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My dog even knows to shoot RAW, yet 99% of tests examine the jpg's first and foremost and then make ludicrous claims abiout sensor B being much worse than sensor A, becuse it's jpg's suck. Yeah let's buy a $3-6K camera and decide to lose 2 stops of DR and give up 6 bits of tonal data, but huge % of people do so, even though they could batch convert the RAW's in a few minutes and end up with much better results.

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Blacksmith2000: Looks like HDR, to me.

The trouble is just becuase you can push shadows 6 stops, doesn't mean you should. The valley is unnaturally bright and we have created halos. They should have eased way back on the shadow lift.

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Hellstrom: Mid-level phones from 2013 had the same lame 64Gb storage as this supposedly flagship model.

Get the OnePlus Five - more RAM, more storage, also dual cameras, half the price.

OnePlus 5 screen is garbage compared to this, it's still using the horrible pentile layout and has an effective res of about 2/3rd its stated res. Colour accuracy is not up to par. If you are going to use pentile, it needs to be much higher res, at least QHD. Apart from that the number of bodged software updates they release is a joke. They just had to pull another update last week. So many issues as they say you get what you pay for.

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This was the least important aspect of the comparison. All three great cameras, but clearly we need to wait for Sony A9 II to see it smooth off the very rough edges. D5 has best AF, 1DXII a little behind Sony has problems when racking zoom in, but otherwise very good. Sony has best video at higher ISO, Sony and Canon video AF way better than Nikon that still has no on sensor PDAF.

In the video comparison at the seaside, it was clear the Sony was producing cyan skies, Canon looked best. As for the portraits don't really care not something I shoot, for landscape there is no right colour. Canon is good at some colours, Sony and Nikon at others. Canon has always been best for skin tones, but usually terrible for blowing reds, but this has improved on 5D4 and 1DXII.

A decent photographer could make any of these work for portrait.

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Just don't peer to close, you might not like what you see under the clouds.

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JhvaElohimMeth: Mhm, I didn't like it. Good colors and good performance... but only in good light. In backlight (and generally difficult situations) AF hunts a lot, and it's not sharp wide open, you have to stop at 2.8. I had also big problems with flare.

What camera did it hunt on, it could be the AF of the camera. Won't do that on a 5D4 for example and yes it is sharp wide open, certainly sharp enough. How do you know it wasn't back/front focusing. Most people know this is a great little lens and not just for size or IS>

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Bambi24: "EISA CONSUMER DSLR CAMERA 2017-2018: Canon EOS 77D

well deserved

I know fancy having a category for the biggest selling segment. They had to introduce a mirrorless category for the terminally insecure.

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Karroly: I do not care about this ranking. The best camera is the camera I have with me... ;-)

No, he tried the A9 but couldn't even fit his fingers between the grip and the 100-400 barrel, he then reached for his 400 f/2.8 FE, but was left clutching at straws, he then needed good DR, so went back to his D810.

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Worrying to see the new glass lens increases saturation to garish levels on those what I presume must scientifically accurate renderings right; surely marketing wouldn't lie.

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Rensol: I just learned light can bend when it APPROACHES smartphone lenses. Did not know it is possible! A swirly light path! What is it? Light turbulence?
Can you please clarify?

Well how else can you explain the rubbish image quality of smartphones. They must being using physics, but not as we know Jim, to produce these results.

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Imagine if the iPhone could give the user this level of freedom. Impressive app, they should release it as a standalone app for the play store and app store.

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Photato: These are features that could be easily implemented in dedicated cameras too.
But....traditional camera manufacturers have completely missed the boat on this because they are thinking in Phone rather than Mobile Computing Platform.
Yes Canon and Nikon, you don't have to get into the phone business to take advantage of all these wonders of the modern world.

Computing power in a smart phone is far higher than a camera, so pretty silly to claim this could be added to cameras with fw updates. But maybe they should put a Snapdragon 835 or A10 in our cameras so we can get 50 shots per charge.

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RedDog Steve: Standing on the tracks ?
Naughty, naughty.

Maybe the staff were railroaded into doing this!

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cosinaphile: also computational zoom is a silly name if anything its computational artificial series of primes

computational camera movement

OMG, tell you what, you come up with something this clever and name it what ever you want.

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angus rocks: i don't care about Sony, i have a Samsung phone. he he. ;>)

Yeah that's why I said 20MP+, you do realise 12 < 20 right?

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angus rocks: i don't care about Sony, i have a Samsung phone. he he. ;>)

If you've seen the lousy output from those Sony 20MP+ phone sensors you'd wonder how on earth they sell any. Talk about the most overrated sensors on the market. Good to see Samsung sticking to 12MP.

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Wow that new Sigma 14 f/1.8 is amazing, I'm ordering one as I type. Can't wait to capture the sun and stars in that much detail.

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thx1138: But the DR is only 3-4 stops and it only shoots 1fpm, might as well burn it and buy a Sony.

Zeiss Ikon, und luxury! When I were young, I was so poor I had to take photos with tracing paper and a crayon fashioned out of mud.

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But the DR is only 3-4 stops and it only shoots 1fpm, might as well burn it and buy a Sony.

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photomedium: Sigma 1300 vs canon 1750 doesn't seem all that much less, all things considered.

Lens is only tested on the lowly 5D3 and even then it's not that great. The Canon holds up amazingly on the 5DsR and would destroy the SIgma in the corners and edges. The MTF's of the Sigma are very ordinary and the lens should have been labelled a Contemporary, certainly not worthy of the Art moniker. This is to the Art series as the Canon 24-105L II is to the L series, the b@st@rd stepchild. I suspect the Tamron G2 will be a better lens and is even cheaper. And Tamron usually has more accurate AF.

I'll take tack sharp and no OS over decent and OS any day no matter the price difference.

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