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There's no way on earth anyone on the planet bought this drone in the world.

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Are we acting like Sharp is gonna do anything more than make a couple of security cameras with this ?

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People acting like their own generation wouldn't have done the same thing given these tools, GTFOH!
And aside from that, this whole thing is suspicious, with the retouching style being eerily similar across photos, feels like it was just done by one person.
Regardless, first world problems.

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Beshkno: First of all this camera is intended for serious photographers which automatically excludes 98% of the people who frequent these forums. You say no? Look carefully at most the images posted here as even 50mp offers no redemption to the average hack. Theres a good reason pros who spend 6k on 20MP & 21MP pro Canikon bodies just say no to high MP. Most sports do not need extremely high ISO's. Wildlife photographers don't use nor need extreme high ISO's. Why because they're smart and don't shoot in the dark. I think this will become an excellent choice for pros who need a rugged compact form pro body with a substantial selection of excellent lenses.

I can't tell you the amount of run and gun shoots I've been on where I would have killed to have better high ISO performance. Sensor size is ALMOST everything.

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Meanwhile you can't even shoot clean action shots indoors or at night with that sensor. Virtually the same noise performance as a Canon t2i.

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Still the same sensor as the gopro hero 4 black

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Would you like a kidney with that?

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Jim Evidon: Once again, DPReview show that it prefers to give a big splash to Sony products.

Don't get me wrong. My wife has an a6000 replacing her Sony DSLR and I agree that Sony is on the cutting edge for everything but their infernal menus.
The a6000 is a little wizard and a fine camera.

But certainly, DPReview can consider giving a little more space for some of Sony's competitors. I'm certain that if we were to review DPR's featured cameras over the last six months we would find they are heavily weighted for Sony. If DPReview is to provide a service to it's readers it should review more than a Big Box store's large camera company's sales leaders, even if it is owned by Amazon.

Take Leica for instance. They make excellent cameras; some within the price range of high end Sony's and yet DPR's last review of a Leica camera was back in '09. Sure they have given preview space for new Leica models since then, but no actual reviews. The same can be said of Sigma cameras last reviewed in 2012.

What competitors

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Mssimo: I would like to see this compared to the Sony A7s. I would not be surprised to see the Sony be much better.

I don't think a $2400 camera with loads of features is gonna out-perform a $30,000 camera who's only feature is low-light performance

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Canon probably just wants the label of best low-light camera. All those articles and viral videos about the A7S probably did some damage and they realized they could eliminate that without even creating a real product.

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On article Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal (740 comments in total)

FZ1000 clone, but with lower rez stills.

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