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20fp e-shutter, so it MUST be a stacked sensor right, or have they ignored rolling shutter and quietly swept that under the carpet.

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garyknrd: As soon as 4/3 makes a good 400 F/4 i am in. Hopefully in the next year or two we will see a serious wildlife lens hit.

No nice 400 f/5.6, or you could get a real camera and buy a genuine 400 f/5.6 and pay half the amount for a prime, or 2/3rd's the amount for an even better zoom.

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Ha ha ha ha. $2999, so I guess it is 4x better than the Canon 200 f/2.8L II, currently about $750. m4/3 makers are smoking crack, thanks Panasonic I needed a laugh.

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LessMirrored19: I love this lens ...
Sony is creating amazing high end lenses ..

Of course no one else is I guess. Better late than never I guess. Nice lens, $600 too dear.

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moimoi: Ok, I went to digital picture, and here is the comparison between:

(i) Canon 5DsR + Canon 70-200 mm f/2.8 IS ii
(ii) Sony A7Rii + Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS

Sensor size is a bit different (but using the metabone and the A7Rii for both maybe not be a fair comparison), but overall, center is better with Canon, and the other differences are not that significant. At 200 mm wide open (i.e., at f/2.8), the differences are even more significant.

The Sony lens is okay, but I think it is bit too overpriced. Should be 2 kUSD.

Sony is a good lens, but like many Sony lenses is way overpriced. I'm looking at adding A7RIII and if replaced my triumvirate, 24-70 f/2.8 II, 70-200 f/2.8 II and 100-400II, it would cost be an additional $1800 for the glass. And when does Sony run good lens rebates like Canon and Nikon.

Luckily I can use a metabones and keep my Canon glass, but Nikon users would be SOL.

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nivchick: Sigma 85 1.4 cheaper and better alternative IMHO

Good luck with Sigma focus accuracy. Stupidly large and heavy lens and it's all about sharpness, more to life than sharpness. All of these fast 85mm are good, it comes down to the rendering and bokeh. Canon bokeh looks excellent and using a better RAW converter and better colour profiles will help the pop.

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Slatan: I see a lot of purple fringing. Evidently, more pronounced on 5DsR because of the resolution but it doesn't look great anyway. Sigma 85mm Art is sharper and Zeiss Milvus 85mm has zero purple fringing, for those who don't need AF. I have the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 first version and I've tested every 85mm out there. I am not sold on the new Canon.

BR has only been released on 1 single lens so far. Buy an APO lens if you want no CA, but you pay for what you get.

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dash2k8: Now if only Canon could release a body comparable to Nikon and Sony...

5D4 matches the Sony and Nikon above ISO 200, high ISO noise is just as good. If the 5D4 is limiting you you need to get a 100MP MF and stick to ISO 100.

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Iloveaircraftnoise: Very very tough crowd to please this DP review audience.....

You must all be Renoirs and Delacroix's . . .

Every lens bar the $5000 rich men's toys have green & purple fringing... I think a lot of you have your head stuck up your a**se

Show me non APO lenses that don't have this CA, Sigma Art has it, Sony GM has it, Nikon G has it. If you're only concern with a lens is CA then it must be damn good lens.

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Their 32" 4K monitor is already best in class only the ridiculously expensive Eizo can match or better it. Benq are on a roll and my new 4K monitor will be their 32" version. 27" is too small IMO for 4K

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The new DxO Photolab also easily takes on LR, is faster, produces better output, has better lens corrections, better NR in PRIME and now has localised adjustments via masks or Nik control points. Given how poorly LR Classic is running on so many people's computers (just check the forums) I'm abandoning it for now other than for DAM. Between Luminar, DxO, C1 Pro, no need to touch LR.

When is dpreview going to ditch ACR for RAW conversion, when it's clearly been bettered for years now.

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PaulSnowcat: Sony is a great sensor manufacturer, indeed. As for Mirrorless cameras... They should learn what "comfort" and "ergonomics" is... Just switched from Sony to Nikon and have zero regrets.

Sony! Create mirrorless camera in great A77-2 body, not those soap pieces!

