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SmilerGrogan: And let me say as a Nikon user I'm glad that these boring middle aged guys are so conservative because it means I don't have to worry about lens mounts being changed every 15 minutes like Sony does or buying into Canon mirrorless and then having the company stop releasing new lenses.
Now if they would only admit their mistakes quicker and fix them it would be the perfect company.

Not a Nikon 1 user, then.

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mike kobal: Yawn

"As for the value that the DL series provides, it is different from DSLR cameras, although the customer may be the same. The value that is provided is different in the sense that the focal length of - say - 24-500mm doesn’t exist in DSLR. A wide range all the way from wideangle to super telephoto. These things are unique to the DL series."

It's a little wider and a little longer than Nikon's 18-300DX (28-450mm-e) DSLR superzoom- uniqueness is easily claimed in marketing-speak.

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Macromind: Total waste of time. No indication as to how to import pictures. "Help" useless.
Communication as to use not available. My trial is over! CS6 and NX are still AOK with me.

It's a pity some use their energy on getting offended - instead of self-education, even in the smaller matters of life.

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victor china: so will it be maybe possible to export fuji xtrans dngs to DXO>?

maybe (although i am not sure about it from the way the diagram looks).

Is the program unable to read DNG? If not both Adobe's (for those who choose to convert first at import), and DxO's own exported files, wouldn't the boast about "complete integration" seem to be rather hollow?

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mike kobal: there is no such thing as sh*tty light - only enough or not enough at good or bad angles ;)

Pssssst... it was remaindered after Thanksgiving...

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mitrii57: The crucial use of camera in smartphone for me is the documents copying, like in CamScanner. I.e. bw A4 documents, handheld in available light in the room, without flash.

Then just look for 'espionage' in a camera review's 'Good for' list. :-)

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CeleryBeats: Awesome Camera, awesome review, awesome website, awesome everything

It'd be nice to reserve the word 'awesome' for events like a local star going supernova and outshining the sun - but I suppose we could always fall back on 'pretty neat'.

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On photo Sunset in dan1255's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

A beautiful sunset shot, with the serrated silhouette 'echoed' in the clouds.

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On photo Kiama Waterfront in dan1255's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

An interesting shore object - what is it?

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Mike5076: Interesting read of the comments.

1st Civil War - Is the penultimate contradiction of terms.
2nd Every image showing the atrocities is worthwhile.
3rd True Bravery - is awe inspiring - a photographer taking pictures, knowing the great peril of capture - is inspiring - regardless of "the side" they are on. This is not the same as the soldier stoked by hate committing an atrocity.
4th In the U.S. the Spanish Uncivil War is effectively unknown by anyone under 50 and most certainly under 30.
and lastly, and most importantly, the sharing of an image is one of the most powerful thing anyone can do. Please take a moment to ponder how the speed of shared images has changed the world landscape over the 36 months, 36 years. Images = information and information is power. The more that is shared the better for all of us.

I found the description of civil war as "the penultimate contradiction of terms" thought-provoking.

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NancyP: John Milich makes a DP2/1Merril L bracket with grip, for those who want a more compact, tailored L bracket than available in "generic" L bracket kits.


No affiliation, just a DP2M owner who likes L brackets for single-row panorama work.

Thanks to previous poster for sharing!

Disclaimer: I am not a Sales-dependent wageslave in Corporate Amerika.

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