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3DSimmon: Components are just the tip of the ice berg, it's the team that brought them all together from plans to final product that deserve a large chunk of the cost.

Yes and those costs have been amortized across hundreds of millions of phone sales. They don't start from scratch each time a new generation comes out. It's a tweak of the previous generation which was a tweak of the one before and so on. Adding in a new gen CPU and the latest tech doesn't cost them the world, yet they keep increasing the cost every time.

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Deardorff: While getting a bit better Canon still lags in higher dynamic range sensors. Don't always need it but when I do it would be very nice to have. Head to head with friends Nikon in challenging light I can see the difference. General use, not so much. Why can't Canon at least match their competition?

I own the 5D4 and A7R3 and I can basically push the 5D4 as hard as the A7R3 in high contrast situations other than at base ISO where Sony has the edge for sure, but unless you accidentally are underexposing 5 stops where the Sony can be rescued more easily, in the real world the 5D4 can easily be pushed 4 stops and still have clean shadows and if you are regularly needing more than that you need to look at your technique. From ISO 160 up the 5D4, D850 and A7R3 have basically same DR as verified by

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Carrmack: Sony is and has been listening to the consumers, Fuji too, Nikon sort of listens, now Canon is finally starting to listen.

If Sony listened they would have fixed the star eater issue, they would have made the cameras with better ergonomics, they would have released many more APS-C lenses. All companies do silly things and ignore important issues. I agree Fuji is unique in releasing very good firmware updates and adding functionality to even old cameras, but Canon, Nikon and Sony do not do this (well Canon did it once for the 7D and 1DX). No company is perfect and expecting them to be catering to every body's whim is unrealistic

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Mateus1: I loved my 5D mk1 with a few L glasses.

But in four years I lost trust to Canon. Completely. 100%. I do not trust these guys.
And I am not going back to Canon. There are enough good and better options nowdays.

Anybody paying $5000 for a 5D4 in Australia is insane, totally certifiable. It can easily be found non-grey for $4300 or so and grey is now under $4K. Yes it's expensive, but guess how much the D850 and A7R3 cost in Australia.

Also comments about I don't trust Canon are ridiculous. What's not to trust, did they kill your cat or something. It's one thing to say you don't find their products compelling anymore, but to say you don't trust them is absurd.

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The Fat Fish: I'm glad Sigma are bringing their fantastic lenses to E mount. I really want to move to Sony but the lens variance is a big barrier for me.

Also I know it doesn't matter, but did they have to pick such an ugly design for the flange extension?

No one said anything about the looks of the lenses, I like them too, I'm talking about the size and weight and the lazy approach to delivering FE lenses. At least they have said they are going to design native FE lenses from scratch going forward, which is really important for UWA lenses. Compare the Sony 12-24 FE to the Sigma Art 12-24 and it's less than half the weight and much smaller. Imagine a true native FE version of the 14-24 f/2.8, we could expect it to be under 800g easily.

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These moronic tall aspect ratios and now 6.3" phones, phones are becoming less desirable every generation, not more.

I can just imagine Apple must be waiting for as many companies to copy the notch as possible before launching legal action. Asus has already copied it, claiming their customers demanded it.

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On article Sigma interview: 'This is just the beginning' (309 comments in total)
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The Fat Fish: I'm glad Sigma are bringing their fantastic lenses to E mount. I really want to move to Sony but the lens variance is a big barrier for me.

Also I know it doesn't matter, but did they have to pick such an ugly design for the flange extension?

I’m not, lazy approach gluing an MC-11 onto lenses designed for DSLR. They are all grossly overweight and will be ridiculously unbalanced on the Sony and now centre of mass is pushed another 1” further out.

Let’s hope Tamron design their FE lenses from scratch.

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vyoufinder: If I were Sony, I would dump APS-C altogether and offer a very cheap "true entry level", full frame camera. IMO, It's not "entry level" if it means you'll be replacing it all later as in the case of APS-C being intended as "entry level." Start them on FF and keep them there with their lenses. Give entry level a chance to buy lenses for a cheap body. Why not?

I agree, look at the A73, how feature rich it is and yet only $500 dollars more than a6500 and yet a much better camera. They should release and A5 series, say 6fps, lesser AF, few other key features missing, but price it at $1499. No one would miss the a6xxxx. Alos let's face it, it's likely a6700 will be $1699 knowing Sony's pricing strategy and why on earth would you buy that over the A73, which also has better ergonomics. a6xxx are worst camera on the market for having poor ergonomics

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Quantum Scientist: The only way they could say less would be to talk longer. This interview is like distilling a gallon to get a drop. Canon should have had a full frame mirrorless like Sony a year or two ago.

Why? Seriously only since A9 are the Sony FF mirrorless desirable and not full of compromises. Rightly or wrongly Nikon and Canon would not accept those compromises in high end products. I think mirrorless has now come of age and it's no coincidence so do Nikon and Canon. Things like EVF, AF and battery life has improved dramatically. I don't care if Canon or Nikon are last to the market as long as it's compelling and one way they can easily distinguish themselves from Sony is with superior ergonomics. I bought the A7R3 to compliment my DSLR's and really like the camera opverall, but it's too small and I miss the top LCD of DSLR and the lack of room between lens mount and grip. The thing is other mirrorless makers have not made the same mistake as Sony, so it's not a design issue, it's Sony's philosophy to have crazy small mirrorless FF< even though they now have fast and large lenses that don't balance so well on the tiny body. I hope Canon and Nikon don't follow the same philosophy.

