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Mutovkin: Almost instant purchase. But why in 2017 we don't have HEVC/H265 codec for 4K video? Why is it too much to ask in 1700$ camera? Similarly Apple is finally moving industry away from horrible Jpeg towards HEIF. Which camera maker will be the first with HEIC? I want my 10 bit compressed images, I don't always need raw. Stop with this 8-bit jpeg already. Similarly USB 2.0 in 2017/2018 camera? No 5ghz AC wifi for easy file uploads? And finally would have been great to have GPS in this all-inclusive camera.

Does it have built in ND Filters like the RX10 MKII?

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On article New Sony a9 firmware fixes overheating warning (85 comments in total)
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Azathothh: So now it just overheats and shuts down with no warning. Thanks Sony,

BUY Olympus or Panasonic....no overheating issues whatsoever!!

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proxy: Almost every photo overexposed, blown, would make more sense to dial it down by at least 1/3 EV. Every Raw picture is processed to taste... really? have a feeling that properly setup jpegs would give you same taste in almost every aspect. Not very demanding subjects and light, yet so many "distasteful" results. Can't wait for your FZ2000 pics. For its reach it'll be hard to find better cameras then bridge form Sony and Pana. Optics may not be perfect, agreed, but on the balance of things: reach, total cost, size, weight, convenience and ease of use bridge cams you chose seem the best (don't forget FZ1000). Sure they could be better, but still extremely capable. There is a Japanese video on YT made with FZ1000, planes and airport... very impressive.

Seems to be a heck of a lot of lens distortion on the buildings behind the plane on the second picture above!!

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Sucama: And best than... Pen F too!,.. woow!, this is my Camera ! jaja!

It "is" my camera, jaja, lol!!

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Guimar: I may have missed it, but the review left out the biggest advantage for video this camera has for video, it allows recording until you fill up the memory card or the battery runs out, the others have time cutoff limits.
It doesn't matter how good the image quality is, if it shuts of 30 minutes into a 1 hr shoot.

Guimar........Its funny how they also left out that the fz2500/2000 is equipped with a Galvanometer drive Iris which is used in "professional" Video Cameras, it assures smooth seamless Iris control regarding sudden changes in brightness, even when zooming the cam, excellent news for the Indies eh? i have a (good lens copy) of the fz2000, it can easily match my older fz1000 that i had for over 2 years, i loved it, a true classic, i look at still pictures taken with my fz1000/2000 (similar scenes etc) side by side regularly, and to be totally honest, i cannot see much difference/if any, in any of them, however, i must state that the fz2000 is the "best" still camera/Camcorder combination i have ever owned to date, the best of 2 worlds in one!!

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Menneisyys: BTW, the Traumflieger folks, in their December review, have concluded exactly the same regarding lens quality and its relative sharpness compared to both the FZ1000 and the RX10MkIII. That is, unfortunately, the FZ2000 indeed has an inherently soft lens.

Here's the review URL (German):

BTW, I Already read your repeated comment earlier (above) in this Forum, did you forget that you already posted it In reply to "Marshwader" or what? BTW that is only 1 website including this one, go ahead and count the positive reviews against the negatives and Utube, from what i have read/seen, the positives are vastly outdoing the negatives regarding this Lumix, so it is in my opinion that it is merely a batch problem, BTW, perhaps the FZ2500/2000 that you read about "has" a lens issue, that does not mean "all" have it as "you" pertain!!

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On photo Pitts - Peter Pan Flying Man in the Aircraft - Close and personal challenge (2 comments in total)

An incredible aircraft capture, best I have ever seen so-far, very well captured and congratulations, a well deserved winning shot!!

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DNature: "A problem in which afterimages appeared when recording video under high ISO sensitivity settings in using [V-LogL]" - While they are addressing that for V-Log l (I don't shoot at high ISOs, especially with V-Log L so never experienced this issue), I really wish they would fix the pink banding you get (I have only noticed it in cloudy skies)i with V-Log L.

I shoot in 10-bit 4:2:2 and you get noticeable pink posterisation issue with clouds with V-Log and pink around bright highlights in skies sometimes. I had similar issue with V-Log L on my GH4 shooting to an Atomos Ninja 2 recorder at 10-bit, so its not the codec on the GH5 that was causing it.

Have a read at this, this may help.


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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1203 comments in total)
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vFunct: You're paying extra for m4/3 format. Remember, smaller sensors are better for video, since larger sensors are much harder to focus and end up leaving in a horrible out-of-focus blur for everything. Photographers might love it, but actual cinematographers hate the shallow depth-of-field effect.

Not only does shallow depth-of-field look ugly in video, it's also harder to control. Editors always complain about cinematographer shots being out-of-focus, ruining their videos.

Smaller sensors mean more shots in focus.

