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zeratulmrye: I have one important question for DPReview:

Can this camera do 1/250 flash sync in electronic shutter mode

If so then this is insane technology

It says mechanical shutter required for 1/250 sync, so it will be inferior with electronic shutter.

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Magnar W: To the Dpreview staff:
Please do some torture tracking autofocus tests as soon as possible! Fast action, erratic movements, low light action, you name it! We will accept the results, even if the speed and precision is not quite up to our expectations! ;-)

can you change your so-called torture tracking to focus on the eyes. Nobody wants focused jerseys and oof eyes. Let's see how it tracks fast erratic and smaller subjects like birds not relatively slow humans running or riding towards you.

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sibuzaru: I hope this stacked 24mp and the 42mp BSI get to more cameras soon, those two sensors seem to be just great for years to come

Sony is its smallest customer for its sensors, if they don't sell these to others their fab won't be viable.

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That's hilarious Sony gimping it's 4K with no s-log and claiming it's for still shooters, then why offer video? Canon gets crucified for no C-log, but will at least rectify that shortly with massive new FW for video on 5D4.

It's funny how all these camera companies come up with knuckle-head decisions to take the shine off otherwise excellent hardware.

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On article Sony announces FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens (135 comments in total)

Ok finally a useful longer tele zoom lens in FE mount, specs are good, price is not which we expect from Sony. Hopefully it will drop over time.

The A9 is only 24MP, so 400mm won't cut it for birding, we need Sigma and Tamron to release FE mount versions of their 150-600 zooms and Sigma to release FE 300/400 f/2.8 and 500/600 f/4. The Sony versions will be ludicrously priced like their current 500 f/4 that no one buys, but will they even be released in this decade.

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On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1898 comments in total)
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tonywong: Very nice specs. Still needs long and fast glass to compete on sports and wildlife. Lots of unanswered questions. What is the speed on waking? DSLRs are near instant, so you can wait at a watering hole and not worry about battery drain and still get the shot you want without worrying about camera coma. Current mirrorless is still not great there...

Also the body looks too small for long lens work. Top tier Canon and Nikons are built like tanks so you can pretty much abuse them. Pick up a 1Dx2 by the body while it's mounted to a 400 2.8? Seen that done all the time. Will the A9 deflect and groan? Guess there is little worry of that if there are no native mount lenses of that weight yet.

Hoping they go with fresnel/diffractive elements with their longer glass...

Luckily for Sony owners there is no 400 f/2.8, so they will never know if their camera is robust enough to handle such a beast.

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On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1898 comments in total)
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jim seekers: It's a speed demon but the A7R ii will offer better image Qaulity.

If you print big or crop hard, but in most cases no one will tell without much pixel peeping.

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On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1898 comments in total)
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wildbild: Canon and Nikon pro cameras have never been about the camera itself as about reliability and professional service. It takes years to build this and no pro photographer will switch to sony over some 20 fps spec record.

Those sports pros will love to get their hands on those Sony Pro lenses like the 300/400 f/2.8 for their low light sports events. What, wait you mean the Sony Pro sports cameras has no Pro sports lenses to use. I'm sure they can get by with the 100-400 f/5.6 and use ISO 100K then, no one will notice.

Typical Sony spec monster but no ecosystem. I'm sure in 3-5 years they might release a $10K 300 f/2.8 and $15K 400 f/2.8 in E mount that Pros will be lining up to buy them in their droves seeing they are so flush with money.

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On article Nikon D7500: Should I upgrade from my D7200? (269 comments in total)
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ttran88: Nikon's choice of sensor for the D810 update will be interesting.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens. Naturally we assumed it would jump to the 42MP sensor, but Sony are making noises about not letting others use their best sensors, yet Sony are their own smallest market for their sensors and there's no way they can maintain their fabs if they aren't selling their best sensors to third parties, they would not be viable. Maybe Nikon, will, just like the D500, come up with a design based on Sony tech such as on chip ADC's, BSI etc that Sony will fab for them.

What I am hoping is that Nikon actually, has something similar to the Sony A99II, say 36-42MP, 8-10fps, D500/D5 AF, which shows improved high ISO over D810, yet maintains the native ISO 64 and finally gets on sensor PD AF which is a must for video these days.

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On article Nikon D7500: Should I upgrade from my D7200? (269 comments in total)
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garyknrd: With PS and the new noise or de-noise software, IMO it makes current upgrades a tough sale.


You should try DxO 11 optics and use their PRIME NR engine, it's damn good. I'm redoing many high ISO shots in DxO and often that's all I need and if I need a little more I use Topaz Denoise (important to fine tune it and not just use the defaults). I think you'll find you can go aniother stop higher in ISO than what you're used to and older shots will look a lot cleaner yet maintain detail.

