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perfectionist007: Since Fuji says their lenses is already capable of 100mp sensors and beyond that means they are on their way for introducing a 100mp in three years time. This enough time for people to get swoop in for buying their lenses.

easy enough to say that when you don't have to really prove it.

just about any lens is good enough for 100mp btw - you will always get more resolution out of a lens with a higher mp sensor.

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livelong: What kills MF is the criminal price on cameras and lenses. There is no reason for MF to be $10k and more. This Fuji should be priced at $4k price with a lens, then it will rattle the market and grow MF market share. If not, beware Fuji, I'm not biting

my prediction.. the lenses from 2K to 8K, the body around 8K with the kit lens.

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Well it's hard to get excited over such a vague announcement.

the devil is in the details, not a nice glossy brochure. what's the EVF dots, the LCD? fps, sync speed,etc... especially with it not using leaf shutter, is it limited to a rudimentary sync speed? 14 bit? 16 bit?

these lenses, are going to cost, like all MF (and certainly Fuji has never been considered on the cheap end of lenses), so we're probably talking a system cost of 20,000 for the UWA, zoom and a prime or so + camera. that may even be on the low end.

what's the long term growth really of this sensor size? will sony even develop more? is it worth it to them? all the other main MF systems use bigger sensors.

and ISO and shutter speed dials *sigh*

when compared against something like the A99II (I cant believe i said that) .. it's hard to see the place for a .79 crop factor and a fairly minimal image DR/noise ratio gain, certainly not like you get from APS-C to FF. Even sony A mount lenses are cheaper.

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Timbukto: "The newly-developed high-speed TruePic VIII Image Processor and a new 20.4 megapixel live MOS sensor will work in concert with the camera’s electronic shutter to provide full resolution images at a maximum 60 frames per second in AF and AE lock, and up to 18 frames per second with continuous AF and AE tracking."

So does that mean 18FPS requires pure electronic shutter mode which means all the caveats of rolling read-out electronic shutters?

Oh I missed that.

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rrccad: somewhere in the bowels of Olympus.. there's a poor engineer reading this announcement going ..


lol.. the poor engineering team is now taking turns hitting there heads against the brick wall of the lab.

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somewhere in the bowels of Olympus.. there's a poor engineer reading this announcement going ..


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at full 60 fps full raw output .. good grief.. the ability to super rez the output from this is insane.

you don't even really need the 50MP high rez mode. just good software to take the 10-20 frame burst from that and you can superrez up to 80MP without much of a problem in post processing.

granted you have no AF, but the ability to burst shots from the sensor at incredibly high speeds and full RAW opens up a ton for DR, superrezzing and other applications computationally after the fact.

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livelong: Whoa!!!!!!! Is this, finally, a 5DIV killer?

for the 12 people still using A mount.

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shame no real update / news since April with respects to the DL mirrorless.

Surprised no DLSR development announcements at the very least.

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well that 23mm lens for this has me interested.

but it would probably cost a kidney and a first born.

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pretty sweet looking camera.

certainly may get some re-interested in the A mount.

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PieterB: I more or less agree. I owned the a6000 and now own the a6300 and it is stunningly good but also enormously fiddly. The ergonomics are pretty bad. Nevertheless, the writer shows a clear prejudice towards Sony and Canon.

A more ergonomic body with bigger controls (like the Fuiji X-T2) would be welcome.

But the EOS M5 would have been a brilliant camera in 2014. In 2016 it is scarely lagging behind even at the introduction.

Canon is perfectly capable of delivering a stunning camera but they don't want to because they don't want to cannibilise their other product lines. And so they come up with some products that may be okay, but had they really tried, they would have been world class.

As a Sony shooter, I would have liked this to be a real Sony beater but fact of the matter is, it isn't.

Think what you like about Sony, but Sony is not holding back. Canon is.

I'm curious how do you know DiGiC had enough high speed data lanes to support UHS-II?

