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talmy: No application should ever be deleting any file in the root directory. This is outrageous. What else might Adobe be doing to your computer's file system in places it should not be touching?

quiquae's guess was mine too. The problem for Adobe is that accidental deletion is such an obvious and well known risk, that any competent team would defend against it. For example, by performing all deletions though a function that validated against a list of allowed targets. Even better, by requiring a check for a known file with the directory. And I'd expect any new or changed deletion code to get extra attention at the code review stage.

This, and other recent problems, suggest that Adobe just don't have the capability to operate the Creative Cloud successfully. I hope they will take this incident as a wake-up call. But the response so far doesn't indicate that their senior management have even noticed what happened yet.

I like CC too, but if there is going to be a drama with every other update (which I've had so far) I'll be forced to use something less capable.

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barjohn: I'm not sure you aren't giving Fuji too much credit for carrying about the customer versus their bottom line. The X-Pro1 is still a relatively new camera and sales were probably not what Fuji expected after their wildly successful X100. As an early X100 owner, I can tell you that there are still many things that need to be addressed in the X100 and no firmware 2.0 has materielaized and they are still selling this model. Many of these improvements would be welcomed by X100 owners that seem to have been forgotten.

Even though I still like my X100 and haven't sold it, I didn't buy into the X-Pro1 or X-E1 because of the way they treated X100 owners. Instead I purchased an OM-D and I may now replace the X100 with the new Sony R-1. Had Sony built in a view finder there is no doubt that I would already have my order in for the R-1.

Well said! The X100 has significant faults that ought to be fixable in firmware. I wouldn't consider another Fuji for that reason.

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On article Fujifilm produces limited edition of 10,000 black X100s (101 comments in total)

OK, but for this price, Fix the Firmware Fuji!

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Wilksn: Have had the Fuji x100 now for three weeks and am totally pleased with the quality of the images! I had read the DPreview on this camera first so was aware of any of the quirky issues out front.
Excellent review
Only complaint so far are the updates. I use Apple lion platform and Fuji x100 CDROM for update usage is a legacy format and no longer supported by Apple. Using CDROM's is so old school. Why not allow for firm ware updates on line? So now we have to wait for Fuji to update their platform for any firmware updates.

The update program IS available online. Or, without the update program, you can use an SD card reader to copy the firmware image on to an SD card. See the X100 Forum for details.

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