I prefer the ergonomics of the DLSR, but there is a middle ground between the Sony mirrorless and the DSLR’s. The new A7RIII is now heavy that many entry level, mid level APS-C DSLR’s and is only 143g lighter than a 5D4. SO it’s not that light unlike the original A7R. I’d expect Sony could make the body a little larger, add larger grip, and still keep weight under 700g. The weight of the total package is more important, and other than a few UWA lenses, most Sony mirrorless lenses are as heavy and large as their DSLR counterparts. If I use a 5D4 and 24-70 f/.8L II it only weighs 63g more than the A7RIII and 24-70 f/2.8 GM yet feels more unbalanced and not as comfortable to hold. The size and weight benefits have almost disappeared now unless you use say the 12-24. The real benefit now is what an e-shutter can bring to the table as seen in the A9, the first camera to show why mirrorless is the future.

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joelR42: Assuming the A7R3 follows the same pattern as the R2, then ISO 50 should yield almost identical results as ISO 100 (according to Bill's models of the R2). So shouldn't that further erode the D850's small lead at ISO64? Perhaps I'm missing something since ISO 50 on the Sony's is a digital pull.

So DR can be the same (less highlight, but cleaner shadow), but highlight headroom can be reduced. So as long as their are no bright highlights to protect ISO 50 can be very useful.

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tgchan: I can't wait for a7s iii... I dream of monster low light camera better than a7s...

Will be interesting given it’s going to be 16MP and thus an all new sensor unlike the A7RIII. I’m not sure how much better they can make high ISO noise however, already sensors have very high quantum efficiency, and read noise is very low. Maybe it’ll pick up a bit more DR and be at least as clean as the pixel level making it cleaner when resampled to 12MP. Don’t expect miracles, but there are plenty of other areas the A7 cameras need improving in which luckily thanks to the A9 we are seeing trickle down.

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hammarbytp: So basically your saying that in the real world DR in Sony A7Riii and D850 is basically ,for all intents and purposes, the same......

For landscape the D850/D810 at base ISO are king, they have a larger full well capacity than any other DSLR has at their native ISO 100. It also has low read noise (not quite as low as SOny at ISO 100). Having that much more head room, to expose for highlights will also allow better shadow noise and give the file more flexibility for post processing. Another benefit is shooting fast glass in bright sun, 2/3 stop can make a world of difference. But it’s not going to be a huge improvement over the Sony at ISO 100.

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Arca45Swiss: Is this really any better than say a Nikon 24mm f1.4 that has AF and is much lighter for the same price ?

The point is at this level of performance it makes no one bit of difference. It's like arguing over speed of Porsche Turbo S or Ferrari 488GTB. Both are insanely fast and beyond mere mortals capabilities. Really who needs a 1.22kg 25 f/1.4, when there are plenty of good 24 f/1.4 alternatives 40% lighter and 90-95% as good. No one will ever know except under laboratory controlled pixel peeping sessions. Hell most people wouldn't tell you are using even some of the great little 24 f/2.8 lenses.

Awesome lens, waste of money and space in a bag IMO.

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Triplet Perar: Most important question: when in 5 months Sony issues updated version of this camera, will they go for the a7R IIII or a7R IV name? In Roman numerals, number 4 can be written as IIII.

The only reason it took Sony to release the A7RIII after 27 months and not 12-15 months was the Earthquake. That set them back around a year. Barring more disasters, A7RIV will be out early 2019

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MirkoK: No PlayMemories apps? does it have an internal intervalometer?


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Ryanide: I wish Canon would step it up and put the 5DSRII sensor into a mirror less body, so I can use my Canon lens without this huge bodies. I’m getting tempted to sell all my Canon gear and jump over to Sony!!

The Canon mirrorless FF is getting an all new sensor of between 36MP and 48MP. They are testing several options. The 5DsII sensor is supposedly going to be 60MP. The mirrorless camera might get a stacked BSI sensor as the patent was released a month ago and that is the talk. Although I'd hope the 5DsII also got it.

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sneakyracer: And still...No Canon Full Frame IL Camera in sight...

Just like yesterday and the day before and the day before when you posted the same thing. We get it.

Well we at least now know it's coming next year, just like Nikon's. But you'll still complain no matter what they do.

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