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20 years from now these clowns will still be using that garbage sensor size and it's crap IQ. It's a zombie sensor that will never die. Still no one stepping up with an answer to the Nikon AW1. 1" sensor should be the basis for all future compact products.

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Amazing how tech progresses. In 2010 whilst I was at Canon, we purchased a Phantom camera that could shoot about this frame rate at 1080, and even second hand it cost us over $40K and had the worst sensor banding in history, which they claimed was normal.

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On article 18 useful Lightroom shortcuts for beginners (87 comments in total)

One of the best shortcuts I've found for LR is to uninstall it and use C1 Pro or DxO Photolab. LR Classic CC is a piece of garbage.

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Sergey Borachev: Under the Other Specs on the first page, I saw:
"microSD, up to 256 GB" !!!

I suggest that DPR make it clear in big red letters right at the beginning if Micro SD slot is available in future, that would save me and a lot of people their time reading on.

As does the S8 have a microSD slot and an IP68+ rating.

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On article Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera review (180 comments in total)

DxO showed the stills IQ to be as good as google pixel and better than iPhone, and video IQ wasn’t far behind. However unlike the Google Pixel 2 XL, the screen on the Huawei isn’t a POS (Pixel 2 XL worst screen on the market, LG should be embarrassed) and the price, quality and features make a mocker of the iPhone X’s ludicrous cost. This is definitely a very good phone and high on my list when I update my S7 Edge, although by then the Mate 11 will be out I suspect.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Review (1025 comments in total)

It amazes me that Panasonic can fit a top LCD on to a m4/3 camera and Sony has bugger all room on a FF camera for one. It’s about time someone did it, but then again to pick up an E-M1 II or G9 with their excellent ergonomics, and size, you can tell they are camera companies first, tech companies second and aren’t on some ideological crusade to make a camera as small as possible for the sake of it.

Nice camera, but I’d be more convinced if it didn’t just rely on DFD and was a hybrid PDAF + DFD system.

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steelhead3: More me too from Nikon

You forget the inbuilt TC, hardly a me too, considerably tough nut to crack, and no doubt why it's taken so long to catch-up.

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Carl Sanders: Too expensive and the 200 - 500 does a fabulous job without teleconverters.

Yes it's a bargain for the money. However where the the new lens would be better is probably AF speed, well actually it had better be better for nearly 10x the price.

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thx1138: LOL, even more ridiculous price than Canon’s, that’ll get sales moving said no one ever. Hopefully too, unlike the past two 200-400 f/4 models it can focus at infinity.

What they need is a great 80-400 f/4-5.6, the current one is average and overpriced, smashed by the Canon and Sony offerings.


Well the Leica 75 f/1.2 is actually several hundred cheaper.

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Stupid price, the 14 f/2.4 is not much dearer and is discounted now and then. I paid $299 for the current MF version, won’t be paying 3x as much. Also the Sony version with AF is $300 cheaper and then we have the Youngnuo 14 f/2.8 announced cheaper than this too.

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rbach44: No one will buy it. Doesn't Nikon know all of the sports pros use A9's now? Who needs a pro lens when you have 20FPS and adapters that work OK under some conditions now...

They will still use 400 f/2.8 and a 70-200 f/2.8. I’ve never seen pros using the Canon 200-400 at rugby games, always 400 f/2.8, even in daylight.

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LOL, even more ridiculous price than Canon’s, that’ll get sales moving said no one ever. Hopefully too, unlike the past two 200-400 f/4 models it can focus at infinity.

What they need is a great 80-400 f/4-5.6, the current one is average and overpriced, smashed by the Canon and Sony offerings.

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woerd: Beware of LG 4k screens. I owned 2 LG 4k large screens. Both were sudden death after two years. No support from LG because the warranty period was finished. Never again.

I agree, doing plenty of research on TV's I'd avoid Samsung and LG like the plague. Their aftermarket sales and service can be appalling and frankly their QC is often crap.

Wait for monitors from reputable brands.

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SmilerGrogan: Interesting, but is 600 nits a lot or a little? I've been reading about nits for the last several months, and the writers make it sound like these new monitors are so bright they can be used to search the night skies for Messerschmitts.
So is 600 nits twice as bright as a typical TV that you might buy at BestBuy? Thirty times brighter? And how does that affect my video editing?

Also, the cliché is “champing at the bit” not chomping.

Don't forget HDR600 is only the mid-grade standard, if you are into serious HDR work, you'll want the highest VESA standard HDR1000 monitors, and none have been announced yet I know of.

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When I was working at Canon a few years ago, I was part of a blue sky research team, working on meta materials lenses. We were trying to get Canon interested in this stuff and had a practical application ready to go, a metalens made from wires (similar idea to this) to improve resolution of MRI machines. No prize for guessing what Canon thought of the idea, it died as did our blue sky group within a year.

I’m curious how this lens works, because normally a metalens only works at nanoscale distances, it can improve the resolution of a traditional diffraction limited lens by a factor of 10-20 by capturing the information lost in evanescent waves. Normally when light is collected by a lens it can only capture a part of the fourier spectrum, the lost high frequency wavevectors are what limit the resolution of a lens to a maximum of wavelength/2. Metalenses can achieve wavelength/20 and have been built for different wavelengths, such as radio, terahertz and optical, need to read the paper.

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GodSpeaks: It will take a while before these metalens can be made large enough for most camera sensors. I can see this turning up in smartphones first. A 1 cm metalens might cover a 1" sensor. Anyway, I will await the first product to incorporate a metalens and wait for the reviews.

Focusing the light to a point is a long way from making a viable photographic lens. What about aberrations and speed.

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1Dx4me: hey canon, i want to hear about the new 5Dsr II, where is it????? any news, please?

As much as the likes of Rishi and others will bash Canon over it's DR, the 5D4 is only 0.8EV behind at base ISO compared to D850 and matches the D850 and A7RII/III from ISO160 for DR. All measured and verified. There is no hands down anymore, if you can't get a working image with 13.5EV DR at base ISO, you need a new hobby. The 5DsR while not as good as the 5D4 is noticeably better than the 5D3. 5DsII will no doubt get entirely new sensor, already rumored to be 60MP and will be released at Photokina next year

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Woah-oh, woah-oh, woah-oh, oh
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Get out of that state
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You're living in your own Private Idaho
Livin' in your own Private

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I'm sure Rishi wishes Canon would just go away!

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jennajenna: such a boring fov. where's the 12mm?

Also there is the Laowa 12 f/2.8 Zero-D, 15 f/2 Zero-D. The E mount has a ton of choice for primes.

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