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On article Leica M9 comparison shots added to dpreview database (147 comments in total)

"The shots, actually taken with an M9-P, should not be seen as a signal of a full review of the camera..."

Why not? You obviously have one in the studio. Many of us would love to see a full DPReview of the M9...

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On article Studio in the Wild (24 comments in total)
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Desert Cruiser: Sorry I should have included this in the first post. Link to an example


That's not noise or hot-pixels. It is the actual background, complete with texture & dust. This is what happens when the background is WAY too close to the subject.

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walter marshall: I went on a photography course years ago and the guy who was running it said to confirm our pictures worked was to hold them upside and look at them in a mirror, of course that would be the same as looking at a large format ground glass screen, I had forgotten all about it till I read this article.


In McGilchrist's SELF-PUBLISHED (read NOT peer-reviewed) book, he uses the left/right brain concept as a metaphor. He then uses that metaphor to examine the socio-political history of Western thought. The book is more a study in philosophy than neuroscience.

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Hooey! This left brain - right brain nonsense has been dis-proven and only serves as fodder for self-help tracts. The idea of distinct functions between brain hemispheres stems from 40 year-old research that has been superseded many times since then. (Note how the author cites an art book from 1979.)

Just as star signs belong to astrology, not astronomy, split-brain theories belong to phrenology, not neuroscience or psychology.


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"The telephoto zoom carries the company's 'Lumix X' branding that it will be using to denote premium quality lenses."

Really? An f/4-5.6 variable aperture lens hardly seems like "premium quality" to me. Slow & needs to be used @ high-ISOs for decent speeds and on m4/3 that = NOISE. OIS is useless for subject movement. A constant 2.8 or even an f2.8-4 would be better.

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sirlukas: Any information on price guys?

The 77mm is $443.99 from B&H:
I can buy a decent used Nikon prime for that much.

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On article Leica M9 Hands-on preview (21 comments in total)

2 years later and still no proper REVIEW. I've noticed a trend here at DPreview lately: lots of PREVIEWS but few REVIEWS. Lazy.

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On photo Poseur! in the The Songs OF Life: Living On The Edge challenge (2 comments in total)

While I can admire the color and composition of this image, the activity it glorifies is definitely UNcool. Climbing or even going under arches or certain natural bridges is considered disrespectful of the Native Americans in the region; particularly the Navajo. In addition both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks have banned the climbing of any named arch in either park. I have photographed Mesa Arch at sunrise myself and I think it is a glorious location. We should show it the respect it deserves!


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On photo Okama in the Lake Powell challenge (1 comment in total)

This challenge was "Lake Powell, Show your views of Lake Powell located in Arizona and Utah." This image is of a lake in JAPAN. Why it was not excluded from the challenge, I don't know.

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