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dark goob: This test is simply flawed.

Look here, the S100 looks just fine in the background of the image. That's no surprise, because that's where it's focused:

Of course on the "default" positions (wristwatch etc.) the S100 looks soft. Duh, it's out of focus!

The bottom of the image (which is also the closest) is terrible, while the top of the image, even all the way to the top corners, is very sharp -- likely sharper than the 3 other cameras.

I can't tell if this is a back-focus issue, or a decentering issue.

Link | Posted on Nov 21, 2011 at 03:26 UTC
On article Olympus executive dismissed amidst loss revelations (91 comments in total)
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simon65: Olympus embroiled in the corporate scandal of the decade

The Olympus board are a bunch of out of touch men in denial. The idea that they can offer this or that crumb to the authorities and this will all go away is pure fantasy. Nothing short of a a full investigation by the police, the complete removal of the board, and the dispatching of prison sentences to the guilty is going to clear Olympus of this shame.

And shame it is.

The scale of the financial irregularities at Olympus are quite simply mind blowing. The company has been involved in bizarre dealings which dwarfed its own balance sheet, which it attempted to cover up, and which it still refuses to explain.

I started off believing Olympus was involved in bribery, but the scale of this is so large that my best guess now is that the the company is actually involved with the Japanese underworld as well.

Whatever my plans to invest in an Olympus four thirds system are over. I simply refuse to buy from the Mob.

The Olympus medical division will survive in some form or another. It is a profitable business.

I'm not so sure about the camera division. Even if the company survives, they may have to get rid of money-losing business.

The optics on this would have been better if Woodford had not been canned. Until the real truth is uncovered, institutional investors and bond-holders will stay away from Olympus like the plague.

Link | Posted on Nov 8, 2011 at 21:43 UTC
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