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iso rivolta: What I'd like to know is why this software correction of barrel distortion is more prevalent now in the mirrorless era? One big advert for mirrorless was simpler wide angle lenses, due to less need for retrofocus designs, but now some of these simpler lenses actually need more software corrections.
Now on making zoom lenses cheaper: I remember about the woeful uncorrected RAW files from compact cameras such as Canon GX7 at wide angle: https://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/canon-g7x-ii/canon-g7x-iiA4.HTM. I really do not want this cheap way to do wide angle zooms to spread in interchangeable lens cameras.

G7X - that certainly takes me back a few years.

Nothing new to software lens corrections as part of lens design, but manufacturers have been guilty of pushing it too far, and Canon are one of them with the G7X series.

Sony did a good job with the RX100 III and above, and RX10 series. Here's a comparison I did back in 2014 that shows how much less distortion correction at 24mm the RX100 III needed compared to the G7X:


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Ziginox: Dammit Sony, will you knock off the Canon-like behavior and give us a new APS-C sensor already?
At least this FINALLY gets USB-C!

If you want a better Sony APS-C sensor just try a Fuji :)

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An extraordinarily meagre update - why did they even bother?

Oh, I get it - they didn't.

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From what I can find, Google is still using the same Sony IMX363 sensor that they used in the Pixel 3 in these latest generation handsets. Isn't that ridiculous? That sensor was released in 2016!

I appreciate Google works wonders with software, but can you imagine what they could achieve if they actually paired it with decent hardware?

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On article Sony a9 II review (1265 comments in total)

I bet all those Associated Press photographers are greatly relieved with the Gold award. Can you imagine how disgruntled they would be if they were forced to used gear that only got a DPReview Silver?

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Panasonic release a vlogging camera without IBIS (G100)

Olympus put a flippy screen on the EM10, which would make it great for vlogging with its IBIS - but no mic input!

The world really has turned on its head...

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gavin: OK sounds like what the web has been talking about. If you are mainly doing video then get external recorder or a different camera. For me I don't do enough videos for the over heating to be a real problem. As usual it hits some users more squarely on their needs.

The problem is though, as Gerald Undone found, you can be shooting stills then switch to video and get the overheating warning immediately:

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rashid7: hey everyone, i just finished watching Richard Wong's excellent video review of G100:


It is more than twice as long as Chris & J's preview; much more thorough and revealing. [BtW, if you aren't familiar w/ him, he is excellent and much easier to watch than Robin!!]

WHAT A DIFF ANOTHER REVIEW MAKES! I'm normally a fan of C & J, but now that i've seen this one, i have to say their's was a substandard (crap) review. If you recall, all the Vlog footage was of poor quality and out of focus half the time. In contrast, RW's is excellent, both in quality and in-focus 95%+ of the time. It does render excellent 1080, and he describes the audio as a game-changer. He thoroughly demonstrated the crops for 4k and E-stab. He also did a good test of CAF by moving fwd and back, and in/out of frame.

Guys there's nothing wrong w/ the CAF in 1080! seriously

And look at all the negative comments on that video:

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Horshack: I think the ZV-1 is another demonstration on far Sony has cut their R&D spending. They went from major innovations and cannibalization across iterations of their product line to just rearranging parts from the bin and slapping a different target market designation on it. It's probably the right strategy overall - now that they've carved out a nice market position from enthusiast P&S all the way up to pro FF they can turn back the dial on expenditures and recoup all their previous investments. Still, it's sad to see the pace of innovation slow down from its previous breakneck speed.

@panther fan: "although there is currently only one other APS-C sensor with faster readout and that is the 26MP sensor used in the new Fujis"
And that sensor is made by Sony! They aren't even using their own best APS-C sensor - that really is showing contempt for your customers.

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marc petzold: Sony recycled the fine 24-70/1.8-2.8 Lens once more from the RX100 V, Va, implanted it onto this ZV-1. I just can't imagine, it's being 2020....and Sony releases a Vloggers Camera...perfect for YouTubers and Narcissists...

A fine Weekend.

@marc petzold
That lens goes way back to the RX100 III from 2014!

