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mpgxsvcd: 4000 pixels is not always better. Especially not from a small sensor.

I've seen Note 3 samples, and it does make a difference.

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Just don't buy from Walmart, lol


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Canon shooter perhaps?

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On a photo in the Panasonic Lumix GM1 first impressions samples gallery sample gallery (3 comments in total)

Canon shooter perhaps?

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photo perzon: Not impressed yet

Obviously not the type of camera that you'd even consider. Just. Move. On.

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The color white, I'm suing!!!

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It looks like a character from the next Pixar movie about talking cameras inside the basement of a diabolical collector.

But it's for a good cause. Yes, there is still some good in the world.

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Markintosh: "Smallish screen"? it's bigger than regular camera screen. 5" screen its not compact anymore.

"Manual controls"? This is phone, not DSLR:))

"Photographic ergonomics not the best" and "No dedicated, two-stage shutter button." You are kidding, right?

The screen is smallish in terms of width, in portrait orientation. Apple chose to make the screen taller when the 5 came out, accommodating an extra row of icons.

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topstuff: I see no reason for the camera to exist while the Sony RX100 is on the market.

I can think of no possible reason to choose it. This is a good thing - it will make Canon work harder and raise their product standards.

Its gotta be said, the reasons for getting a compact camera are getting fewer and fewer, so they have to be exceptional.

Just a guess, but it exists because it outsells the RX100. It looks more "Pro" and has a cheaper price, which is what consumers in the big box stores will look at.

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h2k: I think in a list of "Key Features" you should mention whether the screen is tiltable or not - it used to be signature feature of many G-PowerShots and was missed when a G model came without a vari-angle screen (which is essential for composing more varying images).

I think mentioning this feature (or the absence of it) is even more useful in this article here where the pictures close to the "Key Features" don't reveal the kind of monitor built into the G16 (aware that i can use the provided link to the press release).

Agreed about the mentioning of tilting screen. It would seem that whoever ok'd this article has very little actual experience with this lineup. Puzzling as this range has been relevant for a long time.

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On article Editorial: Why I can't stop taking iPhone Panoramas (298 comments in total)

It's great for a PHONE.

I wonder if any of the negative commentors even own an iphone.

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Given the bright outdoor lighting conditions of the shoot, you'd think that most upper class smartphones could produce comparable pictures to those. This is just product endorsement, plain and simple.

IMO they should spend more money on endorsing the Windows mobile OS. Wouldn't touch it with a stick at this point, having tried it on limited occasions.

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Alphoid: I'd consider buying one of the phones if it dual-booted Android. If Windows sucks, I could swap.

Microsoft: Here's a challenge. Ship with both, and let the consumer pick. If Windows is better, it'll win.

Wishful thinking, but I'm right there with you man.

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With the way iphones sell like crazy, all they had to do was play it safe and introduce minimal improvements. The rest is marketing.

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DOA indeed if the target is the "hip".
No "hip" wireless capabilities.

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