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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1633 comments in total)
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Thematic: strange praise in these comments and canon forums - every post ends with "even though I won't be buying this camera...."

Why is nobody wanting to purchase it?

I thought this camera was sort of interesting until I looked at the lenses Canon makes for it.
There's a wide-angle zoom, a macro and two long zooms (240 and 320mm equiv. at the long end). All of those are fine for relatively specialized kinds of photography, but there's no normal prime (say, a 35mm f2) and the only mid-range zoom is too short (72mm equiv) and too slow (f6.3).
It's just weird, especially for a company that's known for its lenses.
They should have started with the basics, a fast compact normal prime, a solid midrange zoom, an 85 or 100mm equiv. portrait lens, and then worked out towards the specialty lenses.
As it is, their lens selection for this camera has no center.
And no, it really doesn't make sense to rely on another camera line's lenses, adapted.
Canon either cares about the M line or it doesn't. Looks like it doesn't.

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On article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review (2661 comments in total)
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Tobi Wan Kenobi: Dear Pentaxians, I think there's an important point to make, to all those who are eagerly waiting to use the K-1 with old K-mount lenses in aperture priority mode: THIS CAMERA HAS NO APERTURE FEELER, for whatever reason. So with SMC-M lenses, Ricoh (Rikenon) lenses (even with the infamous "P" contact removed) and other K-mount glass lacking the "A" position on the aperture ring (in short: lenses with K- instead of KA-mount), the camera won't measure exposure according to the aperture setting. Pentax DSLRs do have the option to use those lenses with diaphragm closed, but then the viewfinder will be rather dark, depending on the set aperture (stop-down metering). Only with KA-mount or later lenses, the camera will measure properly as former K-mount SLRs did.
I'm disappointed, as it wouldn't have been hard to include the aperture feeler. So still no proper use for my nice old non-KA-lenses.

Well, yeah, the green button works, kind of. But it is a pain in the butt, and as I remember, it's not very accurate with all lenses at all apertures.
The camera manuals have a paragraph full of weasel-works that finally says the non-A lenses "will mount on current Pentax DSLR's, and will focus manually, but aperture ring and exposure function is restricted." That's really not the same as being entirely compatible.
I'd really like to hear someone knowledgeable explain why Pentax added all the complication of the Green button when they could have added the mechanical feeler for about a dollar per camera.
Pentax makes a big deal in their advertising about "every Pentax lens ever made is compatible," when they're not, really.

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On article History Repeating: Olympus PEN-F Review (1056 comments in total)

I don't do video and don't know anything about it, so this is a serious question. Please don't read it as being challenging or hostile.

If the lack of 4k video is a deal-breaker for you, why not look at dedicated video cameras instead? We seem to get more and more video features piled on to still cameras, which seems kind of like trying to make a camel into a horse.

It would seem to me that a videographer would prefer a camera that was designed from the ground up for video, but apparently that's not the case. Doesn't anybody make an affordable high quality video-only camera?

Can someone explain?

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On article History Repeating: Olympus PEN-F Review (1056 comments in total)

Wow. I'm as close to an Olympus fan-boy as you can get, and this just doesn't work for me.
It's way cute, of course, and the EVF answers my objection to the whole PEN line, but a big intrusive dial on the front for the color modes that I never use? Nope. I'd be tempted to just pry it off and throw it away.

And the same price as (for instance) a Nikon D7200? Or any number of bigger faster, more flexible cameras? Nope again.

For, maybe, $800 I'd be considering it, despite the silly dial. For $1200 I can control my GAS until they start to show up used on ebay.

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caglistro: Updater worked fine and update 1.3 installed OK. The biggest problem is the updater software, why not a better display to show update progress? I wonder how many updates fail as user thinks the software has "frozen" and disconnects.

Yep. 1.4 installed fine for me, but the twirling circle graphic went on for almost half an hour with no indication of whether it was working or not. Probably a problem with my internet connection, but I was beginning to get concerning about whether I had bricked my camera.
Actually, I'd like to see them do it like other manufacturers do, loading the firmware on a card and letting the camera do it.

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"However the concept [motorized zoom] failed to gain widespread acceptance amongst enthusiast photographers, mainly because motorized zoom controls have historically been unable to match the speed, directness, and precision of composition offered by conventional mechanical zoom controls."

So this is another piece of equipment with video inspired features that are inappropriate and inconvenient for still photographers.

Are the camcorder companies (actually the camcorder divisions of the same companies) just rolling over and allowing the video business to be stolen by these weird hybrids? Aren't there any high performance dedicated video cameras that don't cost $20,000?

I can see the future now: eventually still cameras will be so crapped up with video junk that the manufacturers will introduce "video-free" versions at a higher price.

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Maybe the 75/1.8 will cause a drop in the fleabay price of the old (but very good) Olympus Pen 60/1.5.
(Another lens that I "need" really badly, but can't afford.)

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On article Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera (867 comments in total)

Is that a K5 in the comparison picture? If so, the K01 is smaller by just the size of the pentaprism and the handgrip, both of which I'd rather have.

I don't see the advantage, and I'm not interested.

Plus, while I don't generally buy cameras based on their appearance, this one is so toy-like I'd be embarrassed to be seen with it. (Matter of taste, of course.)

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On article Pentax reveals K lens roadmap for 2012 and 2013 (101 comments in total)

The 31mm f1.8 is a full frame (film) lens isn't it?
It IS a little odd that all of the manufacturers of APS format slrs sell 50mm lenses and treat 35-ish lenses, which are really "normal" for that format, like red-headed step children.
How about an purpose designed APS sized 33mm f1.4 that isn't the size of a bazooka?

(This is a criticism of ALL the companies, not just Pentax.)

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