Also with M4/3 Cameras, ya don't need ta carry a cool box around with ya for the larger sensors, regards their horrible overheating issues, lol!!

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On photo High Altitude Rocky Mountain Railroad in the On the Rails... challenge (23 comments in total)

A beautiful shot, and from the 350d, very well done!!


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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1203 comments in total)
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NaBalam: Could this device be classified as a "video camera that can shoot stills"? Maybe somewhere around 70%-30%...?

I thought 400 lines was astonishing at the time, however, the GFS1000 could manage an incredible 420 lines, there was another (at the time) camcorder, it was the JVC GRS 707 S-VHS C with the smaller SVHS-C Tape that required a full-size VHS adaptor, the GRS707 was around the same price, if not slightly cheaper than the GFS1000, the manual controls on this thing were incredible, out classing the GFS1000, however, it could only resolve around 370 lines, 50 lines of a difference, a pure shame really, so I went with the GFS1000, but those extra 50 lines on the GFS1000 made a "big" difference when you copied your tapes to a full-size S-VHS recorder, here Panasonic made the best with manual controls, audio-dubbing, jog-shuttle dial, etc, now you look at the video quality of say the GH5 with 4K, wow, awesome! ah! but those Linier editing systems consisting of 2 leads were the days, eh, lol!!

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1203 comments in total)
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Elite83: Finally, an A7RII killer. For video anyway.

Do you get 12mts instead of 11mts then?

Link | Posted on Mar 17, 2017 at 23:35 UTC
On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1203 comments in total)
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NaBalam: Could this device be classified as a "video camera that can shoot stills"? Maybe somewhere around 70%-30%...?

In 1990 I remember purchasing a JVC GFS1000 (full size tape) S-VHS camcorder, top-tech at the time at a STAGGERING` price of £2100, I remember drooling over its picture quality, however, I always dreamed of a camera with extraordinary video quality in the not too far future, and now it is here, the GH5, and not much more cost than the JVC, probably cheaper when you dial in the price difference from 1990!!

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On photo Coast In in the Turboprop incoming. challenge (5 comments in total)

A superb capture of this fine Aircraft, very well done, and congratulations on winning 1st place!!


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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (502 comments in total)
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Nukunukoo: Wish they'd offer a firmware update on the Mark II to add the prefocus feature of the III.

tbcass I am not a fanboy, everybody is entitled to their opinion on here, right or wrong, I am not denying the RX10III is a very good camera, I don't have an fz1000, it seems to be that you are the fanboy if anyone else dare say anything against the Sony you really do jump to its defence, enough of the fanboy material please, at least against me!!

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (502 comments in total)
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Michael_13: It surely has a great lens, but what is this?


Is it due to heat waves or some strange "sharpening" algorithm?

If thats the case, why then is the Panny fz1000 kicking the Sonys a*s in that comparism?

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Derek Rivas: kind of expensive

Iooking at this site, i feel there always seems to be a biased, gushing, glowing admiration by the reviewers for Sony Products, nearly every second sentence in the review above is that overpowering gushing, glowing admiration by the reviewer for the sony RX10III, I was not sure whether it was a review for the fz2500/2000 i was reading about, or a review for the RX10III, make of that what you will!!

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Buddha003: Guys, don`t be fooled, if you wonder which is the best superzoom and you are hesitant between Sony RX10 Mark III and this camera, please just check direct comparisons on youtube and you`ll see that they ALL agree that the Panasonic LFZ2500 is the BETTER camera as a WHOLE, offering MORE in some aspects for MUCH less money and it is the BEST supezoom ever built! And here the Sony RX10 Mark III has higher score... really ?! For a camera at this price tag with so much accent on its video capabilities with no fully articulated and no touch screen and sometimes severe focus haunting during video com`on... We all know that the Panasonic deserves a gold reward and you can read more objective review here:

Totally agree with you, the fz2500/2000 had to be talked down, because it is so darned good, best fz camera out there....period!!!

Link | Posted on Feb 24, 2017 at 02:43 UTC
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Kaso: This review is soft and contains a lot of noise. The views expressed are not wide enough. Negative adjectives should be used judiciously. Well, there are at least 5 decent reviews of this camera just a tab-click away.

The fz2500/2000 had to be talked down, the reason is: it is "too good" and the best bridge camera out there so far, why has Panasonic not reacted to any of these allegations about its lens? could it be that most new owners are entirely satisfied with their copies of it? and that there has been no complaints made of this "gigantic issue" to Panasonic? it really seems strange, the vast majority of most other Website and UTube reviews give the camera a very high rating!!

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS 77D (450 comments in total)
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Paul B Jones: What is it that Canon knows that DPR readers don't?

Oh, now I remember. How to run a camera company that actually makes money.

Paul B Jones
So why are you here?

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