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  • Replied in Low light
    I hope too, but have been seeing guesses as low as only 1/2 stop better. I'd like to see 2 full stops >5DIII. 2x Digic6 weighs in. 5DS/R no slower than 5DIII (except marginally on fps). Yup.
  • Replied in Though call
    Same AF module in the 5DS/R and 5DIV - maybe DRAW will make a difference?? 5DS/R not as good for video Difficult call. I'm going for both(!) Which would be my only camera? 5DS/R with one  caveat: w ...
  • Replied in 24-105/4 L IS
    Still one of Canon's sharpest lenses.
  • Use it all the time for these lens measurements that you cannot find elsewhere. Also shows why megapixels actually matter a lot for your output picture quality (in spite of all kinds of claims to ...
  • Must have been 50 times I was happy I decided I could not wait anymore and got a 5DS/R when it came out (also upgrading from 5DII at the time). I am surprised how much the 5DIV actually inherits ...
  • Replied in Get a life...
    1) The site is for free. 2) His site contains lots of free information that he spent countless hours working to produce and a lot of people find useful. 3) You went there by your own accord and ...
  • Great idea, but if - if - I get the 5DIV I'm likely to pre-order. Just need to know more about the dual pixel stuff and see the high iso quality to decide.
  • I think there could be healthy demand for a new - updated - 24-105. I would never use the lens myself. And yes - its with the 5DIV+new kitlens I hope to shave off maybe 100$ by reselling - if ...
  • I've never done this before. So looking for expiriance. Did those who bought a kit lens - say with the 5D3 - and sold the lens "as new" think it was worth the fuss instead of just buying the ...
  • Replied in 5Ds or 5DSR
    Have the 5DS/R. No problems with Moire (only noticed it once so far - and did not matter anyway). I think its very difficult to see any difference between the two. I'd let the price decide. The ...
  • Replied in 5Ds or 5DSR
    Which program do you use? If its LightRoom then you should be aware that LightRoom's color profile for the 5DS/R is seriously broken. In this case try taking a photo you are not quite happy with ...
  • Canon does not have a real RAW crop mode and the mirror assembly - not the processing power of the camera limits the 5DIV's fps. Otherwise we would have the (higher) cropped mode fps number already.
  • So not a mistake - but not helpful either.
  • Replied in No II
    I can in Europe. But that's probably not helpful here. Google this: EOS 6D (N) This is Canon's official name for the non-wifi version. In the US for example it will be grey market, so availability ...
  • Replied in No II
    Have it myself. Saved almost 20%. Complete no-brainer I just use my phone for gps-tagging.
  • Replied in No II
    Get the 6D. Buy the non-wifi model. Much cheaper. Better sensor. Better centre focus. Buy L-lens to expand your photographic options further than any camera upgrade will ever do. Save for 5DIV or ...
  • Lots of baby photographers prefer shooting with a either a 35mm or 50mm prime because you can forgo the flash. Its probably as close to perfect as it gets. I would get the 35L II myself in your ...
  • OK, so I had the old 35L and it was one of my most used lenses. However, I sold it and got the 16-35mm f/4 IS L while waiting for the 35L to be upgraded to the 35L II. The zoom is a very nice lens ...
  • The 300mm is the one to get. Its a fantastic lens by all accounts. The difference between the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS L II and 200mm IS L II is too marginal too often to make it worthwhile unless you ...
  • Had something like this once with a CF card that was failing. Now that odd sound however would scare me stiff. Stop shooting and get the camera checked,
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