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Hey guys: you used "it's" instead of "its" in your opening comments. Come on now. That all-too-common typo is beneath dpreview.

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1131 comments in total)
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Wild Light: once you understand Leica's products, the price while expensive, becomes no wonder. Then when you own it and use it, the price becomes forgotten and you are left with something you realise is unique and you don't care about the ignorant haters. My 6 year old M9 and Noctilux mostly killed my G.A.S. and I don't feel much of a need for anything more beyond evolution upgrades when I have the need for them. Having played with the Q a little, I think it's a great camera that Leica really got right and if I had a pressing need for it I would buy it in a heart beat.

Couldn't agree more. The cost becomes not only forgotten but irrelevant once you understand the Leica camera and use it to its fullest potential. Most reviews of Leica gear are well-intentioned but almost always are written by users who didn't or couldn't spend enough time with the gear to realize its true capabilities. Compare dp's review with Sean Reid's and you'll see what I mean.

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2481 comments in total)

All of the sample images seem to be VERY soft, lacking the detail and clarity of even my Olympus E-P5. Is it me (my eyes)? My computer? The Fuji?

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On article Samsung NX500 shown as discontinued (273 comments in total)

No big loss. I owned the NX500 for a couple of days. Images were very good, but not out-of-this-world. A little soft, in fact.

The biggest failing of the camera ... a failing it shares with many others ... is the uselessness of the LCD in normal bright daylight. It's impossible to see anything. And since there's no EVF nor any provision for attaching one, using the NX500 in daylight means shooting blind and guessing what you're going to capture. It was a nice looking camera, though.

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On article Ona launches Clifton leather backpack (120 comments in total)
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Jack Simpson: I'm, actually, surprised at how many ONA camera bags we do sell in our shops but, price aside, they are nice looking camera bags :)

"Stylish" is always in the eye of the beholder. I went out of my way to visit an ONA dealer to see the ONA selection, particularly a leather model, and was quite disappointed in the workmanship and the handling. The bag was far from "simple" when it came to opening, removing gear, closing, etc. It felt clunky and awkward, especially compared to my old trusty, my Billingham Hadley Pro (I have no affiliation with them). "Stylish" is nice, but long-term, real-world usability is far more important.

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On article Ona launches Clifton leather backpack (120 comments in total)

It weighs almost 4 pounds before you put anything into it. Does that makes sense?

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veroman: They pretty much copied the color scheme of the brown Samsung NX500. Looks good, though.

My comment has to do specifically with their choice of BROWN, not simply that they've used leather.

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They pretty much copied the color scheme of the brown Samsung NX500. Looks good, though.

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Appears to be an advertisement/promotion of the Sigma lens more than it is a case for using wide angle for portraiture, which I, personally, would never do.

Suggesting wide angle for portraits has been around for decades. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it's no match for a solid, 85mm + portraiture ... for what I think are obvious reasons.

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Link please? Could not find the update on the Adobe web site.

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2159 comments in total)
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gbdz: But you get a Nikon 810 for that price...or a Canon 5Dr/Ds whatever!
No way.

"Lower" detail? From a D750? Are you serious?

Link | Posted on Nov 19, 2015 at 14:59 UTC
On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2159 comments in total)

Seems to me that the review is better than the camera. I know some photogs swear by this line of Sony cams, but the ergonomics, buttons, menus, A/F and overall "feel" of these cams just isn't up there with the best DSLRs. Yeah, the bodies are svelt, but with a couple of those big, fast Sony zooms and primes coming along for the ride, you've got yourself a pretty hefty, heavy, bulky package. What's the point? High IQ? Megapixels? High IQ and megapixels are the easy part these days. Making a camera that will last a lifetime ... as they did in the film days ... is what's really needed; that along with a camera that gets all of the basics right. Hmmmm ... like a Leica?

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On article Good genes: Samsung NX500 review posted (521 comments in total)
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legokangpalla: For all those who complain about lack of viewfinder and outdoor visibility...
Get an aftermarket foldable lcd hood. I actually prefer this over viewfinder as I feel it offers better peripheral visibility and doesn't get in way of my glasses.

