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it is very cool indeed, I love flying......

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the number one is the Pentax K-1
but not on your list.........

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Thank you guys, enjoy your site very much.
The bad news is you do not look like Pentax users and I love Pentax.
Never mind , I will still enjoy your publishings and you still have a time to fall in love with Pentax.

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Pentax K-1 for me , I use it and love it

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Agfa Karat - first film
Exakta Varex - first SLR
Sony Mavica FD-91 - first digital , 1M pixel, floppy disk storage
Pentax Kx - first DSLR cropped
Pentax K-1 - first FF DSLR
still have Agfa / Exakta - not working
K-x still going well with Family Member

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very cool.....
would use of Astrotracer ( like in Pentax K-1 ) make this project easier / better?

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M42 mount, very unusual so will be able to use it with all my Pentax bodies!

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...and where is the Pentax X-5?
I am getting one to complement my K-5,K-30 and the Q,
it feels like small DSLR and can use AA batteries!

Link | Posted on Nov 23, 2012 at 13:08 UTC as 177th comment

much smaller than my beloved Canon MV1,
but not as good looking as my superb Pentax Q.

P.S.: who on Earth would work on laptop for $83/hr if one could run around and takes photos for free!

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they should make a yellow version, it would look like a mini bizarre Pentax K-01

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Heie2: So it's just starting to finally catch up to the Pentax K-5.

no chance!
I will still stick with my KX,K7,K5 and the Q kit.
pure fun!

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purchased for AU$445 with 01+02
took well over 3000 photos in last 6 weeks and love it
marvel in engineering and highly addictive

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On photo Kelsey in the Photographer audition: Studio portraiture challenge (6 comments in total)

wow! the eyes....

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thank you Uwe,
great book, there was no problem downloading it from Western Australia, maybe because we are all up while everyone else is still asleep
kind regards
P.S: one of my friends already started thinking about going to Tanzania ( Ruaha National Park ) with his beloved Olympus DSLR

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thank you Uwe,

the worked well for Western Australia, it took just minutes.

kind regards

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