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I could understand absence of screen. I could understand APS-C. I could understand price (it is too expensive for me, but it is my problem).

I could not understand 8G memory and fixed battery.
12MP DNG is about 12MB give or take. So, internal memory is good for ~700 frames.
And what next? Transfer to phone with another 64MB of internal memory? Also, flash memory tends to fail. I have a lot of failed SD cards (not microSD, plain old big SDs) from 1st tier brands.
Same with battery: what should you do when it is empty in the middle of the day? Shoot tethered to powerbank? What should you do after 2 years of shooting, when battery will loss 50% of its capacity?

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 review (1495 comments in total)

I'm, as owner of X-T3, drool for IBIS, but this part: «This does, however, come at the expense of the physical metering mode control.» gives me very sad. It is one of the most used controls on my camera.
Why photo camera is made worse for photographers and better for video operators. It is very, very, very sad trend. When (if?) I'll upgrade to X-T4 this control will be complete waste for me, it never will be used.
I hope it will be possible to set one of the wheels to change metering mode, at least.

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blacklion: I wonder, why is not camera built-in exponometry adequate, why timelapses need Exposition Ramper and not Shutter (or Aperture) priority mode on a camera?

Thank you all for explanation.

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I wonder, why is not camera built-in exponometry adequate, why timelapses need Exposition Ramper and not Shutter (or Aperture) priority mode on a camera?

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HP McGargo: While most people gripe about weight and expound compactness & weight merits of mirrorless, theres companies that for reasons unknown put out a behemoth 50mm similar to Sigma, 3 times heavier than a Nikon 50mm 1.4 G and half the price! Absolute madness but a brilliant stroke for marketers to sell an illusion. Make it huge & give it a fluffy name and people become dumber. Side by side output would take a team of forensic specialists a year to determine the difference only to conclude there is no difference..
Amazing how brilliant these companies are in convincing people to buy their products, simply amazing!

I wanted to write this comment, but it is written already.

I'm comparing this 50/f1.4 (and Pentax DA*) with Pentax FA 50/1.4 and Zeiss Planar 50/f1.4 (non-autofocus, though, so you could say comparison is not possible here) and can not stop tears.

It is ridiculous.

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On article Pentax K-1 II Review: A worthy upgrade? (1549 comments in total)

RAW noise reduction? Permanent?
Ricoh, you are drunk. Go home.

It's pity, really. I can not afford full-frame, but I'm waiting for K-3 III to replace my old K-5 (first version). Now I'm afraid I better buy K-3 II.

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Greg OH: Does anyone know whether that film has been released? I see a film of his set in Russia, but not Canada.

Did he film for BBC Planet Earth II? Looks like I know some of the scenes, but maybe it is false recognition.

Buy yes, my question is essentially the same: what is name of the film? :-)

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1/3.2"? Could you name smartphone which have smaller sensor? It looks like a bad joke by itself, left all this pseudo-film aside.

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blacklion: Did this Leica have any connection to Leica which makes survey tools, binoculars, optical sights?

@Clickman2: Oh, yes, and microscopes, too, I've forgot to mention them.

I understand that historically it was one optical company, but what's about now? Is it one company with shared income and expenses and stocks or not? Looks like now it is separate legal entities with separate budgets, accounting and stocks, but I'm still not sure.

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Did this Leica have any connection to Leica which makes survey tools, binoculars, optical sights?

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I'm using PD's tripod plate and Capture with great pleasure, but their hand/wrist straps are jokes, unfortunately, Best straps are wide triangle-like with two points on camera and additional around-the-wrist band, and there are no PD-compatible one :(
Clutch is almost here, but it doesn't have around-the-wrist band and camera could slip off your hand if you don't hold it.

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TacticDesigns: +1. I love waterproof cameras. I have been using them since 2011. I have my Fujifilm XP80 charged up and ready for our camping trip next week.

As for scratching the rear screen, I buy cheap screen protectors and put them on and just replace them as needed.

"But the Olympus Tough TG-5 stands alone in its ability to stand up to the elements and get you photos in situations where no other camera could (or situations where you simply wouldn't be willing to bring a dedicated camera at all)."

But there are more waterproof cameras. There is the Nikon Coolpix W300, Fujifilm's XP series and Ricoh's WG series.

Even though my cellphone takes great pictures, my waterproof camera is simply easier to use to get a picture, and I take it into harsher conditions. So I get more pictures and more dramatic pictures then shooting from dry land with my cellphone.

Even if your cellphone takes great pictures, I think there is a compelling case to have a waterproof camera. :)

I'm big Pentax (and Ricoh, by transitivity) fan, but IQ of WG series is soooooo bad.
I've tried every one of them, from the times when it was Pentax, and each time I decided, that no photos is much better than THESE photos.

To be honest, previous Oly tough offerings were not much better.

Need to try this TG-5.

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On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (390 comments in total)
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G G: It is dangerous to be a successful small company with good product. Microsoft has been there before Google to demonstrate that. History simply repeats.

Small company (owners) have choice not ot sell itself to Google. Yes, it means you don't get a big pile of money and need to continue to work hard, but it is possible choice.

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In Russia photographer's plan (Photoshop + Lightroom) goes up from 299RUB to 650RUB in one big jump. More than twowfold!

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Adobe should add one checkbox to ACR: use or not PixelShift. Then it will be possible to create two-layer Photoshop file (one layer with PixSh and one without) and draw masks by hands to avoid moved areas. Brush in ACR/LR will be better, but even one checkbox will do!

Why, or why, Pixel Shift support from Adobe is so rudimentary?

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Favorable Exponynt: Support is only necessary for pixel shift resolution files. Since You can use DNG, which will work without specific camera profiles.

Try to edit DNG: remove all camera- and manufacturer-related tags and open it in ACR. You will be surprised.

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Did they add PROPER support for pixel-shift files? Support for K-3 II files was awful: there was no knob to turn it off globally (so, it was impossible to get "simple" image from 4-frame file) and it doesn't have any "brush" to turn it of locally. So, there was no way to process file with any movement in it, as you get artifacts you could not mask!

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Favorable Exponynt: Support is only necessary for pixel shift resolution files. Since You can use DNG, which will work without specific camera profiles.

Nope, DNG from Pentax doesn't contain proper tone curve, for example. Ok, I'm not sure about K-1, but it was true for K10D, K-7 and K-5.

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As I Russian, I could say, that it doesn't like "family farm" (almost non-existing reality in modern Russia), but more like "summer cottage," or, maybe, "all-year-around cottage", but not "farm" in true sense that they produce some agriculture, grow any food or animals for sell and things like this.
Also, here are photos of good hunting dogs on others pictures at Flickr, and it is strong sign of very high income here, that it completely incompatible with "Farm" in true meaning of this word in Russia.

Pictures are great, and it is interesting to see how author becomes better and better with time.

Oh, I found her Russian-language blog, and in profile she says, that she lives in Moscow and she is professional photograph now. So, it is not "family farm" for sure :)

It doesn't make images worse, of course :)

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God, please, kill PC sockets! 3.5mm audio jack is perfectly fine!

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