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Alberto6674: You can say what you want about the camera's look, but the really great news is that finally Nikon understood the real problem and upgraded the kit zoom from that pedestrian f/3.5-5.6 to a much more attractive f/1.8-2.4. This by itself makes the camera and system to suddenly become relevant for photographers. Great move!

Hhmm... I'm double checking now and it seems that no, they actually didn't change the kit zoom. My bad.

Good joke, You are right, 1,8-2,4 would be fine :-).

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Get rid of that built in flash and connector on the top and the camera could be less curious, nicer and more portable. Controlls are OK now - much more better than on V1. Maybe V3 or V4 will hit the target. Untill yet I will be happy with my V1 as small backup.

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Marty4650: It really must be hard to be the last one to enter an established market.

Nikon is now struggling to find a niche for itself, in a market dominated by:

* M4/3 offering the most complete system for photographers
* OM-D and NEX-7 offering weather sealing
* Fujifilm offering the best retro high end enthusiast models
* Panasonic offering the best choices with DSLR ergonomics
* Canon offering full lens compatibility with their existing lenses
* Pentax offering both the smallest (Q), and the highest IQ (K-01)
* M4/3. NEX, and NX offering the best choices for P&S users
* Panasonic and Olympus offering the widest range of lenses

So where does Nikon fit in?

In order to break into an already established market you need to do something better, something newer, or something cheaper. I don't think Nikon has done any one of these things.

They might have been better off just offering the V1 and J1 in 24 different colors, to go for the fashion conscious niche...

Nikon 1 is the only one of all mirorrless, that is able to focus quickly, reliably and tracking the focus on moving object. Now I have V1 for the "new" price as small back up for my D700. The controlls are terrible, but AF is OK, telefoto with adapter and DSLR lenses is fun. Controlls on V2 looks OK, but that built in flash is ... unhappy :-(. Maybe Oly is the best, but crappy (with excuse OM-D5). Sony - bad lenses, Fuji bad focus, pricey, Pentax - hmmm. I hope V3 or V4 will be OK finally :-).

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Some missing data:
Filter-attachment size 67mm
Diameter x length Approximately 78.0 x 178.5 mm/3.1 x 7.0 in.
Weight Approximately 850 g/30.0 oz.

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Looks really nice, and lightweight. I am very happy with 70-200/2,8 VRI with only one excuse - the weight :-((. But 2.8 is nice as well.

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Greg Gebhardt: $240 for a tripod collar!?!?!?

3rd party people will be selling for $50 and cleaning up!

I do want the lens, five stop VR mean the 70-200 2.8 will be staying at home!

This lens is not to replace the 70-200 f2.8 it is just a lighter tool to add to the collection and a long awaited one!

I have 70-200/2,8 VRI four years. I never used tripod collar :-).

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bimmerman: Wait a minute, did they say zoom type is extending??? Meaning the length of the lens changes when zoomed??? Oh no!!! say it ain't so Nikon. Why can't they make one like Canon? This is going to be a dust pump!!!

Are You able to read?
Focus method Internal

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