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I use my laptop screen as a light source for macro photos, also torches, and LED bike lights, using paper diffusers or reflectors. You could also use an LCD monitor flatscreen TV or even an old CRT. Experiment with what you've got! No need to go out and buy stuff.
Improvising is part of the creative fun of photography.

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On article Fujifilm announces X10 high-end enthusiast compact (279 comments in total)

Like my old Fuji S6500, this ticks most ox the boxes for me - manual zoom, manual controls, a thread for filters and lens hoods.

Added features I like:
Optical viewfinder
In-camera RAW conversion and Silkypix
A hot shoe
Promising signs of good build quality
On-sensor binning and dynamic range control.

However, I need to know more about the X10:

How is the manual focus controlled? (The S6500's control is dire!)
What additional info do you get in the viewfinder, like focus confirmation, display of aperture and shutter speed?
Where is the tripod mount, and is it metal?
Relability in the field?
How weatherproof is it?
Real world battery life?
Will the internal battery die after 18 months like it did on the S6500?

I'm only looking to change cameras in a year or two. I'm on a tight budget and will only change cameras once I'm convinced it is the camera that is limiting my photography, and not my lack of skill. And the price may have dropped by 2013!

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It is possible to improvise your own variable ND filter by stacking two polarizing filters. Keep the first one fixed and rotate the second to vary the density. Minimum density is when the axes of polarisation are aligned. Maximum when they are crossed at 90 degrees.

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