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mr.izo: 24-70 instead of 28-75 would be nice..

Hold the 28-75 and the 24-70 g2 next to each other and you’ll see why they went with 28mm. I couldn’t beleive how small and light this lens is

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On article The best lenses for Canon DSLRs (135 comments in total)

Hmmm, a number of strange choices here. The standard zoom stands out to me. If it’s price/performance, wouldn’t the Tamron g2 likely win? If it’s best then of course the Canon wins. But, the truth is, the Canon doesn’t cost all that much more than the Sigma even though the Sigma seems to be the worst of the bunch

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Cerdo: I wonder if there are any photographers posting here at all. My workplace is now inundated with IT-kids, most of them with a mental age about 10. Btw, I bought an EOS R. A fantastic camera. It’s a joy to use. Haven’t had so much fun with a new camera since I bought my first Canon F-1 in 1979. Oh, maybe I should add the T90 in 1986.

So, if someone has needs that a certain camera doesn't meet, then they aren't a real photographer? Interesting.

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Can’t beleive continuous FPS improvement isn’t on here. That’s the top thing for me personally

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LakeSuperior1: The reality is that everything said in this article is true. Stick to being a DSLR fanboy if you want, but the days are numbered. If you are laughing at this and thinking "no way", just look back at those who never thought digital would ever overtake film. Another thing to remember, we have no say in this. If the likes of Canon & Nikon decide that this is the future then that's what it will be. With a continued decline in DSLR sales they need to find a way to increase profits. What easier way than to say the DSLR is dead, buy mirrorless.

Why do people always compare it with film? The difference between film and digital is far more substantial than with DSLRs and mirrorless. There aren’t that many things that a mirrorless camera can do that a dslr cannot, and many of those differences your average user doesn’t care about. Sorry, but it’s just not the same as the switch from film to digital.

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entoman: Canon continue to bring out stacks of new L glass for DSLRs - 85mm F1.4, TS-E 50mm macro, TS-E 90mm macro, TS-E 135mm macro, 16-35mm F2.8 iii, 24-105mm F4 ii, all in the last 18 months. New 70-200mm F2.8 and 70-200mm F4 are expected very soon, and you can be sure many other optics will be updated. That indicates strongly that Canon have no intention of abandoning DSLRs any time soon. 7DMKiii and 5DSMkii bodies are sure to be announced this year too.

Mirrorless will be developed alongside DSLRS, but it's exceedingly unlikely that pros will abandon DSLR for Canon mirrorless until it's been thoroughly proven. Canon have wisely chosen to beta-test their mirrorless tech with the EOS-M series. The first Canon FF mirrorless is sure to emerge this year, and the system will grow and develop, but DSLRs will still be around in 5 years time, maybe even 10 or 15 years.

You sure pros have all moved on Erik? Every event I see on tv 95% of the photographers are using DSLRs at least and I have never once seen a wedding photographer using mirrorless. I think the mirrorless folks are GREATLY exaggerating how many users there are of that format.

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thx1138: Barney what’s your crustal ball thoughts on the time-frame for total demise of the DSLR. I’m guessing 5 years max before not a single DSLR camera is made by any name brand maker, but within 3 years even big pro cameras like 1DX and D5 will also be mirrorless. Heck the 1DXIII should be a mirrorless IMO.

Before the Sony 3rd gen FF though, IMO they weren’t compelling enough to warrant abandoning DSLRs, unless you didn’t do any sort of real action or wildlife work. But A9 showed for the first time the true potential of what mirrorless can really offer us, and frankly it’s very little to do with size and weight.

It’ll be very interesting what Canon and Nikon do about the mount. The EF/EF-S mount has a large 54mm throat diameter, compared to Sony’s ~46mm and Nikon’s F mount is only 44mm, while Canon’s EF-M is 47mm. Technically Canon could stay with EF-M as it already has 18mm register and is large enough for FF, but would it be enough for say TS-E lenses, or f/1.2 lenses?

5 years till no camera maker is making a DSLR? I highly doubt that. Even if they move fully to mirrorless, which I personally hope they do not, you can bet that many pros will continue to want DSLRs for some time and will be reluctant to make the move to evf. MAYBE there will be no more DSLRs made in 10 years... maybe

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