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brendon1000: This camera seems to truly showcase the potential of mirrorless cameras. As much as I like Sony FE system it doesn't have any real size advantage once lenses are considered.

This Panasonic is a truly small camera and has many lightweight small lenses to match the small body.

FF mirrorless makes little sense from a size and weight PoV. Let's face it if Canon had of updated their sensors 3 years ago, the noise about Sony would be much less. Miiroless m4/3 and APS-C makes a lot more sense. Alas m4/3 is barely moving the goal posts on the sensor front. Maybe they should ask Toshiba to make their sensors given how good the D7200 sensor performs.

I suspect this 16MP sensor sans AA filter will resolve similar to the 20MP sensor in the GX8 which offers little improvement over the current 16MP sensors.

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Contra Mundum: All those super high ISOs are pretty useless from my perspective. Maybe somebody can use them for small web images, but most people wouldn't care. Even 16000 ISO looks terrible with noise and poor dynamic range.

Manufacturers should better concentrate efforts on making decent 12800, so far none of the FF cameras have anything highly usable above ISO 6400. Instead, they all compete who looks less terrible at ISO 100000.

I think it must jsut be you. While I agree that above 32000 things go south fast, at least to ISO 25600 it should be very usable. Heck my 1DX produces excellent results to ISO 12800 and very usable results to 25600 and this should be a bit better.

Don't rely on dpreview images or processing to be your sole source of information.

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matthew saville: Well I guess you can't have high ISO cake whilst eating some dynamic range cake too, ehh?

Still a tad better than Canon's best FF offering, until the 1DX 2 results come out, maybe.

Sorry Rishi you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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NeilBart: The Canon 80D looks a good package for both imaging and video. Check out the banding with the Nikon D7100 on these settings! Why didn't Nikon fix that with a firmware update?

Sorry Dougbm_24 Nikon is still using Toshiba for the D7200, just a much better sensor than the D7100 and the king of the APS-C sensors, including anything form Sony.

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bmwzimmer: Canon Crop Sensors are 1.6X vs everyone else which is 1.5X. So its 6.3% smaller and will obviously not perform as well. Even it it were the same size, it's still a bit behind but it's at a point, the differences in real world shooting is negligible...

That just says your Canon friend needs to learn more about photography and not be so lazy. I wonder how we ever took good photos in contrasty situations without Sony,

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photogeek: A7R2 runs circles around this, at about the same pixel density. Impressive feat on Sony's part. Back to the drawing board, Canon. Better luck next time.

Ah yes the good old Sony, I hope it doesn't break down on you so you won't discover their amateur aftermarket service.

I'll bet the 80D AF runs circles around your Sony. Back ti the drawing board Sony

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aramgrg: Quite good! 1 stop better than predecessor. More importantly no purple hue. However, still not up to sony sensors.

1 stop, more like 2-3 stops. Previous sensor fell apart after a two stop push and even then it wasn't great.

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MAybe Canon traded of ultimate low ISO DR for better high ISO performance. It's always a juggling act and we've seen weakness in EXMOR at high ISO and certainly you wouldn't use it for astrophotography

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NSingh: So far good sample picture, though not excellent. May be lens issue.

Don't look at high ISO samples for the love of god, no good can come from it..

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On article Adobe Camera Raw 9.5 introduces new color scheme (127 comments in total)

Did they fix the useless colour profiles for Canon 5Ds(R), which are ridiculously overly contrasty. I'll bet not.

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Nice video indeed, beautiful part of the world. Great to see a camera just being used at it should be, in the great outdoors and let's hope discussion isn't dragged down by Canon haters.

What was used to shoot the video of the G5X in use?

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PKDanny: Does Canon and Nikon allow Sigma firmware in Canon/Nikon camera dslr? Others not allow.

Yes Olympus cameras can update lens firmware when connected to PC and running their software. Some newer Canon lenses allow you to update firmware.

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Old Cameras: Well if you were thinking of buying the dock, now you have one more reason. It just became essential.

Oh boo hoo, you pay $1100 for a lens, same for a camera, and then you whinge about a $60 dock that not only allows you to update firmware but customise other settings of the lens such as OS, focus distance limit, MA, AF speed.

I suppose you put $10 filters on your lenses too.

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DualSystemGuy: "Up to" haha, I hate that qualifier. It's like a sale at the store, "up to 50% off". 99% of the stuff is 10% off, but there is a lone pair of socks somewhere in the back of the store that's 50% off.

