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Hey, soon we all will be able to not only persist on our very own and personal realities, we'll be able to actually document it. i.e. It's not true until you saw it.

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Casio, rings a bell??

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Wait what?!? No Raw editing, no smart objects, no layer styles? I am holding my breath not to dig into Affinity on iPad (which I bought) since they announced "Photoshop on iPad, not Photoshop for iPad". My ONLY reason to stick with Adobe for now is the universe they provide, or in this case, promised. But raw editing and smart objects are not nice features, they are the core of Photoshop. Or am I missing something. Anyone has a link to the official roadmap? Because 2019 is almost over now and there's this, which seems to be a half ass Photoshop which might get core features added if we just keep waiting some more months, or years... Or is it really a hardware thing and the dream of iOS is only really a dream?

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Peter Del: The first three are wonderful.
I hope all the plastic is recycled!

Very beautiful images! Really well done. BUT: without the context I didn't see that it was plastic bottles. And to use tons of plastic to say that too much plastic is wasted is not a very well thought through concept imo. They should put a at least $1 cent depot on the bottles world wide, just like they had with glass bottles back in the day. My guess is that much more of them would get recycled.

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