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On article 6 things iPhone photographers want from Apple (66 comments in total)
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utomo99: Other manufacturer such as Samsung, HTC, Nokia and others must read this kind of article and user comments and then improve their next cameras based on user comments. and many people will be happy and buy the products


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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (397 comments in total)


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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (397 comments in total)
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Artistico: I will go against the general consensus and say that I think the subscription model might even reduce the number of pirated versions in use as it makes the initial cost of starting out using Adobe products so much more affordable when you spread the cost over time. I'm not saying it necessarily is cheaper in the long run, but it's more convenient for many, myself included.

Also, a lot of the people commenting don't seem to know anything about what the Creative Cloud is, how much it costs, and nor do they realise if and to what extent it affects them. They just seem to be against it on principle without even having defined the principle to start with. Please read up on it and understand what it is all about before commenting (as if that is ever going to happen).



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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (397 comments in total)
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meanwhile: I understand all the CC/cloud/Death to Adobe hoohaa, but ... how well does the Camera Shake Reduction feature work?

or you could just use a tripod

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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (397 comments in total)
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razadaz: I hate the cloud based concept. I will not be using it, but I do accept it is probably the way things will be in the future. What I want is for customers to have the choice. The advantage of fully cloud based editing (what Adobe is implementing at this moment is not there yet) is that high power editing can be achieved on low power machines.

Even those who continue to use their present software will not fail to see the advantage of editing and processing files when working “in the field” using something like an ipad. The ability to be working in another country, being able to upload and edit files for your client agency in London to view and approve using a device that fits in the back of your camera bag.

Those not familiar with the idea of cloud based software can get a feel for by using the online free editor at

Things will only be that way in the future if we, the users, put up with Adobe's abuse.

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FoolyCooly: What's the point of flickr anymore? After updating my Website, blog and facebook... who has time for it?

exactly! there are like 5000 other sites that do exactly the same thing. Flickr is only used by photographers and you will never book a photo job off flickr. Pretty much a waste of time

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The ONLY reason Lightroom is not going subscription-only is because there are VERY good alternatives currently available like Capture One and Aperture.

If Lightroom had a monopoly like Photoshop does, BELIEVE IT, they would force you into a software rental.

Adobe don't care about its users wants or needs.

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Mr Fartleberry: My biggest fear is they will pull this crp with Lightroom next. And I have a lot invested in my database to simply walk away from it like I can with Photoshop.

At least with Lightroom, there are other options that are VERY good, i.e. Capture One, Aperture and some others.

With Photoshop we're kinda stuck.. There are a few decent options but nothing really solid that we can safely jump over to.

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picsmith: I don't like the cloud. My photos are proprietary, and I don’t care how safe they say it is. I don’t want software that is looking over my shoulder, and sending reports to whomever. Adobe’s greed is now making me look at other software more seriously. Microsoft just shot themselves in the foot with windows eight and now adobe. It probably won’t be long before there is more competitive software coming out of India and China, and like camera manufacturing, photo software will leave the US. You can already hire software engineers for under $10 an hour so why give blood to Adobe?

The cloud aspect is more or less irrelevant to most. I could care less whether Adobe has cloud storage because I will not use it.

It is the software rental scheme that is making us angry.

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Robert Schambach: You can't upgrade to Photoshop CS6 anymore Adobe has eliminated this option you can try and purchase a full copy of CS6 from some online sites (B&H, Amazon) or you can download a pirated copy which is very easy to do and very called for under the circumstances. Adobe is using strong arm tactics to force this CC s***t down our throats. The last I looked Adobe stocks have gone south 3.49% since yesterday, it will be fun to watch how far down it will go before the CEO’s head is on a plater.

I don't know if I would advocate buying an update or anything from a company that behaves like Adobe is.

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Dennishh: Looks like Corel has just launched Corel graphics Suite 6 which includes Corel capture and Corel PhotoPaint 6. I just started testing PhotoPaint 6 and can't believe what an improvement it is. It is 64-bit and blazing fast also has the ability to use Photoshop style work place. Couldn't be better timing on Corel part as far as I'm concerned. The whole suite costs under $500. I would imagine Corel would launch Photo Paint six as a standalone. It's been years since I even looked at Corel but I'm now giving it a serious once over.

I hope Corel seizes this opportunity to grab market share away from Adobe!!!

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vincent__l: If you look at the numbers you can understand why Adobe does not want to reduce their pricing.

Adobe's CFO Mark Garrett said, "subscriptions have topped 500,000. At $50/month, that's $300 million a year; with annual revenues of $4.5 billion, that's meaningful but not overwhelming ... However, our subscription revenue, as a percentage of total revenue, has increased to 15% in fiscal 2012 from approximately 11% and 10% in fiscal 2011 and fiscal 2010, respectively, as we transition more of our business to a subscription-based model."

With everything going 100% to CC Adobe needs to replicate $4.5B in revenue with subscriptions. They are currently at $300M/yr and that's assuming everyone pays $50/mo. If everyone only pays $20/mo vs $50/mo they will need significantly more subscribers to reach $4.5M. With the current backlash I doubt they will get to $4.5B with subscriptions. The CEO should start sending out his resume. Time to "spend more time with family" and "seek other challenges."

@stu 5

Lol, how is the weather up a Adobe's corporate headquarters?

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huyzer: You've done good, Adobe.
- signed, Adobe competitor and alternatives.

yes, I want to know why Corel isn't grabbing this bull by the horns.

Adobe has basically gifted Corel an opportunity to grab huge market share, but so far they have been silent.

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Jeremy Park: it says a coupe of things to me....
1. they must feel future innovations for products like CS7 and beyond will be too limited to drive new sales !
2. Professionals aren't upgrading as much as they used to (again issues with innovation and competition)

Yeah what do you do when your product is mature and nearly perfect?

Well, what Adobe did was ruin it by adding a pricing scheme nobody is cool with

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)

Get a load of this guy! He said they expected an even MORE negative response!

Then why did you do it if you knew your user base was going to revolt???

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)
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alexmitchellphoto: I know of so many pro photographers out there with illegal copies of photoshop/lightroom , some of the same said photographers get their knickers in a twist about copyright theft, perhaps Adobe are feed up with the volume of software theft and are protecting their investment!

DUDE, maybe Photoshop is pirated so heavily because of the outrageous price of $700??

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)
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Alternative Energy Photography: Just some idle thought here. So CS6, can I use it on both home workstation and on my laptop?

I currently have Windows 8 64 Bit on workstation, Windows 7 64 Bit on laptop (but soon to go to Windows 8 64 bit), and am planning to purchase a MacBook Pro whenever the new ones come out. It would be ideal if I could run it on up to 3 machines.

What is the maximum number of computers I can run CS6 on?

No, not CC. Here's my thinking: If I buy CS, it will be the first and last Adobe package I buy. Windows 8 will probably be in service for a few years. I could use CS for 4 or 5 years until alternatives show up, so even $1800 to $2400 would be justifiable, because I would still have the software and no monthly alimony payments to Adobe.

I'll do just about anything to avoid alimony.

just don't buy any new cameras or install any windows updates or service packs! Any little change to your setup could break compatibility with the now orphaned CS6 and force you into Adobe's Cloud Prison!

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