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12-50 f/3.5 would have been a lot nicer. Having effectively f/11 at the tele end is not appealing at all.

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photomedium: keep'em coming! next 14 & 20mm please!

They have a 20 f/1.4 for FF, so why not just buy that. An APS-C 20 f/1.4 will not be much smaller, lighter or cheaper.

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dopravopat: I can't wait for the first sample images taken with the 50-100 f1.8 as well as a review.

I wonder what will be next. 125 - 250 mm f 2.2 for APS-C with a 2x tele making it a 250 - 500 mm f4.5? Even at f2.2, the 125 - 250 would be pretty huge. But there is no real long tele zoom longer than 150 mm and brighter than f2.8 for APS-C so far. All the long zooms are FF.

250 f/2.2 that hilarious. Let me see 125-250 f/2.2 would weigh 4kg or so, and even in Sigma world cost $5K+. That will fit in nicely with the budget of most APS-C users.

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Ben O Connor: It had to be F4 constantly to deserve "Leica" name on it! Seriously, too expensive for an ordinary tele...

I wished to own one... But I can't.

Really much cheaper, did you miss the 100-400L II going for as low as $1539 the other day, and it was legit, also plenty of $1700-1800 prices and the lens is stack sharp through the range and takes a 1.4x TC with ease. Even if the Leica was awesome, the camera it's hanging off still doesn't have the AF system to do it justice an I own an Olympus E-M5 and it sucks for servo work. They might be better on the newer version but probably not the 10x better it needs to be yet.

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maxnimo: I think I'd rather get a DMC-FZ1000 and end up with a whole second camera plus an extra $1000 in my pocket.

Yup I'm selling my 500 f/4 and 1DX and rolling downhill this afternoon.

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Mako109: This is par for a DPReview Photo Contest...

No I think he means the quality of the winners is about par for a dpreview contest. These are supposed to be the pinnacle of an international contest and frankly don't impress me too muc compared to previous years where the photos were stunning and actually of garden scenes.

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Artpt: 11 stops?....isn't that called a lens cap... :)

Oh no this spells even more trouble for Canon. The shadow pushers will have a field day this baby

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Clearly the meaning of garden has changed since this competition first started.

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GKN: The winning photo is of weeds ....

Having seen the lupins in the McKenzie country many times before, those colours aren't far off normal, though some opening up of the shadows

They are trying to eradicate lupins from Iceland that are a noxious weed over there and they are also a weed in NZ, highly invasive even though they are a beautiful flower.

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1GB RAM is pretty average, should be at least 2GB with option to upgrade to 4 or 8GB

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On article The long, difficult road to Pentax full-frame (617 comments in total)

It's a pretty amazing camera, even more so considering the price. Imagine the hysterical fervor that would have been whipped up if Sony had delivered this exact same camera, there wouldn't be enough adjectives to describe it.

Any how, well done Pentax and let's hope it succeed. Too bad it won't put price pressure on the other's FF cameras.

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rpm40: A fairly minor update, but it was like Canon was reading my mind (and those of the posters in the Canon forums). They have addressed the most common complaints of existing owners (poor battery life, noisy click wheel, lack of grip, top-hinged lcd), showing they are listening to feedback. A good way to refine a pretty nice camera into a better one.

DPR, any mention of whether this one supports USB charging? That is really my only complaint with the current model spec-wise that they didn't address.

EDIT: I take it back- please Canon, add in camera panorama. It's embarrassing that even when I have my camera with me, there are times I will pull out my phone to shoot because it can do something my $600 p&s can't. How does that make my Canon look?? :P

"They fix so many things we complained about, but then leave out one of the most standard feature on smartphones?"

I know right, still can't make calls with my G7X II, stoopid Canon.

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chillgreg: Released in May... just as Sony announce the RX-100 MKV o.O

$1199 - each generation gets dearer

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On article Newly enthused: hands on with the Canon EOS 80D (689 comments in total)

Does the sensor have an AA filter, as I hope not.

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PKDanny: Does Canon still use old sensors???

Satrting with the 1DXII and 80D no, and going forward I'd expect the new tech to be in all replacement cameras over the next 1-2 years. Maybe 1300D will miss out but I doubt it.

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On article Newly enthused: hands on with the Canon EOS 80D (689 comments in total)
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dedirg: usually people whinning about dinamic range, but now it is 4K video. Is it mean this camera about good in dynamic range??? I dont use camera for video

This sensor most likely has on sensor ADC's similar to Sony and will show improved DR and high iso noise similar to what appears to be the case with 1DXII. Canon is taking a very low pofile on their new sensor tech and I'm not sure why. Maybe they don't want to make many claims and let others find out fro themselves. Weird strategy, but who cares if it delivers.

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krectus: Pretty shocked that a DSLR released in 2016 can't shoot 4k. Especially a camera aimed at videographers (with it's own special video zooming device!). Surely Canon, who seems to need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 4K world has a reason to not do this. The camera is capable, it's a big selling feature if they did? Why?! Why wouldn't they do this!?! It's 2016. Every smartphone released this year can do it. It really bothers me, I can't figure this out.

Just like the pathetic Pentax K1 too. I know, what a piece of crap that is, sure they've given us state of the art 36MP FF camera, with amazing features list at an insane price, but with no 4K they won't sell a single camera, mark my word.

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FD: Great cam
The 18-135 should be a 15-135.

But price and size go up more than you'd think.

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Donnie G: Pass the hankies to the whiners, because Canon is about to sell another gazillion APS-C cameras and kit lenses again folks. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of those whiners are among the first ones in line to buy this new Canon kit too.

It's not about the specs folks, it's about the system. EOS 80D body + EF-S 18-135 nanoUSM IS kit lens + PZ-E1 power zoom adaptor + DM-E1 Mic = a budget minded selfie stills/YouTube video shooter's wet dream come true that no other camera system under $2,200 can duplicate. Even the pros will find this economical, light weight, and easy to use setup drool worthy. APS-C, ILCs are definitely alive and well at Canon. :))

It's as mundane an update as the 1DXII. The new AF alone could be reason enough to upgrade given the average performance of the 7D and 70D 19pt AF. If Sony had produced the same AF upgrade you'd be praising the crap out of it.

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DVT80111: Don't hear much bragging about the sensor. I have my suspicion. Don't disappoint me Canon.

I'm not sure why but Canon has not been making any claims about improved sensor performance, even thought the 1DXII clearly shows signs of large improvement, especially shadow DR, but also high ISO noise.

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