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On article UPDATED: Sony a6300 real-world samples (368 comments in total)

The high ISO jpg's are frankly appalling, painterly mush. The RAW's better be 10x better.

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KrisAK: Photo was taken with an A7R II. I wonder if he noticed?
Not that it means anything, just kind of ironic.

Newsflash a dpreview staff member shot with a Sony camera. Colour me surpised NOT!

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justmeMN: Canon could take Dual Pixel CMOS AF from their 80D, take the built-in viewfinder from their Powershot G5 X, and create a nice M. Unfortunately, could, and will, are two different things. :-)

Bear with them a little longer and you will see this year a worthy mirrorless camera to replace the pedestrian M3. It's been too long coming indeed, but they do understand the importance of this segment now and let's not forget they now have G1X, G5X, G7X and G9X, so mirrorless is important, but the ILC mirrorless has been left far behind, but that will change.

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phazelag: These answers from the Canon Execs year after year send a clear message that this is a company that has a deep conservative culture. When senior execs have to use language that careful when speaking directly to their user base, there is a huge disconnect.

Canon doesn't have a talent problem, they have a corporate culture that is stuck in the 80s.

Well 80 is the average age of Canon's senior management, so it's easy to see why they are glacial.

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Cdog: Also, "would not suddenly offer a mirrorless pro camera"?
Suddenly? What's so sudden. Mirrorless has been around for over 10 years.

Mirrorless cameras only constituted five percent of total camera shipments in 2013.[1] In 2015, mirrorless-cameras accounted for 26 percent of interchangeable-lens camera sales outside the Americas. (wikipedia)

Canon are you reading this? The rest of the industry is.

Yes indeed TrojMacReady you are in denial.

DSLR market share is increasing even though overall camera sales are declining due to collapse of P&S market.

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photoaddict: That is why I switched to Nikon. Canon still lags behind the sensor sensitivity and noise control. ISO-invariant sensors are the future and allows more latitude for me to edit images.

Canon has been nothing but years of disappointment when it comes to competitive image quality. I am fed up with noise when I increase the EV.

Canon doesn't seem to be innovative nor competitive anymore.

Canon is still king of high ISO, it's only ISO100-400 DR that trails. Saying it lacls noise control shows how little you actually know.

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Caerolle: Oh wow, so maybe they will produce a decent mirrorless system in 10 years, instead of 20! Should be fine, they may be the only camera company left then, so no hurry.

You will see a replacement for the M3 this year using DPAF..

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rjgalphaphotgraphy: Sorry canon well behind in mirrowless. Cams while Fuji Sony take the lead stop living in the past You need to compete or lose customers sold my canon gear to go Fuji years ago

Good for you.

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It's using the same engine as 5.1 and really should have been called 5.2. Calling it v6 is a bit sneaky.

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Ilia Snopchenko: "Surprisingly, no third-party manufacturer currently offers anything similar".
Ahem... has the Sigma 120-400/4.5-5.6 already been discontinued? I understand it's not in the same category performance-wise, but the specs are pretty similar. :)

The Sigma 120-400 is a dud and was a very disappointing update. The only really good supertele zooms they do are the 150-600 twins.

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Ruy Penalva: I did not wait for DP review to know that. I had the old version and I thought it underperformed in 7D MKI. This lens is great, and the combination of it with 7D MKII is very satisfactory for birding, nature etc.

More likely the 7D underperformed as the old 100-400 was still a very good lens.

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PhotoPhoolish: I just don't understand all the people who post simply to bash this brand or that brand. If you're truly happy with your Sony, Nikon, Fuji, etc., what do you care what Canon does or does not do to make you happy? You are obviously not their intended audience or buyer. I can only assume people bash for one of these reasons: 1. You're looking for an audience to join you in your crazy behavior (misery loves company); 2. You're looking for a reason to jump ship and leave your brand because of some unhappiness; or 3. You're jealous of the loyalty of Canon users and just can't fathom why they won't leave Canon and buy one of the "obviously superior" cameras made by their competitors.

Meanwhile, you have no basis for ripping any of these new cameras, as none have been tested. I suggest devoting that time you use now for irrational behavior and nonsensical posts to work on your photography skills. We would all be better off! Personally, I think complaining for the sake of complaining is better left to 8 year olds.

Good luck in life haters. Remember, nobody likes a whiner.

Let's not talk about the referees performance in the game, no good can come of it.

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On article CP+ 2016: Nikon shows off new D5, D500 and DL compacts (115 comments in total)
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endofoto: Olympus has just killed those 1'' sensor point and shoot like too expensive cameras with pen-F. D500 wont sell much although it is very good. Bec you have D7200 for birding. Pros wont use it for other purposes than birding. Pros will buy an extra D750 to carry to weddings instead of D500. If D500 was a fullframe it would sell enormously but it would kill D750. This is a show business to prove that I can do what Canon can do or cant do. For birding pros are changing to 3/4 systems, bec the long lenses are very small and you dont get neck disk hernia. Nikon has to produce a new mirrorless full frame, cheap and low weight around 1300 bucks to kill its rivals especially Sony.

Yes, 3/4 x 4/3 = 1 = FF

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Interestingness: " of the longest lines can be found Canon's booth. This year, Canon's EOS 80D and EOS-1D X Mark II were in huge demand from both press and public attendees alike..."

Oh oh, don't let the Sony kool-aid crew read that. How can that be, I mean, the historically class following DR of Canon sensors, the high price and size of the 1Dx. And how can the 80D be popular, like seriously, it doesn't even have 4K! Stupid stupid attendee's and press.

So Canon are damned if they have a lot of people at their booth or damned if they don't. Canon fills the water cooler with mind altering substance to attract the sheep, but the wiley Sony fans, all make their way to the Sony booth because of their superior judgement.

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justmeMN: One of these years, Canon will put Dual Pixel CMOS AF into an M. (I'm not holding my breath.)

Don't worry and all new M is coming this year and will be a vast improvement over the boring and pedestrian current M3.

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zigi_S: Canon still the best.

No Trump is the best!

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stevo23: 6D? 5DIV? Crickets...

For god sake, Canon will not announce a major new DSLR until the 1DXII is shipping so as not to distract from it, and 5DX (yes they are dropping the 4) will probably be announced in May or June and 6DII probably in August September for Photokina. If we are talking crickets why aren't you wondering where the D900 or D620 or D7300 or D5600 cameras are.

Canon will never announce 4 DSLR's at once.

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justmeMN: It will be interesting to see how the performance of the Canon G7 X Mark II compares to the new Nikon DL line. (The latter should have an autofocus advantage.)

I would think so and maybe if it is as good as they say, worth a look. Too bad it doesn't have an integrated EVF like the RX100III/IV, but as long as it has a EVF option it's acceptable, but if not no thanks.

I assume the RX100V will get a version of the A6300 AF system, but I also expect a $1200 price tag, so the Canon and Nikon will have massive price advantages.

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Niko Tod: "The EOS-1D X Mark II's battery should be good for more than 1200 images in normal use - a major differentiator of professional DSLRs compared to lower-end models..."

Lower-end models like Nikon D750 with 1230 images per charge?

The 1DX battery lasts a lot longer than the Canon claims, although nowhere near as long as in the 1DIII, which was so good, you could shoot for days before seeing the battery level drop.

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Laci55: The information on site 6 is wrong! The resolution of the "old 1Dx is 18MP! The mark II has 14 fps and 16 fps in live view... (The old one has 12 fps!)

The 1DX has 12fps in RAW and 14fps in jpg mode.

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