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UneVache: "this is the camera that Canon should have released at least two years ago," ... so ? When you see how EOS 6D still sell on the market (and still works and compares to competition in real life shooting) for a four years (+1 day lol) camera... Does it mean that finally Canon had manage to be two years ahead of the mirrorless competition ?
Sorry for the troll but seriously: who cares ? If the camera is well made, have serious features, works and sells well, it's a good thing for the market. If it doesn't I'm afraid it will be just a consequence of people keeping shooting and filming 4k videos with their smartphone and doing it more and more from now on. I don't think any of the competitor will do better against that, especially some "wannabes as good as DSLR" that has this only argument to sell the gear since ... at least 4 years ... ;)

if you are a WA-UWA shooter, nothing beats the 11-22 for $399.


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JohnHoppy: Fact is, Barney, the M5 will sell, Canon's marketing clout will see to that. And in general it appears to be a reasonable effort - just took them 7 years to get here, and only now because they see chunks of potential market disappearing. Whilst I agree with most of your comment, what did you expect? Canon set their backs to mirrorless from the start, because it threatened their cash cows. (I remember their chairman in 2009 arrogantly stating, "We are unconcerned.") Now in appearing to have made a U-turn, they have to save face. They don't see it as a "could-have-been" as you do. They believe the world will follow Canon regardless and are still sat on the fence, they will fly the SLR flag as long as they can. That said, their designers are capable of top class, but are they being given their head? The mirrorless boys will not sit still and watch.

I'd love to see that quote. prove it.

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Expat Nomad: Enjoyed the footnotes, Terry... I mean Barney.

Enjoyed the commentary. As a user of an EOS 5 with said amazing eye-control, I agree.

I had 3 EOS film camaras with eye control.

worked like crap with my glasses.

was cool to show to Nikon friends, that was about it.

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JEROME NOLAS: Will Nikon boys stand up and announce new mirrorless camera now?

wouldn't that be at least 2 years late as well even if they announce something in the next few days? ;)

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Greg VdB: Now I get it! Barney's disappointment must be similar to what we've all felt whenever it took two years before our camera of interest was reviewed ;-)

You Sir, just won the Internet for the day.

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HaroldC3: So despite the utter disappointment that is the M5, you would still purchase it over the Sony (who arguably has been much more innovative with their mirror less cameras). Why? DPAF can't be the only reason. Why don't you? (Or maybe you are?)

sorry I'd never buy a Fuji for ergonomics. the ability to have C1 and C2 dials that control every possible aspect of the camera in memory are much too important than to be dealing with a 1970's era ergonomics

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Lawrencew: As a Canon DSLR user and a former M owner I will agree with Barney and I think I can see where he is coming from.

Its not that the M5 isn't a decent camera. I am probably going to get one and will of course take some great photos with it. But it is distinctly not cutting edge and lacks any wow! features that make me burst with anticipation. Canon don't seem to do that of late, especially when it comes to MILCs...

It even lacks many small features compared to many competitors now. Put aside the elephant in the room, or he who shall not be named (OK, its 4K) , and theres still lots of other things you think Canon would be doing by now that would just make the user's life a little easier. Heck, ML can add all manner of little but useful things to Canon cameras - but Canon themselves seem totally reluctant to do so.

However, like all Canon's of late its just a (hopefully) solid, reliable, decent performer that wont let you down. And for many, that's all they really ask.

if people are looking at specs then most likely they are looking at the system.

Support certainly made my shy away (with some other issues) from an A7RII. there was no way I was going to give Sony USA 3K+ with trash support and service to back it up.

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rrccad: ** Early press briefings on the EOS M were memorable for the unwavering insistence on the part of Canon's PR team that the M was being marketed primarily to women and smartphone camera upgraders.



Within this market, our new DSLRs, such as one for advanced amateurs that offers improvement in tracking fast moving subjects, and an entry-level model that is network-enabled, have contributed to our sales. For mirrorless cameras, we have expanded unit sales, particularly in Asia, running advertising campaigns targeting young people and females. As a result, we sold 1.5 million interchangeable lens cameras in the second quarter, representing sales that were in line with last year, which was also the case in the previous quarter.

That's kind of what they are doing...

I get the USA / Male / Enthusiast focus (no pun intended) but isn't it a bit short sighted to think that we're the ONLY ones to purchase cameras?

oh I'm sure if Olympus could sell more than a half a million cameras a year they'd happily do so.

especially when the camera depart is barely making a profit

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