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I hope Carey was carrying a phone with a decent camera as well.

I couldn't help giggle when I saw the shot of the elephant and read "Forcing myself to work with the 50mm focal length was a challenge that often forced me to see scenes in front of me a little differently than I would with a wider lens"

Its not a question of sensor or quality of optics or stabilisation or the skill of the photographer, just not the right tool for the job in this case unfortunately.

Compromise and composition are not exactly the same thing.

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They still haven't learned have they?

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Joed700: I think dpreview should wait at least a year before giving GOLDEN AWARDS to new cameras. This isn't the first time that a camera gets high marks by Dp and ended up with design flaws...

Thanks to the much hyped issue with D600 and D610 which was introduced as damage control, I managed to buy two perfectly good and extremely capable cameras in form of D600 for about $1000 AUD each. :)

Sold my Old Classic 5D for almost $500 and bought almost new D600 for $1000! I also sold my 5DMkII and MkIII and old 5D and I am very happy with the D600. What are people afraid of? Nikon said they would replace them if they develop problem.
(Thank you Chinese government )
The sensors are clean on both my D600 ( I just use sensor swabs to clean them when needed), the camera works great and the IQ is just amazing, especially the shadows and RAW files are so flexible than my canons. On the sad part, I miss those beautiful canon colours and 135mm f2. But still its a good compromise.

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Just what I was waiting for.

Now I can use a manual focus 100mm macro lens on it with an future adapter and get a super duper telephoto lens !

Love the massive crop factor!

LOL....seems like I am the only one actually waiting all this time why aren't camera makers make excellent compact cameras with interchangable lenses? after nearly 10 years of wishing Pentax made it come true. HUrrah.

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of course...i hope the price will drop to 300-400 dollar mark. I dont even want that lens. Just the body.

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I am probably the only one who thinks its a good idea. Actually I have been hoping that somebody would make a interchangable lens P&S camera or make a camera like Canon G11 where you could take the lens off.

Lo! pentax did it.

Reason: I want to use a cheap supersharp telephotos on this with an adapter to get great magnifications for bird photography.
This option is smaller, lighter and portable and I will be able to use silky smooth MF lens on cheap 135 or 200mm lenses with a great LCD and take bird photos at equivalent of 600-900mm or even greater magnifications.

with patience and some luck.....I am sure we can get amazing photos. Sure to beat Digiscoping!

For the rest of the things...I have my 40d, 50d, EOS 50 and a speed graphic.

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