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ChrisKramer1: From the back, it looks like the Nex6. Trouble is, the Nex 6 has a high quality built-in viewfinder and flash as well as pretty much everything else Samsung has to offer.

More like Sony is copying everyone else.

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chadley_chad: So every decent spec camera that's not DSLR shaped gets called a NEX wannabe ... Interesting!

So yet another new camera gets blasted for not having a built in EVF ... Stupid!
If you want an EVF buy a NEX 6 or 7 ... Not everyone wants or needs an EVF and those that do, look elsewhere ... Simple!

NEX came from Minolta, while Samsung had the name NX before Sony released theirs. So neither copied either.

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Eijun: I personally prefer if Samsung does this

NXnnnn = lower cost segment but dont release a cheaper NXnnn but move the NXnnn into the NXnnnn category. (I really dont see the point of a cheaper NXnnn when they do almost the samething) - This section also should be released on a constant basis like Point and shoots (kinda like a test bed of ideas and new ideas)

NXnnn = make this category into what the NXnnnn is plus a EVF just to cover the segment ie a Leica M3 wanabe - This should almost every 2-3 years they should come out with something new (which incorporates the NXnnnn stuff)

NXnn = DSLR style (keep it as it is) - Should come out the same time as the NXnnn category every 2-3.

This way it will cover all categories.

Sony gots the entire Minolta line of lenses to use without an adapter.
Samsung gots nothing unless you buy a lens adapter (but any other brand can do the exact same thing)

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