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On article DPReview TV: Waterproof camera shootout 2018 (134 comments in total)

Still this segment is in a sad state of affairs. I had hoped the Nikon AW-1 would be the motivation to see a raft of new waterproof cameras based on the larger 1" sensor, but als, nothing else has appeared and the AW-1 itself has had lots of issues with QC and there's been not apeep from Nikon about updating this camera and there's no marketing of it at all. So here were are in 2018 and still crappy little 1/2.3" sensors rule the roost.

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NCB: About time Fuji admitted that its X-trans sensor has had its day. Maybe this is another small step in the right direction.

Plenty of testing to show Fuji's grandiose claims are hype and not realised. They had the temerity to claim their 24MP X-Trans had the same resolution as 36MP Bayer. I've seen nothing to even remotely suggest there are real and tangible benefits to a 6x6 Bayer (which is all X-Trans is and not random at all) vs a 2x2 Bayer. In some cases it offers slight advantages and in others Bayer offers slight advantages. Oh and it doesn't eliminate Moire at all, it just produces it at different scales/angles.

All-in-all, seems a waste of effort, as shigezo said, removing AA had biggest effect and maybe they thought X-Trans would eliminate the inevitable moire, but I see moire so infrequently on my AA-less sensored cameras it's not an issue worth worrying about IMO

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Oh dear, they must be outsourcing software updates to Micro$oft.

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Kamox: If Nikon, or Sony, or Canon offered a prosumer or pro camera with a SIM slot (in order to have AI-based filters) and those features, they would sell like fresh bread.
Those are not necessarily "beginner tools".
Think about editing RAW files in real time, with countless ready-made profiles, maybe downloaded from a dedicated online community.
Almost no time needed in front of a computer for a lot of your pictures.

The SoC on a phone is massively more powerful than in even the most advanced cameras. You want a Qualcomm 845 and NPU in your camera, then be prepared for battery life of 100 shots or so.

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andyus08: Not interested much on new version. I currently have 70-200mm L f2.8 II and it's more than enough. However, I rarely use it anymore due to the weight.
I wish Canon focused more into full-frame mirrorless camera.

No GuiliNL, he complained about the weight, that's not too hard to understand right? Making it for a mirrorless camera won't help that at all. Also how do you know Canon won't stick to EF mount for their mirrorless.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS200/TZ200 Review (536 comments in total)
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bolt2014: How can they give this an 81% rating with all the dislikes and the poor image quality rating? I always consider image quality number one in buying a camera!

The cons seem have no influence on the final score. When the list of cons is greater than the list of pros as is the case with many Sony cameras and they still get glowing endorsements something is not right.

No not all cameras are great or even close, giving a camera 60-70% is realistic. I suspect dpreview would give the god awful Corolla a 90% score if they reviewed cars.

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Dr_Jon: Err, it's a CR3 on a scale of 1 (ho ho ho) to 5 (they think it's going to happen) so "near certainty" seems bold... although their text doesn't exactly agree with their rating?!!?
On May 14th (if anyone remembers that far back) they said:
"We’re being told again that a new EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III could be announced in the 2nd half of 2018."

Ah no, Canon rumors uses CR1, CR2, and CR3 with the latter a near certainty. Your Sony fanboyism must be thinking of Sony Alpha rumors SR1, ..., SR5 scale, with SR5 a near certainty.

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andyus08: Not interested much on new version. I currently have 70-200mm L f2.8 II and it's more than enough. However, I rarely use it anymore due to the weight.
I wish Canon focused more into full-frame mirrorless camera.

Yeah and what has that got to do with the lens? Do you think if if were for a mirrorless camera the lens would magically defy physics and get much smaller and lighter.

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No, no, no, this wasn't in the script. Nikon and Canon are dinosaurs, just fading into obscurity. The stuff of nightmares for some.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV review (556 comments in total)

Be honest, how slowly is that bike rider moving? Look, good that it had great hit rate, but it hardly seems a challenge for a $1700 camera in 2018. You need more realistic and tougher subjects to test tracking, e.g. dogs chasing a ball or birds in flight or real sports games.

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cosinaphile: while the shots are good , i find the price excessive , and im not sure cheaper options in the m43 universe or apsc camp would do worse in such consistently bright conditions

i seriously doubt iq differences would be apparent without serious pixel peeping

Where is the m4/3 90-200 f/2 + 1.4x which would be the true equivalent of this lens. One reason these superteles are fast is for subject isolation, and beautiful background blur. All those APS-C and m4/3 so called equivalents are only equivalent in FL, but are slow f/5.6 or if you are lucky f/4 on m4/3, so f/11 and f/8 equivalents. Do you really think an Olympus or Panasonic 90-200 f/2 with built in extender wouldn't cost close to $10K and wouldn't be almost as heavy. Hell based on Panasonic's absurd price of their 200 f/2.8, one could easily expect a 90-200 f/2 to rival the Nikon in price. And you'd need f/2 on the m4/3 to get the same noise level for a given exposure and the same background blur.