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Indohydra: One possible remaining reason to chose the A7R III over the A7 III. If you habitually need to crop your images ..or blow them up to room may still prefer the larger file size of the R.
Otherwise the non-R may be the better, cheaper, faster camera for most applications.

I would love to hear alternate views....

Well cropping is a part of life, espeically if you do birding or wildlife and currently with Sony's pathetic lack of long glass, you need all the pixels you can get. When (If) Sony release 500/600mm options the A73 will be a lot more viable, but currently if you are stuck with 400mm zoom and 1.4x TC, give me the 42MP A7R3. However A73 has great specs and really can't see how they can justify the massive premium of the A9 over this. At best A9 is worth say $1K more IMO, the stacked sensor and 10fps is not worth $2.6K. They need to really make the A9II special, better ergonomics, larger physically, improved DR etc and make it cheaper or a lot higher res.

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Fran Camargo: What can we conclude from Canon's statements?
We recognize our incompetence to continue producing our DSLR cameras and we are now going to move to the camera market without a mirror. Canon enthusiasts: Before getting any conclusions about what's coming, I think wise to wait silently, in recent years Canon has simply eaten in the battle of technology. Who guarantees that this will change from now on?

We recognise our total dominance of the DSLR market has left our competitors in the dust. Now to turn to mirrorless and do the same again.

Canon even outsells Sony in mirrorless in Japan.

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Eric Hensel: Just dropped in to see what the DPR Troglodytes think.
I'm never disappointed.

All the angry white men will be blowing head gaskets today, seething with hatred at how they've been emasculated by femo-nazis and the liberals.

To all of them, you hear that? It's the world's smallest violin playing your pathetic tune.

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SmilerGrogan: I hope the noise reduction isn't TOO good because then sensor geeks won't be able to spend all their free time arguing about pixel wells and photons all that and they might be forced to talk to their wives.

It's hilarious you think they have wives.

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Peter G: It's far better to eat your own lunch (cannibalize your sales) than have someone else do it.

Any company that won't do this is doomed, as a competitor will gleefully do it for them.

It seems that Canon is only doing this reluctantly after other companies started doing this to them, and that isn't a good sign.

Why would Canon or Nikon have been in a rush to go into mirrorless? They were dominating sales of ILC with DLSR’s and in so many areas the first two generations of Sony FF mirrorless were rather ordinary. Yes now finally Sony has finally made the mirrorless cameras that are actually desirable and have great AF, great EVF and good battery life, but still have crummy ergonomics. The A9 finally showed what real advantages mirrorless can have over DSLR’s, with insane shooting speed, full silent e-shutter, almost no rolling shutter and AF at least as good as the pro cameras from Canikon. I think we now have compelling reason to move to mirrorless not the mumbo jumbo about smaller lighter cameras. It’s the fact mirrorless can do things impossible by DSLR’s.

Ultimately we all know in say 5 years there will be almost no DSLR’s still being made, the benefits of mirrorless are too compelling to ignore. But that has really only become apparent recently.

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ozturert: Hilarious to read comments here.
Canikon lens 95% of DSLR market, and Canon already is ahead of Sony in Japan in mirrorless market.
And still "Canon is this, Canon is that"...
DxOMark-headed and spec-sheet-headed forum birds :)
By the way I'm happy with my EM1 II.

Sony is way behind Olympus in Japan, Canon is number two. Very embarrassing for Sony I would say. Looks like the Japanese don’t care about 4K that much and possibly prefer the real ergonomics of the Olympus and Canon cameras.

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Reactive: This is a truly obscene price for such a tiny robot.

For this price it could have at least looked like BB-8 or R2-D2 or had an Apple logo on it.

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On article CP+ 2018: Hands-on with Laowa 'Magic Shift Converter' (119 comments in total)

Laowa making some fantastic products now like the 15 f/2 zero-D FE, qulsity is right up there with the best. Lenses look great and are a good price considering build and IQ. Looks like another winner at great price.

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On article CP+ 2018: First Look - Sony 400mm F2.8 G Master (462 comments in total)

It's actually the Canon 400 f/2.8L IS II, that's why there is no lettering on the switches.

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Anthony MC: New model and it is already behind against its competition. What's wrong with Canon? Why wont they give us a product that's not behind in tech?

It's not so much behind in tech as deliberately feature crippled. Why offer 4K only to totally gimp it with with massive crop, and worse still no superb DPAF. This sort of crap drives me insane. There is no reason on earth they had to do this. They could have easily used full sensor read-out or at worst say a mild 1.2x crop then oversampled the data down to 4K.

Rest of the camera is pretty nice, but having used DPAF for 4K video in 5D4, now way I could be without it. So I'm still blacklisting Canon mirrorless for this and the lack of lenses. The other pitiful thing is the crap 15-45 f/6.3 for god's sake.

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thx1138: It's no better than the 135 f/1.8 as a "bokeh master". The 135 is superior in a way. It goes out of focus faster once out of the zone of DoF and it's blur circles will be the same size as the 105mm when well outside the zone of DoF. Given it weighs 0.5kg less and takes much smaller and cheaper filters why on earth would you bother with the ludicrous 105mm. It might make the better astro lens I guess but that will mean a tracker.

That's a beautiful photo, but the stars aren't pin sharp, there are small trails.

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