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CameraLabTester: The captured file is in a RAW format.

Provide a way for the user to output the user tweaked file into a JPG file and this would be really super cool.

If Lytro won't allow that simple thing, I am not a bit interested. Sorry.

With all due respect, Mr. Butler, I thought this was supposed to eliminate shutter lag and missed focus opportunities which abound in the "conventional cameras" you speak of. Point, shoot, determine focus point later...this is on their website. "You can refocus your pictures at anytime, after the fact."
I think it's brilliant technology, and I do hope that everyone is wrong and a "2D" JPG of MY picture with MY chosen focus point can be saved with their desktop software. I do understand that viewing the "3D" image the way they describe, hosted via their servers, is acceptable because it requires special software but I cannot buy in to a company that will lock away my images and only allow me to share them how THEY see fit.
What if they go out of business? What if they are slow to update their software for new social media sites and technologies? I don't think asking for the ability to save a JPG is asking too much.

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PeterNMIF: Wow. I didnt realize anitshock was needed in mirrorless cams. (I use it with the E620). Nice to know the E-series cams have. Is this a failing in the Pansonic G-series? They don't have anti-shock. Right? Or, is their shutter different so it doesn't create vibration??

Panasonic does stabilization in some of their lenses as opposed to in the bodies.

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