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Superka: Canon 5D M4 is the most unamazing camera, Canon ever produced! It is not bad, but it is disappointing. The most disappointing video ever. 1.74x crop in 4K! ridiculous! Why adding video feature, just to laugh?
Why the price is so high?
Dynamic Range in the only one feature which is good addition, still far from Sony sensors.
Nikon 810 is so much better photocamera and costs much less.

Whatever, assuming you have ever used it of course. Wait until next week and the video will be fixed too.

Link | Posted on Apr 15, 2017 at 14:49 UTC
On article Nikon D7500 vs Nikon D500: Which is better for you? (393 comments in total)
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Aroart: Why are people so upset about not having duel card slots.. If you have a 7200 and are using it professionally, great. You can keep it and now buy more for less money. If your a pro and want to upgrade, than make a worthy upgrade to a D500 or FX.. People need to Stop whining and just deal with it.. Its like why would someone upgrade from a d5500 to a d5600.. I to was upset they removed the duel card slot and did not put the d500 focus system in it. Then I thought why would you buy this when you can get a Fuji Xt2.. Maybe this will help Nikon Shooters realize there co really doesn't care about there customers anymore..

It's not so much the single slot as the brain dead move back to UHS-1. Why the hell couldn't it be the UHS-II cards that are now at 300MB/s read, 200MB/s write speeds.

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On article Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.10 and ACR 9.10 now available (65 comments in total)
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Mike CH: What on earth happened to the fit, fill, 1:1, etc options in the upper left preview panel in Lightroom? Am I the only one who has lost those options?

I've got CC no issues for me other than LR is really feeling it's age with lack of improvement. xx.10 release! Where is LR CC 2017, still using a 5 year old process engine, lens profiles are second rate compared to DxO, slow as all hell.

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On article Nikon announces midrange D7500 DSLR (396 comments in total)

Have they been lazy and just transplanted AF from D7200 or at least does it have improved performance, eg low light -3/4EV, faster processing etc.

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OlyPent: Remember when Olympus used to measure their Super High Grade lenses at 60lp/mm? Now they've got 10lp/mm on measurement charts?

You do know that the 10lp/mm measurements are for contrast, the 30lp/mm and higher are for sharpness. A lens with lower sharpness and higher contrast can look better than a lens with low contrast and higher sharpness.

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On article Zeiss formally announces Batis 135mm F2.8 (182 comments in total)
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straylightrun: So its not fast, its not compact and its not cheap. Why does this lens exist again? Are there people out there willing to pay this much for a Tamron designed lens , just for the blue badge?

I would have expected it to be f/2 and frankly given the incredible competition Sigma gives Zeiss with their Art lenses, at half the price or more in many cases, that Zeiss still thinks a 1.333 stop slower lens is worth 70% more is crazy. Given Sony has IBIS why does it have IS? At least they have AF which is something I guess.

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On article Zeiss formally announces Batis 135mm F2.8 (182 comments in total)
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digiart: It seams that almost every week a new lens is announced for mirror-less cameras, Sony mostly. Nikon, when will you make a mirror-less f-mount interchangeable lens camera with excellent EVF? We know you can do it!

No mirrorless is not the future, sure it has a place and I own a mirrorless camera but there are times it will never compete due to it's stupidly small design, woeful battery, poor ergonomics, poor handling with hypotehtical long glass and thesedays DSLR prices. The fast lenses are with a few excpetions as large as there FF counterparts and the main reason you'd want mirrorless is use of legacy glass since you can pretty much mount anything.

You knbow why Sony was coy about competing in the sports area, they know any camera they make will have to be much larger and heavier to handle lenses like a 400 f/2.8 if they copuld even be bothered to make a native E mount version. Already Panasonic GH5 is as heavy and mid/advanced level APS-C DSLR and only has a m4/3 sensor, yikes.

Link | Posted on Apr 6, 2017 at 05:20 UTC

Didn't Canon get the memo, this market is dead and buried. Smartphones have sensors this size now and sure while they don't have optical zoom yet, the IQ has improved dramatically, just look at S7 and Pixel.

Canon should focus on 2/3" and 1" sensors for its compacts and frankly I don't want or need 1000mm equivalent in a tiny camera of this class where the AF sucks anyway. Make it a 1" sensor with a 18-200 f/1.8 FF equivalent, and sign me up now.

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princecody: Has Sony perfected the Art of the sensor? Is that why 80% of the camera brands use Sony sensors?

Lot of mythology out there on just how much Sony has done. Most of their IP is licensed or from companies they bought. 99.99% of us more concerned with when the A7RIII and A9 will be announced and if they can be bothered getting of their ass and deliver more APS-C lenses.

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(unknown member): I see.... 'Sony announced the world’s first BSI “Micro Four Thirds” STARVIS sensor."
Four Thirds is quickly become a standard for Surveillance cameras, Drones as well as Amateur/Pro photography.

Indeed, too bad Olympus couldn't have gotten one of those for the E-M1 II

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