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They should have used a Canon. "Hey, a cannon got stuck in the seat. We got it unstuck and all is well."

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This story mentioned nothing about noise levels. I'm sure that particular Nikon produced more noise than any other camera in history.

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MikeFairbanks: Remember the last "floppy" discs, the ones that were about 3.5 by 3.5 inches?

They were 1.3 mb. Crazy how far we've come in such a short time.

You can buy a real house in some parts of Florida for under twenty grand. Better bring your pit bulls, though, as those neighborhoods are rough.

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I love aerial photography. Thanks for the article.

I still haven't done it from a proper aircraft yet (except horrible pics from commercial jets while traveling). Around here it can be done in an airplane for a little under 200 for an hour with pilot. That's not bad if you have a really good plan.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot to shoot from the air in Atlanta, but I still want to try it anyway. Looks fun.

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Remember the last "floppy" discs, the ones that were about 3.5 by 3.5 inches?

They were 1.3 mb. Crazy how far we've come in such a short time.

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On article Getty employs robots for underwater shots in Rio (40 comments in total)

This new technology is making quite a splash.

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MikeFairbanks: They should have brought all Nikon gear. That way they wouldn't have to worry about any of it getting stolen. ;)

It's a joke, hence the wink at the end. Nikon makes outstanding products that are just as likely to get stolen.

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They should have brought all Nikon gear. That way they wouldn't have to worry about any of it getting stolen. ;)

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Sean65: I think camera specific bags are a bad idea in certain areas. It's a bit like advertising you're photographer and your bag is full of valuable gear. If I know i'm only going to be using a 70 200 and a body I'd leave the main camera bag somewhere safe and just walk around with what I need in a plastic supermarket bag.

I would venture to say that a plastic bag with the bio hazard symbol would be ideal for carrying expensive gear. Maybe even convert one of those red, used-needle boxes into a camera case. Or use a diaper bag purposely stained with brown dye in various areas.

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According to the photographer, when asked about the incident said, "I could barely breathe. Oh, but that had nothing to do with my gear getting stolen."


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I guess this means that fewer athletes will be coming home with gold medals. ;)

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Great detail. Big price, but the quality is phenomenal.

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noflashplease: It's worth remembering that all of the American press was heavily censored during Second World War. If an enterprising investigative reporter had discovered the incorrect name attribution at the time, it wouldn't have made it to press.

The real lesson here is that we shouldn't idealize the past. We are the living in the "Greatest Generation."

There is no greatest generation.

But there is, in fact, a certain amount of respect that should be given to people who suffered through the Great Depression and still had the fortitude to sacrifice in every way (home and abroad) for their country.

They were the last generation to really pull together for an extended period of time for a single cause. The only thing that generation failed to do was produce a decent follow up generation (the Baby Boomers). I'd say the Baby Boomers have been far more destructive to this country than any generation so far.

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Jan Itor: As the photo is a remake of the real event, it's all fake anyway

Just because it was a second flag raising doesn't make it fake, and doesn't mean the Marines in the photo were in any less danger.

Think of it like this: An athlete does something amazing, and everyone yells, "do it again." The athlete does it and a photo is made. Nothing wrong with that.

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This iconic photo has been turned into a sculpture in Washington DC (a couple decades ago). The sculpture is much larger than life-sized and is beautiful. But what's really unique is that if you drive around it slowly from the correct direction, it appears lifelike, and the flag appears to rise higher and higher as you drive the circle around it. It's really cool.

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On article Fotodiox releases new LED studio-in-a-box (49 comments in total)
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Gatoraied: The most important thing thats missing here is an actual image of an item taken with this box. I bought one, 24"x24"(not this one) which came with two LED spot lights. They couldn't light up a candle. I use the box but bought a pair or dual 150w lights @ Home Depot and often need to use a flash too!. I did better my old method of white sheet on bed with a pair of cheap flashes & triggers

I agree. Plus, when demonstrating the use of a piece of photography equipment, I think it adds confusion if they take photos of cameras and other photo gear.

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sebastian huvenaars: Concerts... uhu... And within 5 years politically inconvenient situations, demonstrations, police violence?

That's a chilling thought, disabling cameras during a police crackdown. Yikes.

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This sounds like a really bad idea on the part of Apple. Why on earth would they do this to themselves?

What will their ads say? "Get an iphone, because the other brands aren't frequently disabled in public venues like our phones."

Maybe it's their way to extend battery life. ;)

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Someone needs to put out something (might already exist) that puts image quality first, and damn the price. I had the original Theta (won it from Sony in their essay contest), and it was a lot of fun, but the quality of the images was so poor that I ended up donating the camera to a school in Mexico. It was free to me, so I wouldn't feel right selling it, especially with the image quality on par with an old flip phone.

I'll get into 360 when it's mind-glowingly realistic.

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (810 comments in total)

I have no business reading about this camera, but wow. It sure is enticing. Not going to happen for me, but it gets me thinking that I might rent a medium format one day for experimenting.

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