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Sad, that reporters in many cases are college interns paid virtually nothing. How could they ever have the chance to use this?

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On article Leica announces APO-Summicron-M 35mm F2 ASPH (420 comments in total)

Embarrassing. People around the world are out of work, hungry, and dealing with a pandemic yet Leica has the audacity to charge enough to feed a small family for a whole year for one of their lenses. A lens that is only incrementally better than the ones they made 40 years ago.
I used to think Leica was about great engineering, yet I come to learn they are only there to serve their own egos.

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Most images today are review on a 72 dpi computer screen or smart phone. So.....?

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Another expensive piece of equipment for the masses for whom they can't even make a living with it.

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No matter what is created by any camera or lens vendor photographers will ?itch, moan and groan....If they only spent as much time and energy on being creative and making great images the world (and the internet) would be a better place.

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On article Sony a7 III vs. Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6, which is best? (1227 comments in total)

Best camera is the one in your hands. Because not having a camera in your hands you take zero images. Photography is about what's between your ears first then whats in your hands.

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On article Sony a7 III vs. Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6, which is best? (1227 comments in total)

It's funny how an article comes out, after only 6 minutes we have seven people commenting on it. However, the article clearly takes more than six minutes to read with some clarity. Amazing.

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Nice. It screams, this is a camera Steal me.

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On article Study: people don't actually like looking at selfies (196 comments in total)

Ok. I would like to agree. However, 237 people is not a good enough data set for a social statistical study. You need at least 1,100 to start. This is the same reason why the polls were wrong in the election, the sample set each time a poll was taken was too small.

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Sorry. These are way over priced for what they do. This being an industry where even the top 1% barely can make a living these guys want to charge over $500 and $700!
There is no rocket science in these adaptors and I will let free markets show that they are over priced.
Photography costs are ridiculous for an industry that pays virtually nothing and the technology is not that cutting edge anymore.

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MargoB: Spells discrepancy wrong, not exactly professional.

It's funny how you only notice the mistakes that happened once and not the correctness every other time. Calling someone Unprofessional because of one misspelled word out of many is a lose in Perspective. Their are misspellings in the Declaration of Independence, does that make Thomas Jefferson unprofessional? Should they have not sent it to the King?

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ROI = - 10000%

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On article The whole nine yards: Canon 35mm F1.4L II USM review (329 comments in total)

Ok Canon, outside recouping marginal R&D over the previous technology why are they charging $1,700? The physics has been known for decades, there is nothing new here so why charge so much for such incremental value? The majority of images from this lens will be viewed on a computer monitor or laptop monitor so how does this lens justify it's cost?

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Love Metz products. This looks like a nice fit for Sony a6300/6500

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Yes. It's a purse or man-bag not a camera bag.

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Photography; the only industry where people who pay ridiculous amounts of $$$ for equipment where the pay/salary is borderline welfare....For $3,000, you get minimal incremental value compared to other lenses, maybe and you get virtually no return on investment...Do you think anyone will notice any difference in lenses when they are looking at images on a computer screen? No?....Call me when they are printing on real paper in sized over 36 inches then we can compare. Until then this company's management needs to see a shrink.

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On article Hands-on with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 (411 comments in total)

Spent the whole weekend with this shooting outdoors and a Yankee game. It was a lot of fun and gave me more than expected in width and length....Great shifting from video to images and back. I noticed that I got a 566mm lens when I shot in 4K mode which help from the bleachers. Also the OIS really made a difference at the long end. Great camera, make sure you get a second battery.

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