'Kinda defeats the purpose of having a small camera, doesn't it? Adds quite a bit of size to the package.

Link | Posted on Nov 9, 2015 at 20:41 UTC
On article Good genes: Samsung NX500 review posted (521 comments in total)

The NX500 is a class act from packaging to handling to overall product design. Really well done in those respects.

But when all is said and done, I returned mine. The rear LCD just doesn't hold up in normal daylight and there's no EVF available nor does it appear there ever will be. In really bright light, the NX500 was like the Pentax K-01: impossible to work with.

But, more importantly, as detailed as the files are, they're also a bit "mushy," especially when compared to my E-P5 and an equivalent lens, the 14-42 R II. I also compared the files to my 24MP Sony A850 and, of course, there's no comparison ... nor is it a fair one except for the fact that the two cameras are in the same resolution territory.

I wanted to like if not love the NX500. Wasn't meant to be.

Link | Posted on Nov 9, 2015 at 20:20 UTC as 60th comment | 3 replies

I can't keep up. Too much new stuff all at once. I need a nap. :-)

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(unknown member): As someone who shoots MFT (which isn't 14 bit) and who did experiments with Nikon's lossy and lossless compression, and as someone who works with theoretical mathematicians every day, I've explored this from the practical to the theoretical. For an event shooter, people shooter, never be noticed. You need the kinds of tonal tests that nature generates - large mildly gradated skies, for example, or Antelope Canyon shots - for it to show up. If you don't print, and only look at images online at online resolutions, you'll probably never see it. But printed (my printer, 16 bit driver), I've seen images that looked like digital camera images in 2001.

Really, I'm not "angry" at Sony - just surprised that a company that has set the standards for many digital formats is compromising here. I do understand the engineering value but it does raise the question of whether engineering is the servant of art, or art is the slave of engineering. (A question I deal with every day.)

Thank you for your post. "Compromising" is the exact word to use when discussion Sony's decision to apply compression without giving the user the option to turn it off. Bad move ...

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dynaxx: Minor correction called for to the statement "the company shows its ambitions in the high end market, with the launch of the a7 series".

It was the announcement of the A900 in 2011 that signalled Sony's aspirations in the pro' market. Variously called a "pro" or "semi-pro'" camera it not only has FF IBIS and twin processors but also the option of uncompressed Raw files.

And let's not forget the A850. Same camera as the A900, but with some minor changes/omissions in order to lower the price. And, yes, RAW file compression is an option on the A850 and A900. I have it turned off. The fixed compression is the reason I haven't purchased the newer Sonys (not to mention I'm totally, completely happy with my 24MP A850 and assorted Minolta lenses. Fantastic camera. Great lenses.)

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JunzInc: What I find very amusing is that :-) The people who so vehemently parade and swear by their life and deny the issues mentioned by Rishi with some DSLR's regarding shutter shock and resulting softness have so eagerly jumped on this issue and started speaking as if this is an issue which will ruin all photographs taken by this camera :-)

It won't ruin all. But it has the potential to ruin many.

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On article Capture One Pro 8 software review (317 comments in total)

Excellent review. I've been using CO since version 6 and have upgraded with each iteration. CO8 takes care of many of the issues that hampered the prior versions, and it's faster, too. Phase One is also very responsive when it comes to needing help. Better user service than Adobe in my experience.

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AbrasiveReducer: A generous helping of the obvious, from the scientists at DxO. There is no reason why anyone using Nikon or Sony would consider switching based on these "revelations" and who else is in the market for a 50mp FF camera?

Thom Hogan has a thoughtful piece today on how he always wants the best but darned if lots of great photos have been taken with cameras that aren't, at that exact moment, the best.

Ok, so DxO has told us what we already know. Will this public shaming cause Canon to produce a better camera? If they were in Sony's position--a distant third, maybe.

Do you have a link to Thom's article? I can't find it.

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