like to know is the combination of flash durations and power levels.

considering it has 1/10 increments, ten stops and two modes, that is 200 flash duration/power setting combinations (maybe 180, depending on ther definition of range). The Profoto website lists the max/min for each mode.

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