Hopefully the Sigma update means real noticeable improvements for the majority of users.

Well already reports saying it's noticeably faster at least 30-40%.

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2481 comments in total)
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princecody: Olympus Pen-F is the JPEG King in my opinion 😀

Fuji sensors are much better. m4/3 has barely moved the goal posts in 6 years and why I'll be dumping my Olympus kit. Sony or Fuji for me, but Sony has moved way past Fuji on AF prowess after being at the bottom of the pack for so long, not that Fuji has ever been great.

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On article Seriously sharp: Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM samples (256 comments in total)
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D135ima: And where actually bokeh? These Samples show remarkable detail and lack thereof of chromatic aberrations. But who would have thought, what could be worse in this class of lenses in 2016 ? My bokemaniya long gone. Actually I do not care, but is in an advertising campaign, it was not one of the main points ? In close-ups, where the foreground is not connected with backgroung - there is not this thing, that so like to discuss a bokemaniacs. Only mess that always looks almost the same, and no interest. Ask a model example to sit down on the grass. Place on the background some greens for example young trees. Take a picture at half hour before sunset on 1.4 with the model in a full-length and several plans behind her.. And bokehmaniacs will start а competition in the epithets describing the "artistry" of bokeh and "smooth tonal transitions". This will start a real show in this topic

Well it wouldn't be a dpreview Sony headline without the superlatives being thrown around. Not doubting it's a very good lens, but it's hardly the first great 85. And the only aperture this lens needs to be tested at is f/1.4. If it's not tack sharp stopped down then why even bother. Rendering wide open is what will interest most people after a lens like this.

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On article Canon announces budget-friendly EOS Rebel T6 (1300D) (884 comments in total)

Not much left to say, other than is it really April 1st already! Possibly the lamest update in DSLR history and for once the Sony trolls will have a right to laugh.

Any way 99.9% of people commenting like myself wouldn't be looking at this camera and for the majority of people where price is all that matters it'll still sell well and will still allow someone to take good photos.

For the cameras that matter to me Canon is finally bringing new sensor tech and that's all I care about.

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On article Action packed: Shooting the Sony a6300 in Miami (241 comments in total)
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fatdeeman: The camera as a whole looks great and some of the high ISO video samples I've seen have been impressive. But these stills are looking somewhat grainy, even the ISO 320 shot!

Is there any significant noise penalty from having so many phase detect points? I can't imagine there would be because they still represent such a tiny portion of the total pixel count but I noticed in the past the sony 16mp sensor took a hit in noise performance when the phase detect was added, at least according to DXO. Or could it be related to the high sensor readout? Some people feel the RX100 4 has slightly gritter looking images than the 3 despite the same pixel count and that camera is notable for fast readout.

I'm a big fan of the way Sony combines all the advantages of an entire imaging sensor's worth of data for superior object recognition and tracking with the performance of phase detect and this seems to be the best example yet but that ISO 320 shot is slightly concerning.

Well don't look at the ISO 6400 shots then, you'll run away in terror. Not what I expected from EXMOR above ISO 400, won't have the competitors worried that's for sure.

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On article Action packed: Shooting the Sony a6300 in Miami (241 comments in total)
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Androole: " thing is clear: Sony anticipates the a6300 to be another top seller."

I imagine that a lot of the A6000's popularity came from its remarkably low price tag. It was a high-quality sensor and processor wrapped in a simple, inexpensive body with no extra features or frills to drive up the cost. The A6300 very much follows in its footsteps with a similar template, but at a 60% (!) increase to its starting MSRP for a very similar camera, it doesn't look like nearly the same bargain value proposition in a very competitive market.

Likewise, it's hard to feel like a camera at this price tag will stand the test of time and "look impressive, even two years down the road," with ergonomic oversights you've highlighted like the missing direct controls, no touchscreen or AF joystick, and not being weather-sealed despite the $1000 price point.

It's a nice camera, but doesn't feel like it moves the bar the way the A6000 did unless you only care about 4K and incremental AF improvements...

This bean says not at that crazy price, so no need to count me.

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thx1138: In shots 31 and 32 the exposures are the same for f/1.4 and f/2, and then change as expected for the rest of the stopped down shots. What gives. is this not a true f/1.4 does it have a T-stop of f/2? Did you compare closely DoF at f/1.4 and f/2.

You dialled in the same -0.7 EV for the other shots in that same sequence too, so that doesn't explain the f/1.4 exposure being the same as f/2

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