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    Because last time the OP asked for comments on a picture I took the trouble to give a thoughtful critique, as did others. the OP did not engage with any of the responses. So this time I just ...
  • Replied in Pic review:
    I wanted to show a baby size compared to that of the boat. That looked interesting to me. In second one I wanted to show how they were relaxing with their feet in water.
  • Replied in Pic review:
    Not fibreglass 😅. Wood! Always wood.
  • Replied in Pic review:
    Thanks jlina. You are so colourful.
  • Replied in Pic review:
    I realised that too that I should have taken a wider shot.
  • Replied in Pic review:
    Thank you Chris. I guess every one here aspects you to get your things right in first time.
  • Created discussion thread Pic review:
    How are these pics ? Do you like it ?
  • I can understand you. I have to learn to see things as the camera processes and displays us because of the low dynamic range of the sensor. I have to not see with my eyes but I have to make my ...
  • 😃 me too. I too notice the middle part and unknowingly don’t pay attention to the edges. But how to train to look the entire screen ?
  • Coloured one is far better😊
  • Created discussion thread Pic Review
    How is it in terms of color ,composition ,framing ,subject selection , contrast and everything. I know the second pic is a little bit under sharp.
  • Yes, We plan and then we fail😞 . So disappointing. 👊🤨
  • That is the case. I shot so many pics . Every pic looked interesting in my viewfinder and also on screen but when I opened it on my laptop some were having problem with spacing ie foreground ...
  • What is tethered shooting. I use d5200 +70-300mm f4.5-5.6 g Ed vr
  • I don’t mean sharpness and color or exposure . That is all well. I am talking about where should the elements be. About framing and composition. I am saying the composition looked fine in ...
  • Created discussion thread View in a camera screen
    I want to ask is it ok that you take a pic and your photo looks good on a small camera screen but when you open it on your laptop it isn’t. Does every one experiences this. Is it necessary to open ...
  • Well I don’t like you😊
  • Well I like how two of the deer are sitting the same way and two of them eating. Plus this pic would not work in high contrast. It’s not a thumb rule to have every pic with high contrast and have ...
  • It’s me here. I am your guy. I think none of your images are clean. None of them had a main subject. The bench is conflicting with the child. Wide view one is fine. The zoomed one is boring. Birds ...
  • Created discussion thread what’s Your opinion !
    Yesterday I was hanging out with my friends I we stumbled upon these two photos. We started debating about it and in the end reached to no conclusion. I want to ask you guys what do you think ...
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