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Jonathan Brady: Wow... Based on the vitriol in the comments section from folks who have likely never even seen the A7III much less used it, you'd think DPR called people's babies ugly. And stupid. And extra ugly.
It's really kind of sad to read. Hilarious. But, sad.

Babies are ugly and stupid and extra ugly, so what’s your point?

A73 certainly is priced well for what it offers, but I’ll bet Sony is probably getting much smaller margins on this than the A7R3 and A9. It’s no coincidence that just after they claim Canon and Nikon will have FF mirrorless within a year, they release the A73 at a too good to be true price. They’ll take a hit to the bottom line to get in as many sales as possible before they have competition. There’s nothing altruistic about the price. Not that it matters to the consumer, they get a great deal on a great camera. Whether it’s sustainable long term I doubt it with camera sales being what they are. You can’t fund R&D on small profit margins.

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Pete_W: As expected, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth from Canon and Nikon owners now that DPR is recommending FF mirrorless. The future of DSLR looks grim.

I feel sad for people like you that can only feel happy trying to put others down. Owning both types of camera, DSLR’s still have a lot to offer. Not all of us are hung up about size. Maybe you can present an analysis showing how DSLR’s are incapable of taking photos now because they use a mirror.

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On article Pentax K-1 II Review: A worthy upgrade? (1423 comments in total)

Original K1 was about the best value FF camera on the market, but now it seems antiquated in every area and really seems more like a 2010 era camera in most ways with a bit of 2013 thrown in for good measure. Yep it's got good IQ, but so does just about every camera out there now with a sensor bigger than 2/3". And to take a step backward from the brilliant K1 you can just scream.

Where Pentax's clear lack of R&D dollars (under Ricoh) is killing them is AF and video. I know Canon's FHD video is poor with a rated true res of about 750p, but Pentax is rated even worse and trails every brand in AF and video by a long margin.

This camera is at best a fw update of the original and to bake in heavy-handed NR into RAW that can't be disabled, is simply a knuckle-headed decision. I can't see how anyone could choose this other die-hard fans with a huge legacy glass line-up and if you own the K1 why bother.

The future for Pentax under Ricoh doesn't look great IMO and that's just sad.

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String: While I'm glad there are some great free products out there, the most valuable thing I have right now is time. I certainly don't want to play around with another interface, getting addons to work, etc. etc. G'luck!

I use GIMP at work since I don't have PS, and indeed it takes a while to get used to the totally different interface and way of doing things. I'm learning by trial and error and somethings are easy and intuitive others not so much. It would take a while to master it but I know PS so well I'm not so sure I want to become expert in another tool, but this is a big update and you cannot deny the features and all in a free product, simply amazing.

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On article DPReview TV Episode 1: Sony a7 III review (346 comments in total)

Discovered these guys on youtube a few months and subscribed to their channel. Very informative and balanced reviews and now amongst my go to sources fro information

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On article Why smartphone cameras are blowing our minds (447 comments in total)

Sorry, why do think this technology is somehow limited to just smartphones. Computational photography has been developing for 20 years at least, but now we have the on-board processing power to start to fully realise it’s potential. For example depth from defocus is a computational process and when I was at Canon they were trying to implement it to create much better background blur from cheap and slow lenses (with not a much success).

Sure smartphones have much more powerful processing power than cameras at the moment, but that will change, a camera is a much larger device and is more capable of better heat dissipation and has battery life improves, expect cameras to leverage this greater computational power along with improved connectivity for AI.

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Photography contests bring out the worst in people nowadays. The sheer volume of entries means people will go to any length to win. They are no longer fun, and you can no longer have faith in the integrity of the process.

Link | Posted on Apr 28, 2018 at 00:34 UTC as 99th comment

Thank you very much for highlighting this. I had only considered stacking for noise reduction and to remove people in a scene. Also hadn't realised you needed hand-held shots in this case as you require slight shifts between images. But how much shift can it cope with? Handheld you could easily get multi-pixel shifts, certainly be a fluke to only get single pixel shifts. It clearly works, the 4 shot version is much crisper, like shooting with and without AA filter in place. I suspect it would make more difference on say 5D3 than 5DsR.

The other thing I like is say you want to print larger, this would provide better results by far than just up-rezzing a single file by bicubic say. I often only want to up-rezz say 20-30% on images which have been cropped a lot, so you could do this and 4 shot method and then resample the image down to whatever size you want, not just native. Lot's to try.

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KoolKool: will this technique help me increase sharpness and fix soft corner problem of my crap kit len?

It can't fix lens aberrations like distortion, but it will improve sharpness, by how much, who knows? You'll just have to test it and see how it turns out. It can't perform miracles.

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