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Digital stabilization looks pretty poor to me. Just look at the shimmering of the house on the right of Chris's head from 13:25:

That and the tight crop from the digital IS make unsuitable for handheld vlogging as far as I'm concerned.

The lens isn't wide enough - but I guess that's the state of the camera market. More cost-effective to recycle an old lens that to sink R&D costs into developing a lens that's actually fit for purpose - something like a 20-50mm would be ideal.
It sort of defeats the size advantage if you have to put the camera on the clunky selfie stick to get your field of view wide enough. You might as well put a wide lens on a mirrorless ILC - a wider lens needs less stabilization anyway.

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2eyesee: 25.5mm is not wide enough for vlogging. What were Sony thinking?

My arms aren't 4 feet long :(

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On article Hands-on with the Sony ZV-1 (444 comments in total)

25.5mm is not wide enough for vlogging. What were Sony thinking?

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2eyesee: DPR: None of the Fuji cameras reviewed recently (XT-200, X100V, X-A7) appear in the Video Stills Comparison scene. Is there any plan to add them? It would be very useful to compare video quality with other cameras.

In the X100V review the Video Stills Comparison is showing on the video page (https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x100v-review/7), but no images for the X100V (as I type this). Thanks.

@Jeff: You mean you didn't take the studio scene home during the lockdown to setup in your living room? Where's your dedication to the job? :)

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DPR: None of the Fuji cameras reviewed recently (XT-200, X100V, X-A7) appear in the Video Stills Comparison scene. Is there any plan to add them? It would be very useful to compare video quality with other cameras.

In the X100V review the Video Stills Comparison is showing on the video page (https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x100v-review/7), but no images for the X100V (as I type this). Thanks.

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Jonathan Mac: Nice review, looks like a very good little camera. It strikes me as strange though to recommend shooting cropped jpegs just because the aspect ratio matches that of the screen. I think it's far better to use the full size of the sensor and crop if required.

I sounds like that's just the default setting of the camera - not a recommendation from the reviewer. You point stands though - strange for photos not to take advantage of the entire sensor by default. 16:9 is a strange ratio for stills.

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I've just been having a look at Resolve, and while I'm not a complete novice to video editing it does seem rather overwhelming for a beginner.

I then tried another free alternative suggested in this thread - HitFilm Express. With HitFilm it was much simpler just to do simple things a transition and brightness/contrast adjustments. I was using a Cine2 clip from my RX10 IV and just clicked Auto Contrast/Levels/Color and it looked great. Resolve seemed to require much more tedious manual adjustments.

In terms of performance though, Resolve rendered my output twice as fast as Hitfilm, and previewing effects seems a lot smoother.

Overall though I'd have to say Hitfilm is much more suited to beginners. Resolve is obviously a very powerful too, but not for the faint hearted!

That's my take anyway - I'd be interested in other recommendations for cheap/free video editors.

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On article Which Sony RX100 is right for you? (848 comments in total)

That an article like this is needed just shows what a mess Sony's product release strategy is. And this is hot on the heals of the A6000 vs A6100 vs A6300 vs A6400 vs A6500 vs A6600 article:


What a shambles! And this is coming from a Sony user (I currently use an RX10 IV).

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The A6X00 series has some of the softest 1080p and worst rolling shutter (in 4K) I've seen in a modern camera.

It's just unbelievable that Sony foist such garbage onto the market when they actually manufacture a better APS-C sensor with faster readout that they sell to Fuji.

The X-T30 has much better rolling shutter performance and decent 1080p.

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UllerellU: I never had trouble getting an eye focused on my A6000. The ISO improvement in low light is anecdotal and the touch screen horrible (I know from my A6500). The new AF is fine, but it's not something I would pay for, the AF of the A6000 is more than enough for anything other than professional sports photography. In my country the A6000 costs € 400, the A6100 € 899. Do not be fooled, for € 100 / $ more maybe it would be an option to consider, at the price that is not worth it, in this web portal they will always want you to update and spend money, seriously, I say it from experience, not worth.

Back in 2014 I had an A6000. The AF was great, but I sold it because the 16-50mm kit lens was rubbish and the only alternative lens was very expensive (the 16-70mm).

It seems that nothing has really changed in those 5 years.

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